Sunday, April 29, 2007

D-Day minus 1

Ni Sa Bula,

Tomorrow is the day we are heard.

Now this is something new to our nation...the idea that we the people can peacefully,
passively and yet cohesively state that we are the ones who decide what happens in our
lives, our country and our future.

We can decide what happens in these islands.

The junta is worried. That's why they are all over the news yelling that we are dissenting,
that we are a threat to national security.

How can expressing ones opinion be a threat to national security?

This could only be true if the threat was to the security of Bainimarama, Chaudry, Leweni,
Khaiyum and the rest of the people who are worried that we, the public might actually catch
on to what they are doing to this country.

This is a decision that each of you must make.....alone. The choice whether to stay home is
yours and yours alone to make.I cannot make it for you, the military cannot make it for you,
in fact nobody can force this upon you. At the end of it all, you are the one God has given
this choice to, and you are also the one who will reap the fruits of the decision you will

There is not much else to say.

Decide what you will do, whether you will oppose this regime, by staying home, or accept the
fact that you are no longer in control of your destiny.

I have decided. I will oppose this regime. I will stay home.

God Bless Fiji,

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Reactions...positive and negative....AKA anecdotal evidence

Ni Sa Bula,

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo.

This post is dedicated to those of you who have heeded the call that is now ringing out around the nation and throughout the world, and have decided that you will protest this regime, by staying home on May 1st.

For reasons of security, both personal and for your families, the vast majority of you will be faceless, nameless and anonymous. While we wish that this was not the case, the situation in this nation dictates that we must employ methods that we would not normally use. Chief amongst these is anonmyity. The fact that they cannot identity us, makes it impossible for them to quash us. That there are those who will not bow to their tyranny is now evident, and your actions are giving hope, and instilling courage in the hearts of those who wish to act but are shackled by fear and doubt.

There are those who wish us ill. These are a few emails and comments that have been send to me since this idea was mooted:

you sound like a coward , if u want to stand up for democracy don't be such a sissy write your name. If people stay home like u say may we please have your name so that you will pay for day our pay gets dorked. imagine what will happen if we gather as a crowd you will know what to do, we will not have an escape plan.

You must think of us as willing pawns in this regime...... u know what we have shoved aside by people like you for so long that we are thankful for the military who are finally doing something for us.

If you think that maybe we should have said something earlier, WE HAVE, it is people like you who would not have listened.



You are about to be taught a lesson in how few people actually have access to the internet and pay attention to blogs in Fiji

and of course the military, whose actions in trying to track us down, are speaking louder than their feeble mutterings.

Now the point must be stressed that the decision to actually stay home on 01/05/07 is yours and yours alone. No one can force you, and make the choice for you. If you don't agree with this course of action, by all means, go to work. If you lack the courage of your convictions, then you must look deep within yourself and examine what you value. The decision is yours.

The disadvantage that the lack of internet access poses, is more than negated by the wide media coverage and the good old coconut wireless that is the fastest means of information dissemination in Fiji. So to those of you who are wishing we will fall flat on our faces, sorry....

For those who do decide to stand up against this dictatorship, I cannot thank you. Nobody will reward you. You will become the object of ridicule and scorn from those who do not, or cannot, grasp the gifts that democracy, true democracy brings us. You will become points of division, the"eye" of the political storm that is now tearing apart our nation. Your sacrifice, though silent, will ring out down the ages to our children that we did not run when Fiji needed us most.

Be brave. Be strong. Be calm. Those who condone this evil that now passes itself off as governance in Fiji, will accuse you of being cowards, of not having the spine to come out in the open.

Sun Tzu's The Art Of War states:

"You should not oblige your enemy by allowing him to choose the battleground."

It is not to our advantage to be known for now. We are like the wind that blows wherever it pleases, and nobody knows where it came from, or where it goes. All they can see is the evidence of its passing.

This is our battleground. This is where we hold the higher ground, the moral advantage, where the guns, the threats and the posturing of the oppressors mean nothing. This is where we are strong, and our enemy is weak. This is where we cannot be attacked, and we can, passively but convincingly can tell them unequivocally that we will not cower in the shadows any longer.

We can bring down this enemy. We can halt this regime, and make them realise that we are the ones who will stop them. So let us show them the real caliber of the sons and daughers of these islands. Let us make them see that Fiji will not suffer their delusions a moment longer.

I leave you with the following messages from those who will stand with you, if you stay home on May 1st.

ex Fiji Tourist said...

Great article! You have the nail right on the head!

You summarise what the NZ commissioner said yesterday; things have gone quickly backwards since these morons have held Fiji hostage.

The people of Fiji are the only ones who can really tell these fools that the entire world are sick of their bumbling antics.

Take the day off on 1st may. I hope that a cruise liner comes in and the passengers find that there are no tours or hotel lunches; you good people might be able to put some posters up around the wharf to explain why there are no services in Suva that day.

Fijians, YOU have to stand up and be counted; you can't sit back and complain and not do anything!

newsfiji said...

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it's not going to work.

We will not go to work on May 1st because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Choosing what is right over everything else whether it be money, being famous, glory, whatever:

It is doing what is right always that will define who you are.

A man or woman of principle.

So, to all readers, tell everybody anybody, pull in a sicky on Tuesday May 1st!

God Bless You Greatly (to goodmenandwomendoingsomething)
and God Bless Fiji!

newsfiji said...

Good on you, at least you've come up with something to do, rather than all talk!

Let's do it!

Stay away from work on 1st of May!

Go Fiji Go!

Anonymous said...

good idea, Sick of IG day, 1st of May.

Anonymous said...

This is like the DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS in California. It works and I know that it will work in Fiji.
Ke sa rawa ni ra cakava na illegal i Mereke, e sega ni dua na kena dredre e Viti.

Bai Ni Vore said...

Vinaka for your post.
1st Day of May it is.

I'll post it on my blog.

Good post, Good reminder to all on where things stand, and where we go from here.

ramatau said...

You can do it!!!
I'm calling in sick on that day... 1st May! I agree with ex fiji tourist, why don't we email each other and get the ball rolling... let's do something funny... just like in the movies aye... cool! we won't be obvious, coz they don't know us!

Anonymous said...
me nomuni na vakacegu kei na veivakalougatataki ni Kalou. may God Bless you and your works... TRUTH PREVAILS... vinaka vakalevu na nomuni tu taka tiko na dina kei na savasava e na
mororoi kemuni ka na taqomaki kemuni ko JIOVA na noda Kalou.

Your decision to join us brings this quote from Martin Luther King to mind:

"Here and there an individual or group dares to love, and rises to the majestic heights of moral maturity. So in a real sense this is a great time to be alive. Therefore, I am not yet discouraged about the future. Granted that the easygoing optimism of yesterday is impossible. Granted that those who pioneer in the struggle for peace and freedom will still face uncomfortable jail terms, painful threats of death; they will still be battered by the storms of persecution, leading them to the nagging feeling that they can no longer bear such a heavy burden, and the temptation of wanting to retreat to a more quiet and serene life. Granted that we face a world crisis which leaves us standing so often amid the surging murmur of life's restless sea. But every crisis has both its dangers and its opportunities. It can spell either salvation or doom. In a dark confused world the kingdom of God may yet reign in the hearts of men."

God Bless Fiji,

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Media Release.

The following media release is in response to the RFMF's decision to track down one black native...


Suva, Fiji Islands, April 25th, 2007.

FIJIAN BLACK is the blognym for the blogsite Good Men (and Women) Doing Something ( and is calling on the public of Fiji to passively resist the interim regime, by staying home on Tuesday, 1st of May, 2007.

FijianBlack is calling on all sons and daughters of Fiji, to stay home, as a sign of opposition to this regime and rejects the terror tactics being openly touted by Neumi Leweni's statement on Fiji Village .

