Friday, April 24, 2009

Once Again Into The Breech....

Ni Sa Bula Tale,

Tale, after a long long hiatus from yours truly. I have been away from the local, anti-propaganda, free to express my opinions blogging scene that is thriving locally, aided in no small measure by the censorship manure that this abrogation-spawned excuse of a government has dumped on the media, and it's vital freedom to report unbiased, untainted news that is crucial to democracy.

To my ardent fans, I apologise for not writing for so long, but as I was explaining to a fellow blogger, I have been stumped as to what else to write, what else to do, to express my opposition to this regime, that is like the kelekele of the MV Iloilovatu that the vessel's namesake has so merrily (some say senilely) tied around our collective necks.

I will not digress into the state of affairs within Fiji, the freefall we are now in as a nation. That is more than amply covered by the plethora of blogs, old and not so new, that are now the band-aid solution to a people looking for uncensored news.

What I wish to address is what we can do about the situation that we face.

We must show this regime, Bainimarama, Teleni, Nailatikau, Ganilau and all the "40 thieves" that "open seseme" is no longer acceptable to us. We need to show each other that we oppose this coup. People need to see that they are not alone in their opposition to this regime, that there are more of us, than there are of them....


Leave a black X to show that you oppose this coup. Anywhere public. The bigger, the better. It will show people that there are others out there that are opposed to the farce that is now taking place in Fiji. It is safe to do, will not take a long time to execute, and will also be hard to deny.

It is also ironic, that the last foot-in-mouth comment (See right) is what it is, and that was said by Bainimarama over a year ago....

God Bless Fiji,