"The coup culture is alive in Fiji, because we have not done anything about it" he says. "We need to be more pro-active in defending our democracy, our rights and the future of Fiji. If we don't, this is a forlorn legacy we are bequeathing to our children"

Intelligentsiya ( who is also a member of the Fiji Freedom Bloggers movement is also calling on the military, the Interim Government and the other arms of Government to focus on the more important issues, like the restoration of democracy, the investigation of the numerous Human Rights abuses, and the removal of the military from all levels of Government.

"The military, which was once a proud institution, loved in Fiji and respected around the world, has, in the past few months completely and utterly morphed into a dictatorial, ruthless regime, that is not motivated by a patriotic love of our country, but by greed, the self-serving interests of a few, fear and insecurity. It is a sad state of affairs when the army of a nation needs its guns to protect itself against it's own citizens. It is a sorry sight to see the once proud green uniforms that have brought glory to Fiji, causing fear, resentment and concern amongst the people of this nation" said Intelligentsiya.

The military has usurped power, it has assumed mantles of various institutions that it was and never will be, suited to exercise. It has taken a situation that was none of their concern, the state of our economy, and has made it infinitely worse."

Fijian Black calls on the Republic of Fiji Military Forces , and the Interim Regime, to respect Human Rights, the will of the people, and the opinions of the citizens of Fiji.

"If the military had not intervened, we would not have the $350 million in aid and our sugar reforms would have been under way. The Tourism industry would be booming, the job losses in the hotels would not have happened, the visitors would be flocking to our shores. We would not have a negative GDP, and an economy that seriously needs an infusion of aid. We would have new hotels opening this year, happier landowners, more exports, higher levels of foreign reserves and a nation on its way up in the world.

Mrs. Verebasaga would still have her husband, and the father of their children, and their breadwinner.

Sakiusa Rabaka would be studying, aiming for a job in the very industry that the travel advisories, based on the actions of this regime, have decimated.

We would still be abiding by the 1997 Constitution, in word and deed.

Now our nation is in shambles. At the time the investigative powers of our Forces should be pursuing the murderers of Messers Verebasaga and Rabaka, they are more concerned about stemming any opposition to their cause."

The Fiji Freedom bloggers movement is in itself tangible evidence that the right to freedom of expression has been unjustly curbed under the insidious guise of the Emergency Regulations."

Fijian Black said "Fiji Live has also reported our call wrongly. We are not calling on people to wear black as that would only cause them to be singled out by this junta but just to protest peacefully by staying at home".



Monday, April 23, 2007

The Numbers Game

Ni Sa Bula,

The days to the May Day, May "Inaction" Day or the May "Stay-At-Home" Day are passing by.

As they do, the camps for and against this coup, it's "alleged" reasons and whether is was a good or bad thing, are coalesce. People who are now aware of this protest are wieghing out the pros and cons of such an action, and whether it is worth doing so or not.

As such, the swords are drawn, and people are starting to state their support or their opposition to such a move. There is one arguement that is surfacing, that this post is intended to refute.

This arguement is the one that a commenter to a previous post, the very first post that proposed this method of resistance, put on this very blog. The commenter, who chose to remain anonymous said:

"You are about to be taught a lesson in how few people actually have access to the internet and pay attention to blogs in Fiji"

This is the hope of those who support the coup and it's intentions and the fear of those of us who oppose this regime. The fear, whether we have the numbers on our side or not.

Let's take this "bull" by the horns. Is this really an issue that will be decided by the numbers? Is this something that should be decided by the majority? Should the fact that we might be few in number deter us from making this stand?


This is not an issue that is determined by the numbers that support one side or the other of the arguement. Whether we are few or many does not matter. Our numerical superiority is moot on this issue.

The only thing, the only question that you should ask yourself is this:


The numbers do not matter. All that matters is that we are doing the right thing. In fact, at the end of all things, doing the right thing is the only thing that will ever matter.

We might be few in number. We might not even make a ripple. We might not stop this tyranny. We might become the laughstock of those who oppose us.


All that matters is that we know what is right and we have done it. We have heard the voice of reason, of conscience, of the truth that speaks to everyone's heart in our quietest moments. And we have listened, and not ignored that quiet voice that is telling us that this is all wrong, that the way to a better nation is not in the deaths of our sons, in the killings of our fathers, in the raping and harrasement of our sisters, daughters and mothers, in the torture of our loved ones, friends and relatives. It is not in unilateral, dictatorial leadership, nor in the decrees issued unthinkingly on a vunerable nation. It is not in the guns, the checkpoints or even the bluster, the war of words.

The way to a better nation is in the hearts of its people. In the hearts of it's sons and daughters. It's when we say no to cruelty, when we shun the evil that is now hainging over these islands we call home.

Even if only one person says " I will not agree to this"...that is enough to keep the hope alive that one day, this Fiji will be the way the world should be.

So don't listen to the jibes of the dissenters who try to dissenchant you, to make you waver, to instill in you doubt. We can make a difference. We will make a difference. We must, because this task has fallen to us to shoulder.

And this can either be our darkest hour, or our turning point. We can either fade into the darkness, or we can rise with the light.

The choice is yours. It's mine. It's ours.

I will protest this illegal regime that has raped my country, by staying home on May Day.

Even if I am the only one who does so.

Na Yadra Ni Tuwawa....

E sega ni kena i balebale me laki vakayadrati mai na Tuwawa mai Sabeto.

Ni sa bula!

E laurai mai na vei volavolai ko ni sa cakava tiko ni sa lewe levu sara vei keimuni na lewe ni vanua o ni sa duavata e na noda veitauriligataka na noda na sega ni lako i cakacaka e na matai ni siga ni vula ko Me.

Me vaka ni lewe vuqa vei kemuni na noda e na vakaitavi taki kemuni tiko e na noda duavata taka na kudru ni veiliutaki sa tara tu oqo na noda matanitu, e sa tu vata tale tu ga kei na loma vakatitiqa kei na loma tarotaro. Na vei taro e so e da na dui taroga lo tu o ya se na vakayaco ka na ka e da na sasagataka e na tiki ni siga oqo, se na cava au na rawa ni la'ki vakaraitaka vei koya na noqu i liuliu mai vale ni cakacaka ke'u mani sega ni lako, e rawa beka ni'u na la'ki kau kina i Delainabua, kei na cava na kena yaga vei au ke'u mani kudruvaka tale ga na tiki ni siga oqo?

Au vakabauta ni tovo oqo e vou ki na noda vanua ia, kevaka e da via maroroa, taqomaka ka vueta cake tale na noda vanua mai na veiliutaki sa da sotava tu oqo, e sa yaga me da na vakayacora kina e dua na ka. Kevaka sa mani taro o nomu i liuliu mai vale ni cakacaka me baleta na nomu vaka-lutu cakacaka e rawa ni da kaya ni da tauvimate.

E sega ni vakataratutu taki ni na dredre vei ira na lewe ni noda mataivalu me ra na veiusa ki na keba cava ga e na noda vanua ke da lewe levu taka na lewe ni vanua na veitokoni-taki ni vaka lutu cakacaka, e na sega ni vakaduidui-taki se o cei a tauvimate dina e na tiki ni siga oqo kei na nodratou na qarauna sara vaka vinaka na lewe ni matanitu oqo na kedratou i rogorogo kei na ka e na rawa ni vakayacori kina me baleta ni ra sa wanonovi iratou tiko vakamalua na vei soqosoqo lelevu e vuravura me vaka taka na EU kei na UN.

Na taro e da na dui taroga tu se na cava na vuna mo ni cakava kina se me'u na cakava na vakalutu cakacaka e na tiki ni siga oqo? Se, o cei tale e na cakava na vakalutu cakacaka oqo? Oqo e sega ni dua na ka me da na rawa ni veisolisoli taka ka ni ka e da na vakayacora e na tiki ni siga oqo e na rawa ni na vakayacora na veisau ki na noda vanua lomani oqo ko Viti ka me ra na bula vinaka kina o ira na luveda kei ira na noda kawa mai muri.

Na vakatakekere raraba vei kemuni na noda me da na veitokoni taka na i tavi oqo ka me da na vakalutu cakacaka e na tiki ni siga sa vakaraitaki taumada tiko yani ka o ni sa kerei raraba tale tiko ga yani mo ni veitukutukuni taka yani vei ira na nomuni caba, vei ira na veiwekani kei ira na nomuni daulomani me na rawa ni da kaya vakadomo i levu vei ira na veiliutaki ni da sa sega ni taleitaka ka duavata kei na veika e ra sa vakayacora tiko ki na noda vanua lomani oqo ko Viti.

Me maroroi Viti tiko ga na Tamada mai Lomalagi!

May Day Posters

Bula again,

For those of you who are looking for assistance in convincing your friends/family/colleagues to stay home on the 1st of May...these posters might help you in doing so.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Na Luluqa Ni Veika Sa Yaco Tiko

Ni Sa Bula,

Oqo na i tukutuku e vaka-tabakiduataki vei kemuni na noda liga ni wau ni mataivalu ka ko ni dau wilika na vei volavolai vaka oqo.E sega ni vakataratututaki ni vuqa vei kemuni sa dau wilika tiko, wasea ka dau veitalanoataka na veika e dau tabaki mai e na vei sala ni taba ni tukutuku vaka oqo vei ira na nomuni daulomani kei ira o ni dau veivakabauti kaya.Na veika o ni na dau wasea, e vu tiko ga mai na kena sa laurai ni sa dua tani na mua ni lakolako sa goleva tiko na veilutaki ni noda mataivalu kei ira e ra sa mai liutaki keda e na matanitu sa mai duri tu oqo.Sa vakatataro tu na yalo yadua vei kemuni se sa mua e vei na i lakolako oqo kei na veika e dodonu o ni sa cakava tiko se segai me baleta ga na kena sa mai vakasivoi na matanitu a digitaki mai vei ira na lewe i Viti.

Sa basika vakamalua ni sa luluqa na veimaliwai e na vanua ni cakacaka ka i dusidusi vei kemuni na lomana na noda vanua ni sa tiko na leqa ka sa tu vei kemuni na kena madigi se sa sala cava o ni sa na digia.

Na i matai ni vakatakilakila ni sa tiko na leqa e na veikeba ni mataivalu ni noda vanua, o ya na nodratou sa vesu tiko na lewe tolu vei kemuni na lewe ni noda mataivalu mai na keba mai Labasa ka sa tau tiko vei iratou na veibeitaki ni ratou saqata ka via vuaviritaka na lewa mai Sukanaivalu. Oqo na i vakadinadina ni o ni sa sega ni duavata kece tiko ki na veilutaki e sa vakaroti tiko yani e na keba e Delainabua. Keimami sa vakavinavinakataki kemudou na lewe tolu oqo e na nomudou tu vakatagane ka raica rawa na dina ni veika sa vakayacori tiko e na noda vanua. Keimami vakabauta na lewe ni noda vanua ka sa tabonaki na veika keimami nanuma ni vuqa vei keimuni na noda liga ni wau ni noda mataivalu e sa cilavi kemuni rawa na rarama ni sa cala tu na ka e sa mai tara tu oqo na noda vanua ka keimami sa vakamamasu tale ga kina vei keimuni mo ni tutaka na dina ka tokoni keimami e na kena sasagataki me lesu na veiliutaki e na noda digidigi na lewe ni vanua de o ni qai oka vata tu kei ira e ra sa cala tu.

Sa rogo tale ga mai ni sa vakacegui tu vakawawa e dua na turaga-ni-valu baleta ga ni a tu saqata na lewa nei koya e sa mai taura tu vakaloa na i tutu ni daunivakasala vaka-lawa e na matanitu sa mai duri tu ni kua. Oqo na i vakaraitaki ni sega ni tu raviti kemuni o Bainimarama e na gauna o ni sotava kina e dua na veileti se leqa ka ni sa saga vakaukauwa o koya me maroroi koya mada ga vakataki koya. Na veitaro e tu e yaga mo ni na taroga na lewe ni noda mataivalu o ya se cava na vuna a sega ni tu kina vakatagane e na loma ni keba e na yabaki 2000 e na gauna a vakayacori kina na veivanavanai mai Delainabua? Na i karua ni taro o ya, se cava na vuna e sa sasagataka kina vakaukauwa o Bainimarama me kakua ni tini botoilevu tu na vuaviri e sa mai vakayacora tu oqo ki na noda vanua? E na duidui na noda rai e na tikina oqo ia vei au, na ka sa mai vakayacora oqo o Bainimarama e vakaraitaka ga na nona via maroroa na kena i rogorogo e na duka e sa binia tu.

E so vei kemuni na lewe ni noda mataivalu momo qaqa e ra a sa kere vakacegu se sa vakacegui vakatawa dodonu e na vuku ga ni nodra sega ni duavata kei na nona veiliutaki o Voreqe. Oqo o ira na noda lewe ni mataivalu e ra tu taka na dina mai na veika vaka tawa dodonu, na dina mai na nodra rawa ka vakailoa na so kei na veika e da vakabauta ni dodonu mai na ka e da na qai rawata mai muri ni da sa vakayacora oti e dua na ka e tawa dodonu. Na vua ni nona veiliutaki na i liuliu ni noda mataivalu sa vakaraitaki koya tiko ga mai ko gauna ka'u vakabauta ni nodratou sa vakasivoi na lewe tolu mai Labasa, e sa qai tekitekivu ni veika e bera mai ka ni sa tekivu rogo na kudru kei yamasamasa e na loma ni vei keba e na noda vanua.

Cakava na ka dodonu ka kerea na nomu galala mai na veika dukadukali e sa vakayacori tiko ka oqo e na dua na ka o na sega ni dusi kina ia na vakacaucautaki ga kina ni o sa vakayacora e dua na ka e dodonu e na kena gauna dodonu. Oqo tale ga e dua na i tovo o na rawa ni dokadokai iko kina ka o na tu doudou e na matadra na wekamu, o ira na nomu i tokani kei ira na nomuni daulomani ni o sa kila na dina o a tu taka kei na vakacegu ni yalomu.

Na i dusidusi ni sa sega ni dodonu na veika e sa vakayacori tiko ka o sa rogoca tiko na domo ni Kalou ki na nomu bula e sa dodonu me i vakadei ni nomu bula mo na vakayacora kina na ka dodonu ka riba tani mai na veileqa sa tu.

Tu vaka-tagane ka tutaka na dina ka na sega ni na vakatitiqa kina na yalomu!

E da nanumi ira na vei yaca e so me vakataki Bainimarama, Leweni kei Driti ka ra a vakacacana na noda bula ni veimaliwai kei na bula vakaveiwekani e na veigauna mai muri.

Oqo na i rairai ni noda mataivalu e na gauna oqo e na kena sa mai vakarusai vakadua na i yaloyalo e ra a boroa tu mai o ira na tamada kei ira na tukada e na nodra gauna mai na veibuca ni valu e ra a la'ki vakaitavi taki ira kina me baleta wale ga na nodra lomana ka tu taka na noda vanua lomani oqo.

Ia, ni sa vaka-gauna na veika kece ga, au vakabauta ni se sega ni bera kevaka mo ni na tutaka tale na veika e dau kilai tani kina na noda i mataivalu e na veigauna sa oti ka ra a solia kina na nodra bula na tamada kei ira na tukada.

Kukumatua ki na veika-vinaka e ra a sa viri kotora oti tu na noda qase ka kalawa yani ki na vei-vakagalalataki mai na ca sa bini koto.

Keimami na dokai iko kina e na nomu tu dei ki na noda yavu ni vakabauta e kilai tani kina na lewe i Viti.

Me maroroi Viti tiko ga na noda Turaga mai Lomalagi!

A Sleeping Giant Awakens.....'s not that giant in Sabeto LOL.

Ni sa bula.

The response to the idea of calling in sick on the 1st of May is now a topic of conversation, and a hot one too!!!!!

While the majority of people who want to support this are willing to, there are a few things that they ask. Things like :

  • "Will this really work?"
  • "What will I tell my boss?"
  • "Can I be taken up to QEB for this?"
  • "Why should I do this?"
I know that this sort of activity is new to Fiji. However, if we want to preserve, restore and resurrect this nation, we must do something. This will work. If your boss askes where you were next Tuesday, tell him/her that you were sick. (tongue-in-cheek "of the regime that is running Fiji").

The military cannot take us up to QEB or any of their camps....for the following reasons:
  1. They cannot round everyone up. They don't have the resources to do this on a large.
  2. They won't be able to separate the really sick from the sick-of-them.
  3. They will be scared of the negative publicity, especially since the EU, the UN and other international bodies are now watching them.
  4. They are already aware that public support is not with them, and will not want to agitate the masses any further.
Why should you do this?

Who do you think will do this, if not you? Who else will do this? Nobody else will do this. This is ours to do, and we are the ones who must do it, for ourselves and our future generations.

So call in sick. Tell your friends, your family, your aquiantences to call in sick. We can send out a message, loud and clear that we do not support this coup, it's aims and it's objectives.

God Bless Fiji,

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Time To Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Ni Sa Bula,

To those of you that regularly visit my blog, I apologise that I haven't posted anything for the last few days. This is because the plethora of blogs on the situation in the country, one can see that almost all aspects of the "comedy of errors" that is now unfolding, is pretty well covered...except one.

This particular issue is why I had decided to take a couple days hiatus to sit, think and let these thoughts form a coherent, practical post. It's something that I feel needs to be done.The genesis of this, I owe to a very wise lady who told me that this is what is lacking in our fight for our freedom. For reasons of safety, I will not say more on this lady, except Vinaka Vakalevu.

The blogging phenomenon is now well and truly alive in Fiji. The number of blogs that have captured the attention of the nation, and those who follow Fiji's progress from afar. It has provided an outlet for the frustrations we now feel individually and collectively, when we think, read, hear or see the way our beloved country is being fleeced.

So we are all shouting. But let's take a step back and look at this again.

What have we really achieved?

Nothing of substance.

Sure..we rant and rave, but we have not, halted the progress this regime is making. The only body that actually did something is the Great Council of Chiefs. Now most of us may either agree or disagree with the course of action they took, but I think no one will dispute the fact that they have thrown a spanner in the works and halted the ambitions of the IG, and most certainly, elements within it, who were salivating at the thought of becoming a rent-free resident in the White House with a view.

What now?

We need to stand up. We are already speaking up. However, we, for various reasons are not the sort of citizens that will cause mayhem. That is not our style. However, something more substantive needs to be done, if we want to break this regime, and restore our collective, the will of the people to the leadership of this nation.

The last few days, I struggled with this, and I have come up with an idea. Something that can potentially paralyze the nation, for whatever period we decide. Something that is safe for us to will not result in our going for the now infamous "traing runs" at QEB and the other RFMF gyms.Something that we can do, but the IG and their enforcers cannot prevent.

Let's all call in sick. All workers who do not support this regime, who think we deserve better governance, should call in sick on the first working day of next month. THat would be Tuesday, the 1st of May. If we do so,and enough of us do so, we can stop this nation, just like how everything shut's down when we have a public holiday.If you are hassled by your "overeager" boss, your friends, colleagues, even the junta, you can always claim that you were sick for the day. After all, how can they prove otherwise.

So call in sick on Tuesday, 1st of May. Let's flex our muscles, and show these idiots where the real interests, beliefs and desires of the people of Fiji are.

I know that this idea will generate a lot of discussions, debates etc. Any of you who wish to do so,please drop me an email.

Mark this day on your calenders. Tell your friends. Fellow bloggers, please spread the word. We can stop the rot, the lies and the destruction. Only we can.

God Bless Fiji

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Hairline Cracks....

Ni Sa Bula,

This post is directed at you soldiers who read the blogs. Don't deny it, the majority of you do, and you print it out and disseminate the material to others. You talk in private to your loved ones, your trusted ones that you are apprehensive about the way the RFMF is taking Fiji, and that you are starting to have misgivings about the decision you have taken, either actively or passively, to overthrow the democratically elected Government of Fiji.

It's starting to appear. The cracks. The signs that all is not well in the state of Bainimaramadom. It's a sign to those of you military personnel who really love this country, and are now doubting the path your institution is taking.

Firstly, the 3 officers from the RFMF Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa, who are now under military investigation for allegations of mutiny. That's right, it is now considered a mutinious act to tell fellow soldiers that the "Commander" is leading the flock to the slaughter. I applaud these brave men. I know that there are more of you in there. Come out, and stand with us, because if you don't, you will surely be destroyed along with the RFMF.

Now news that another officer has been sent on leave for opposing the Interim bushlawyer. You see, you think that Bainimarama has your back. He doesn't. He's too busy trying to protect his own. Why do you think he ran in 2000, and left you to fight while he got away? Why do you think he is fighting tooth-and-nail to see that this coup succeeds? Call it what you want. I call it self preservation.

How about this list of men, real men ( not the bullies who lead you now) who chose the higher road, and left or were forced out because they would not bow to Frank? Men who chose integrity over corruption, honesty over collusion, and principles over gain? Now we see the fruit your Commander is "bearing". The way he is leading you, I am sure the 3 officers in Labasa are just the tip of the iceberg, a whiff of the rumblings that is now stirring in the forces.

Do the right thing. Step down. We will not think less of you. In fact, we will hold you in higher esteem. They might ridicule you, but we will respect you. You will have the gratitude of a struggling nation. You will be able to hold your head high, to look your relatives, friends and family in the eye, with the knowledge that you chose the right thing warming your heart.

The feeling of unease, that all is not well, that something is amiss, that is God speaking to your conscience. In the depths of your heart, you know that this is wrong, and that you must not continue in this course of action any longer.

Be strong!!!!

Stand up for the truth!!!!

You will never regret it.

Fiji, and indeed history will remember the names of those who dragged us down this road with the kind of revulsion that we reserve for the dregs of humanity. Already we think of Bainimarama in this vein. We see Leweni through through these eyes. We think of Driti in this light.

This is the taint that clings to the once proud green of our soldiers. The proud reputation that our fathers fought for, that we respected, that the country boasted about, this has been brought low by a chain of morally deficit decisions, of a few morally defunct leaders amongst you.

You can restore all this, and re-elevate the RFMF to the pedestal it once held in Fiji. You can reclaim the lost honour that those who came before you shed their blood and gave their lives for.

Take the first step down this road.


We, the people of Fiji wil love you for it.

God Bless Fiji

The Myth of Moving Forward.

Moving Forward.......

That is the catchphrase that is now being bandied around by people who are currently leading this nation. A phrase that is invoked to implore you, and I, to join with them in their efforts to get things back on track.


There are a few things that need to be pointed out at this junction, things that will reveal that the idea of moving forward is a ploy used by Bainimarama, Leweni, Chaudry, Bune, Khaiyum and others in this illegal junta to make us, the resisting populace march to the tune they are playing.

The Passing of the Blame

Bainimarama is fond of blaming others for the wrongs that are his doing. According to this idiot, the USA is responsible for stopping Fiji from moving forward. The US Senior Envoy Mr. Glyn Davis, however, refuted this notion, by stating that their refusal of a visa application is in no way holding Fiji back. Things like the roadblocks, the RFMF on the streets, the State of Emergency, these things are what, according to Mr. Davis, are holding Fiji back. I agree with Mr. Davis. It's this regime that is preventing Fiji from moving forward. After all, we have an illegal interim PM who hankers back to the events of 2000.

The other party that gets a lot of tarring from the IG is the SDL. Now I am not an SDL supporter per se, but even I can see that the lack of tourists, the stop in aid, the stop in investment, the reversal in the economic growth from a growth of around 2% last year and a forecast of 2.4% for this year, to a drop in 2.5% now forecasted for this year, the blame should be fairly laid at the feet of this junta. The drop however, must be invisible to this other idiot, who says that there is confidence in economic growth of Fiji.....ha ha ha. Check this out for more on this idiot.

The "Threat to National Security".

Everytime there is opposition to this regime, they like to justify their response in terms of the opposition being a "threat to national security". Things like dissenting workers, unfavourable media reports, even people who oppose this regime's actions like the 3 brave soldiers in the Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa, are terms security threats. Rt. Timoci Vesikula is the latest so-called threat, for daring to speak out against the actions of this regime. The Fiji Times editoral today carries a real list of threats to our national security, indeed, our national wellbeing. The only mistake the editor made, in my view is that he stated that we are taking "one step forward, two steps back." We are not. We have been dragged backed so many steps by this junta, that it's not funny anymore. And we have not made any progress since December 5th.

Leweni, just a friendly warning...the number of "threats" to your "national security" is growing daily, and you will find out one day what this means. I pray that day comes tomorrow every night.

Changing the Rules to Suit your Game

This is another favourite MO of this regime. Whenever things don't go to plan, they change the rules to suit them. Don't like the GCC reaction? Change the rules. Workers threatening to go on strike? Change the rules. Can't take criticism of the way you govern? Change the rules!

Incidently I thought that to change the rules, one needed to have the parlimentary mechanism in place. Silly me....guess a gun will do just fine.

So where is the moving forward in all of this?

There isn't any. We are moving backwards. Our economy is dying, our trade links are shutting down, our aid is drying up, our options are disappearing and all that remains is us. You and I. That we can stick it to this regime and tell them that we are tired of being lied to, that we are not going forward, but we are only going backwards.

The thing about this coup, is that the "shadowy figures" from the previous coups are now in the open. We know who they are. We can see who they are. Even more "exciting" ( from a " I'm gonna buturaki you" perspective) they cannot run away overseas if this thing falls apart. The enemy is now in the open, and known. We know who to strike at.

There is no moving forward. Not when this IG and it's idiot leaders are dragging us down. It's the current urban myth of this regime. Why don't we cast them off so that we can really move forward? Email me if you want to cast off their shackles.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Born Fijian, and Proud.

Bula kece,

Today is a day I'm bursting with pride at my heritage.

Things like the win in Adelaide makes me proud. Or stories of the bravery of Labalaba, or the friendliness of those of us that impress the tourist visitors so much!!!! It's when you hear stories of things like that, that you remember why we hold this land, it's people and it's culture and traditions so dear.

The latest thing to warm this heart, however is completely out of left field. So far out that it fell like a thunderbolt out of the stratosphere.

The Great Council of Chiefs rejected the Presidential nominee of Rt. Epeli Nailatikau for Vice President.

Say ahhh???

The Great Council of Chiefs rejected the Presidential nominee of Rt. Epeli Nailatikau for Vice President.

That came as a complete suprise to almost everyone. Even the IG Fijian Affairs Minister was dumbfound, and lost for words. And who wouldn't? It's like finding out that the old dog does bite!!! With a vengence!!!

In revenge, the other Epeli threatened to remove "selected" GCC members. Hey Rt. Epeli, why don't you try to make them run at QEB? That's right, you can't!!! As you are too scared of the repecussions that course of action would bring.

The Chiefs have spoken.

This was after the entry of Adi Samanunu Cakobau, Ro Teimumu Kepa and Rt. Naiqama Lalabalavu were denied entry into the meeting. Well, an attempt was made to deny them entry. In the case of Ro Teimumu, it failed as the Burebasaga member Ro Elenoa Gonelevu stepped aside to allow the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi to attend in her place.

The three highest ranking chiefs in Fiji, being shut out on a technicality. Bainimarama/Chaudry/Khaiyum etc...we Fijians will not forget this. And remember, where will you run to when this is all over? The end is coming very fast.

Two confederacies, Kubuna and Burebasaga rejected the nominee. With Rt. Joni Madraiwiwi as a High Chief of Kubuna, Adi Samanunu as the eldest of the Cakobau siblings ( the paramount chief's position is still up for grabs) and Ro Teimumu Kepa leading Burebasaga, all being part of the "clean-up" campaign, and the "wrong" part at that, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the nominee the IG/RFMF were trying to pass through would be met with resistance.

Tovata is a different story. While the media reports that they accepted the nominee, it must be remembered that their paramount chief the Tui Cakau was not allowed to attend the meeting, nor was he present. While the Mara family would wield some power in that matanitu, readers of this post would need to be reminded that in the traditional scheme of things, the Tui Nayau was the least of the 4 High Chiefs of Tovata. Rt. Mara was repected, not so much for his position as for his personal achievements and accomplishments, something his offspring seem to forget. This lesson will be learnt, with much shedding of tears in days to come. Already the respect once accorded to Rt. Mara is now slowly dissolving.

Looking at it from another angle, when the junta revoked the nominees of the GCC, the GCC stated that it recognised the deposed government as the legal government of Fiji. Bainimarama thought he could dictate terms to this group. Vosota Voreqe!!!! What were you thinking? Be glad that they have only rejected your nominee. They could have...oh....chosen Rt. Naiqama as the VP. How would you like them apples then????

One other point I must make here. The president Rt. Iloilo is no longer the GCC nominee. He was removed by Frank, who "became" President for just under a month. He then handed the presidency back to Rt. Iloilo. That makes, in my view Rt. Iloilo the IG nominee. I feel sad for him as I am certain that he is not in charge anymore, and is just being used by the IG to further their evil plans.

To the members of the GCC, you have made us proud. You have stood up, and defended those God gave you sway over. We will not forget this. We will not. I will not.

God Bless Fiji
Proud to be Fijian,

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Silver Lining on our Dark Cloud.

Blessing grant, oh God of nations, on the isles of Fiji,
As we stand united under noble banner blue.
And we honour and defend the cause of freedom ever,
Onward march together,
God bless Fiji!


For Fiji, ever Fiji, let our voices ring with pride,
For Fiji, ever Fiji, her name hail far and wide,
A land of freedom, hope and glory to endure whate'er befall
May God bless Fiji, forevermore!

As you can probably guess, nationalistic spirit is high, especially after the way our "boys" won the Adelaide 7s.

While the TV coverage of the final was not to expectation, the way Serevi and his men won was sooo inspiring, especially after a defeat in the pool stages. The dissappointment in Fiji and around the world for supporters of the national team was so tangible, that it ended in the sad demise of a young gentleman in Caubati. I'm sure the grog/beer/ (_INSERT_FAVOURITE_DRINK) tasted so bad after England beat Fiji.

But Fiji came back. Or as the headlines on the back page of today's Fiji Times shouted "Resurrection!!!!" It was the fact that the team prevailed against the odds, against the expections of so many that made the win more inspiring. And that is why this post is dedicated to lessons that we, as a nation, must learn from these young men we now idolise, and especially from their coach, mentor and sensei, Waisale Serevi.

Our national anthem is, in my opinion, a prayer of beauty, that implores the God of Nations to bless us when we stand united. The way the team stood united is a shining example of how we must stand together now, as a nation.

Today we are not united. There are numerous issues that separate us. Religion. Race. Economic status. Gender. you name it, there are countless ways to differentiate between each of us.

The economists are forecating doom. The Interim Government is saying that is is a crime to speak out against them. Why? And when was voicing your opinions a crime? If no one else believes in us, we only need to believe that we can, individually and collectively, make this nation of ours great again. Despite the defeats we have faced, we can rise above them and still be the way the world should be.

The real measure of a leader is how, the leader can unite everyone. This regime is not uniting anyone. For one the Civil Service are not in unity with their employers. The soldiers are not united. A few officers have resigned since the coup, and others before it, most stating that they are not happy with the events unfolding at Delainabua. The Police are also divided, and even this division has spread into the judiciary, the media, the church, the vanua, the workplace and the populace at large.

Why is this important, you ask?

Because since the 5th of December, things like flooding for instance have become a common occurance in Fiji. How about human rights abuses? How about deaths at the hands of the "arms of governance"?

Does that sound like blessings to you? Surely not!!!!

We must unite. We need to unite so that the God of Nations mentioned in our national anthem can bless us. In order to unite we must remove the causes of disunity amongst us. The main cause is the regime that is leading us now. They must go. If you agree, please send me a mail saying so.

Once we unite, God will surely bless Fiji, and we can return to being the way the world should be.

God Bless Fiji

Sunday, April 8, 2007

For a Woman of Courage.

This one goes out to a very brave woman.

Shamima Ali.

I used to think that she was a feminist, and that was the box I allocated to her, until the events of December 5th took place. Then I discovered, much to my surprise, that this is one mean momma!!!! and a very courageous one at that.

Since the coup, she has been consistent in her calls for the resignation of the IG, the restoration of the law, the stop of human rights abuses. So much so that the Interim AG felt the need to make a public statement, a "line in the sand" moment to make her decide whether she was a Fiji Human Rights Commissioner or not. This is his reasoning:

"If Shamima has an issue then she should either raise it or resign from being a commissioner."


The lady has an issue with you, Khaiyum, and the Interim regime and she is raising it. The fact that you do not acknowledge it raises a few more issues such as:

  1. You are avoiding the issue.
  2. You suffer from selective amnesia, and cannot remember that the regime you have now become a part of is the cause of all the human rights violations in Fiji.
  3. It is her job to protect the rights of Fiji citizens, rights that you are an accomplice in trying to trample underfoot.
  4. She is tasked to look after the welfare of the FHRC. You are not.
  5. Her appointment is legal.
  6. Your appointment is not probably got it because you were desperate for a job and Frank was equally desperate for a bushlawyer. Politics does make strange bedfellows.
  7. You cannot take the pressure.
  8. You can't handle criticism.
In the Fijian language, there is a term that describes you, Bainimarama, Chaudry, and the other members of the IG. It's a word used primarily to describe young boys who have not become men, who have not achieved anything in life. It's also the term used on bullies, on those who pick on the weak, and the helpless.

The transistion from being a boy to being a man is known formally as curuibure and the term that describes the lot of you is


ps..Shamima, if you read this, it doesn't mean I agree with everything you stand for...LOL. However, you have my respect for standing up for the truth.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

CHRISTMAS FEAR The story of the Democracy 6 - accounts of eyewitness


Sorry, Fiji's about to play the 1/4 finals in Adelaide so I only have time for this quick post. I leave you with this gem from Resist Franks Coup. Good Stuff. We also support the call for justice, and for the recommencement of the democracy shrine, in Lami and elsewhere.

On December 5 2006, the nation woke up to what many would say, another day in paradise. Paradise today consisted of the earlier news from the Monday just past, this morning, commuters coming into the city from up the tacirua heights, will have noticed an array of government vehicles parked at a police post just before Tamavua village. On a particular bus, travelers notice two SDL government ministers, standing waiting on the side of the road, for a taxi. Earlier some commuters would have seen soldiers of the Royal Fiji Military Forces stopping these cars and forcing the ministers outside. Mind you, these men are still ministers of the ruling oversized multiparty cabinet.

Through the half hourly updates on the various radio stations, government vehicles are seized from houses and one house in particular, that of the Prime Minister is surrounded by military personal. Apparently also during the course of the day, an invitation has been sent to the prime minister to present himself at the Presidents residence. For constitutional lawyers, what should have happened on that day, was that the president Ratu Iliolo was meant to verbally convey a plea to the prime minister to resign. But after a visit from the Government house by the commander of the military forces, Voreqe Bainimarama, soldiers outside the home of the prime minister were ordered not to allow Mr. Qarase from leaving his home. Why, would that order come at such a time when a crisis could have been solved constitutionally? The answer lies in within the four walls of a private meeting between the commander and his elite circle of friends and the Presidents, Ratu’s Iliolo and Madraiwiwi. Where the Vice, Madraiwiwi laid out the constitutional requirements and eloquently explained the illegality of what was happening, later on at the end of the day, the commander would call this move as ‘blocking the president’ from exercising his constitutional role.

So the story is old after that, through the media Bainimarama decides that he can “step into the shoes of the president” and publicly removes the president from the office. A state of Emergency is declared.

Now this article will not explore the law surrounding the takeover, but focus on the abuses of human rights that occurred after the state of emergency was declared. Human right violations were rampant during the early days of the coup; executives of the public service and government ministers were the early victims. Later on ordinary citizens,[ a small percent were activists and SDL supporters], were physically mishandled and emotionally displaced after detainments at military installations.

I know that investigative journalism is rare in Fiji, this is an attempt to gauge not the whole context of what has happened in Fiji in terms of Human Rights Violations but actually touch on ‘one night of terror’ that many people in Fiji would agree was the pinnacle of all Human Rights abuses since December 5; and that is when 5 vocal campaigners for the restoration of democracy (media termed as pro-democracy supporters) and one flat mate of the other, were taken from their homes, and made to feel ‘pure fear’. There is a problem at the moment in ascertaining who was a true democracy activist and who was not. But we must all agree that after that night all 6 persons would become the much-talked advocates for democracy and will in time become the image of the silent majority during this time of tribulation.

I have been very interested in what happened that night, a Christmas Eve, but obviously because of security reasons, understand why not much is known about that night. The fact that not much is known about that night, has lead to a array of misleading lies and made up connotations ranging from rape, sodomy and just a simple meeting. So therefore this article will focus on interviews and experiences of people who were there that tragic night.

At this juncture I must introduce the three willing witnesses. Before that, to correct a mistake all people in Fiji might have, on December the 24th, Christmas Eve, these 6 persons are thought to have been the only non-military personal at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks that night. That impression is wrong; there were other persons, picked during that Sunday night and detained at the military barracks.

The three witnesses were not the activists, but were persons at the camp on that night, all before the arrival of the 6 pro-democracy activists. Obviously their names have been changed, but their stories and recollections are presented.

Pravin is a IT consultant based in Nadi, every week end he would brave the tiring drive from the west to travel to Suva, and visit his longtime sweet heart, Priscilla. Pravin usually stays with his relatives and Priscilla is a Suva girl and stays with her family in one of the leeway streets of Raiwaqa. This time around Pravin is anxious about this visit. Priscilla has invited him to a family lunch on Christmas Day. This for Pravin is the first time for him to meet his family and was weighting heavy on his mind. He is also suppose to Priscilla tonight and they will go over the formalities of tomorrow’s stressful event.

Meanwhile in a totally different context, Filipo, a Lauan youth, is in Cunningham. Soaking up the sounds of reggae music and fumes of marijuana smoke. He has decided to gather at a home of a neighborhood friend and drink till the early hours of Christmas. This is accepted by youths in Fiji as the best means to welcoming the birth of the Lord Jesus. And the fact that today is Sunday has no bearing on the jovial mood inside the sitting room. Music blaring and drinks flowing, the seven men inside the room that afternoon would never guess what awaited them in a few hours time.

The third interviewee is Sumu Subaka, well as he wants to be known. Who is a soldier and was very much involved in everything that happened that Christmas eve. he has agreed to speak to me if I changed is name and got the truth out. He like many other soldiers are classic school leavers with no employment but this coup has helped solve that problem. Anyway, he wakes up in the afternoon to a message from the Corporal Tevita, that he has a phone call waiting. It was his mother, wishing him the very merriest Christmas; Private Subaka would do anything to be home with his mother and family and celebrating Christmas. But he is led to believe that he is doing an honorable service to the people of Fiji, he is directly part of this clean up campaign. After talking to his mother, he hangs up and is told by a passer-by that names duty rooster is with Corporal Tevita. Subaka pays Tevita a visit and cites the list, the usual names, people he knew, stationed in and around the camp. No checkpoint duty tonight. The thought of spending Christmas at the gates of the QEB crossed his mind, and he giggled to himself. But he noticed that some names on duty tonight were new and that some of these men were used for specific reasons pertaining to the clean up campaign. He thought for a while why were so many soldiers listed on the rooster for Christmas Eve. Then he went for Lunch.

Now at an opening prep session, Subaka takes his place in an enlarged line order on the QEB grounds. He is told where he is stationed, at the front gate of the QEB. Notices friends from another unit arriving in a truck, and they are waiting their own messing. Anyway, Subaka and his unit are told that they will have “some very famous visitors tonight”.

Meanwhile the time is now way after the 6oclock news, and we are in Suva now. Virisila Buadromo’s home, where she is watching the news with her flat mate, Arshad. They should have had a cordial conversation by now about what was happening in Fiji. Then Arshad looks outside and notices two men in Bula Shirts standing outside their gate. Interesting, Arshad may have discredited them for Jehovah’s Witness. So Arshad goes and talks to them; he find however that they want to see Virisila and take her for a meeting. These men were than led to believe that Virisila was not in the house. So they decide to wait, their orders were specifically to make sure they bring Virisila. They later break open the gate (after about an hour) and take Virisila and Arshad.

Imraz Iqbal on the other hand is visted by other group pf men and walks leisurely into the trap, after believing that he was to attend a meeting. By the way, Imraz is also just recovering from the loss of his business office to a fire that morning. People around the vicinity at the time see Imaraz getting into the military pick up truck.

Meanwhile, Jackie Koroi and Peter Waqavonovono are in their homes with their families. Jackie has decided to take an early night and Peter is getting ready to attend Church with his mother, meanwhile Imaraz is already been taken in and Virisila is still in her home with a growing military escort outside her gate.

Witnesses say Peter attending church that morning in Lami, with Jackie. And than Peter attends a night service again with his mother at the St Joseph the Worker Parish in Tamavua. After the service an eyewitness claims that soldiers were outside but could not spot Peter. Anyway apparently the Zincks attend this church also, and Kenneth Zinch, a former minister who has been up to the barracks already, loudly greets Peter after the service and jokingly ask’s if Peter has ‘done his rounds at the barracks’. Peter is said to have laughed at that comment, if only he knew that he was actually going to literally do his rounds also that night. Anyway, the story goes that Peter goes home and may have had a time to see the late news on Fiji TV. But he could have very well been picked up that night at the Church service.

Laisa Digitaki puts her kids to bed, and according to her statement is asleep by the time soldiers congregate at her residence.

Back to our three witnesses, Pravin is now with Priscilla, and they are at the Nasese sea wall, he has just gone over the formalities who to talk too and what to say. Anyway, Pravin looks at his watch, it is 10.45pm, it is late. Just than a knock comes on their door, Pravin opens the door and outside is a soldier, asking them to get out of the car. Pravin comes out and sees that there is in fact a pick up truck just a meter from his car. They are told to get into the pick up truck. Prisilla starts to cry, she stops when they arrive at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. They are told to go stand at the grounds and and sit on the cricket pitch. They walk to the grounds and find that there are a few other people on the grounds already, all sitting on the cricket pitch.

Meanwhile he turns around a sees a boy with a red Tongan jersey. Anyway the Tongan jersey guy is Filipo. Filipo is still in a drunken haze, but understands why he is on the grounds tonight. It was to do with drinking alcohol and its adverse negative effects. Filipo earlier in the night, was shocked to find military men storm into the home he was drinking in and force him and his friends into Truck. When he realized that he was at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks he was fast becoming scared.

Meanwhile Subaka is standing at the QEB gates and has allowed these trucks into the camp. He presumed that the ‘famous visitors’ were on the ground. Just than he noticed that a pick up truck had arrived and allowed it access. Inside was Imraz, he was taken into the guard house. Just than Subaka started to realize that these famous people where going to be people like Imraz, critics of the military.

Meanwhile, a soldier walks on to the field and orders that all persons now remove their clothing. All of a sudden there is a long line to naked people, they are than asked to run and make laps around the ground. Later on a group in told to crawl. And Pravin and Priscilla are told to run up and down the road leading to the officer’s mass.

Filipo is instead made to crawl and run and crawl. He is fast becoming tired, and the beating he is getting while he runs is rather unwarranted and slowing him down.

Pravin and Priscilla are told sit in the rose bushes and pull the weeds. This is when Pravin notices that there is no light and pulls whatever he can find. He hears Priscilla crying from the other side of the garden. He looks into the ground and sees people running and crawling and persons getting beaten.

As Filipo runs he looks to the main road and sees a well known school mate of his father. A high-ranking soldier walking on the road. Filipo decides to run towards this man and maybe if he could call his name the man would help him out of this situation. Filipo is hit on the head and falls flat on the ground. Wrong move trying to cut across the ground like that.

Filipo calls out anyway, “Pita Driti”. But no response. Meanwhile at the gate, Subaka notices the silhouette of Mr. Driti, coming down from the main offices. He walks into the guard house.

As he looks towards the ground he see that people are now running back to the road, “ah, exercise finished” Subaka thought to himself.
A few minutes later Imraz walks out of the guardhouse, in his bright red underwear. He is given a paper and he proceeds to read. Just than high-ranking officials stand around him and insultingly spit and slat his face. Subaka realizes that Imraz is reading comments that he is accredited to have said about the military. “He deserves it” was Subaka’s response; he consoled his guilt with that notion for a while. Just than a truck drove out, Filipo was inside he was so happy that it was all over, as he looked outside he noticed Imraz reading and in underwear. He immediately thought that Imraz would face the same treatment.

Imraz is taken into the cell, Priscilla is allowed to leave with some others and Pravin is put in the cell. Pravin is still in his underwear and he forcefully closes his eyes and hopes to wake from this nightmare. As Pravin wakes up notices soldier bringing in another women, she looked familiar. He later came to know that this was Laisa Digitaki. She is than moved into another cell, when she starts to strike a conversation with whomever she was with in the first cell.

A soldier than comes in and starts shouting at her, a commotion takes place but is defused when he is called outside.

Oblivious to the fact that he was in the same cell with Arshad, Pravin got scared, why was he still here and what had he done. He needed help.

Subaka, did not notice that he had allowed Virisila and Arshad into the camp. He was too busy watching the activities on the ground. Just than a fellow soldier called out. Apparently Virisila was told to run up to the office mess.

Subaka saw Virisila, the full weight of what would happen tonight finally dawned on him. These were the famous people they were expecting, he started to feel excited.

Meanwhile Subaka opened the gate again to another car, this time with Laisa inside. He noticed Laisa straightaway. She was taken into the guardhouse. Subaka started to expect more people. Who else was coming?

Soon after that Laisa comes back out of the guardhouse and is taken out of the camp in another car.

After some time Subaka claims that the four wheel drive comes back with Peter Waqavonovono. Peter strikes up a conversation with some soldiers and gets in another car. Peter’s neighbors in Namadi Heights, claim that when soldiers arrived, a heated discussion occurred outside his home. A neighbor whose name I can’t reveal, claims that the presence of soldiers, dogs barking and the heated discussion woke some people up when he came out he noticed people talking and than Peter walked out of the house.

A neighbor living opposite the family, who is senior pastor, came out of his home and started to a ask questions also. The pastor came out publicly the next day and viciously criticized the military.

Back at the front gate, Peter is taken in another car and drives out of the camp. Laisa is told to run up to the officers mass. After a while Laisa and Virisila come running down the road in to the ground where soldiers are waiting. Imraz is escorted out of the guard house and made to run into the ground also. Just than Subaka noticed that soldiers started to congregate at the entrance to the steps that led to the grounds and even he had to go and watch.

Imraz, Laisa and Virisila were told to crawl and they were kicked and dragged around the ground. They were told lie down in a line and it seemed that the unit on the ground kicked them and a senior officer spoke to them. Some soldiers started to sing “I wish you a merry christmas”.

“Just than another senior officer, a chief, came down from the officers mess and walked into the grounds” Subaka recalls. Than as he looked to the gate, a rental car had arrived. Peter and Jackie Koroi got off. They told to go into the grounds.

“I heard the officer ask them to crawl, we saw one get down and crawl and the other just stood there. The seemed to be saying something but was kicked and soldiers ran to him, and kicked him and dragged him to the cricket pitch. They than all stood up and ran towards the gate.

Subaka later came to know that the 5 activists were told to run to Lami and dismantle a democracy shrine they had set. When they reached the gate Imraz stopped and asked Subaka for his stuff, Subaka responded with a swear, “F**K off”.

As they ran out of the camp, it started to rain, and a truck went out of the camp after the 5 activists. Just than a high ranking officer came and told Subaka and some others to get into one of the trucks and get Waqavonovono.

Meanwhile, in the cell, Pravin heard some singing, “Merry Christmas” he thought to himself. Just after about an hour, he heard some commotion, they seemed to bringing a table into the guardhouse. He noticed than that there was another Indian in the cell with him, Arshad.

Subaka and some others stopped Peter Waqavonovono at mead road and told him to get into the car. They brought him into the camp and he was told to go into the guardhouse.

After a minute, senior military personal walked into the guardhouse. And we later heard shouting and than peter started shouting in pain. Now the question of what actually happened in that room that night will be answered by Pravin, who is still in the cell.

“I heard that someone was told to sit down. And than I heard someone asking questions like ‘why are you making a army’ and than I heard some shouting. They started to beat the person up. And than I heard them ask ‘who is the president of Fiji’ and than I heard some more shouting. I have never heard a person shout like that, I think they were beating him up, because he kept screaming.”
Subaka than saw Peter been dragged outside. Peter was asked to kneel, he got on his knees.

Than a senior officer asked if Peter could bark like a dog. Peter did not do anything so they hit him on the head. Soldiers started to gather around the guardhouse. Peter than started barking, like a dog. “But he sounded like he was making fun of us, the way he was barking”.

Subaka than thought to him self “what a nut” and Peter’s barking started insult the soldiers; he was told to stop and make the sounds of the chicken. Peter did not make any sounds. Subaka said everyoine started swear at peter and spit on him, “they kicked him but he did not make any sound”.

Than one of the senior officers came with a rifle (Gun), pointed to Peter’s head. Subaka felt a sudden rush up his body, was he going to see a person die.

The senior officer asked, whether Peter wanted to die. Than he said, “say your prayers, any last words before I kill you”. Peter looked up and said something that has stayed in the minds of many soldiers that night. In fact it may have been the most impacting statement some of them would have to bear.

Peter looked up into the barrel of the rifle and shouted, “My God’s wrath will rain down on this place and no one can hide”. There was silence and than two soldiers carried him into the ground and than after two minutes he was taken away by one other soldier.

Subaka, say’s with tears in his eyes that that night turned soar very fast. Peter was escotted out and dropped at home, he was allowed to run to Lami.

Meanwhile, Laisa, Virisila and Jackie were past mead road by now. Eyewitnesses say, that as they ran on the main road, soldiers hit them. A resident on princess road said that she was shocked when she saw Virisila run past her house, “First I saw Imraz, and than I saw the three girls, I was so sad when I saw Virisila, it was so humiliating” apparently some things people do not know is that these three women were also harassed and beaten as they were made to run on the road. “One soldier came and slapped the Koroi girl and told her to keep moving.”

In Lami at around 12am in the morning, Tomasi awoke from his sleep. He heard a crash of glass. He stood up to see what was happening, the sounds seemed to come from next door. Next Door, Tomasi knew was the famous Democracy Shrine, but why was there some much commotion. As he looked outside he saw soldiers all over the place, breaking windows and could see some of them inside the house.

He sat down on his bed and though about what could he do, I hoped that no one was in the shrine. He started to fear that maybe they might come to his house, so he sat down in bed, and just did not want to move.

He only walked outside when it seemed that the soldiers had left. The democracy shrine in Lami was destroyed. He went back inside, and noticed that Imraz was outside. “I watched Imraz and Laisa walk around the property and Laisa started spraying something. I did not want to go outside, I thought that maybe the soldiers might see me talking to them, I just got so scarred.”

Pravin was released in the morning. And told not to pick up prostitutes again. Pravin for the sake of clarity accepted the comment and went on his way. But for people like Subaka, they could not understand fully what had happened. They would later start to talk about what happened and sorrow for the 5 activists settled in – they also realized that in the course of events that night, a curse was spoken over them and they spoke about thoroughly, some discrediting it and some saying that they were worried.

My daughter ran to me in the room and kissed me and wished me a merry Christmas. I got out of bed and hugged her. We walked into the sitting room, the Christmas tree lights were still on from last night, I turned them off.

As I walked into the kitchen my daughter was sitting by the radio and listening attentively. “What’s happening” I asked, I looked into her eyes, for the first time in my life I saw the sight of fear, she pointed at the radio and explained that a senior in Saint Joseph, was taken last night into the camp and beaten. I heard some familiar names Digitaki, Waqavonovono, Buadromo and Iqbal. “My God” I exclaimed, “its Christmas for heavens sake”

Mr. Frederick
Stories of Fiji’s crying children

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Declining Economy.

Fiji is in trouble.

Big trouble.

The latest forecast by the Reserve Bank of Fiji predicted a 2% drop in the economy, with a 0.5% drop in 2008. Now normally, I would not batter a eye at such statements, but now, I think we need to stand up and do something about all this.

The latest prediction by the head bank is just the latest in a long line of warnings about the state of our economy. That's the measure of the financial wellbeing of Fiji as a whole. The fact of the matter, however, is that Fiji is not very healthy at the moment. This warning is also echoed by other independent parties, and is very worrying.

To rub salt into the wound, the soldiers are getting an increase in allowances, including a sevusevu allowance. Sevusevu allowance???? This from a regime that commented on the need to decrease yaqona drinking within government departments. The ironic thing about this is that this issue is the only one since the coup that has Felix Anthony sounding like a unionist. Guess the saying that everyone has his price runs true for Felix and his bald-headed friend.

And what in the world is a leave allowance? That one defies definition, especially for yours truly. If one went on leave, why an allowance?

Buy sugar, flour, rice and stock up on the essentials. The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if food shortages start to happen soon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Sugar Loan That Kinda Stinks...

The newly installed Fiji Sugar Cane Growers Council wasted no time making their presence felt.

In a blitzkrieg, the new chairman Jain Kumar took out a $6.4 million loan for the farmers... remember that...for the farmers. The loan, was to be paid back in 2 months, at an interest rate of 6%. I'm assuming that the interest rate is a per-annum one.

Now the Fiji Cane Growers Association is yelling about the fact that the decision to take out the loan was made arbitrarily by the Council Chairman. Of course, with one of his lackeys under fire, "Uncle Mahen" had to come to the rescue. See Fiji TV's 6pm news on Tuesday 03/04/07 clip titled "Farmers loan" to hear the serpent hissing.

Now in all the hoopla, I started thinking about one thing that struck me as odd. If an interest rate of 6% is applied to a loan of $6.4 million, wouldn't the interest over 2 months come to around $65,000 ? That is my own calculation, for those of you who are more financially learned than yours truly, please calculate the actual amount and enlighten us in the comments section after this post or by emailing me.

If my calculations are correct, then as the media quotes the SCGC Chairman as saying that the interest will amount to approximately $96,000, my question is:


There is a difference of around $35,000 in question. For those of you readers overseas, in Fiji, that is the yearly salary of most middle management positions. It's a sizable amount of money, and I hope sincerely that I am wrong in my calculations.

Because if I'm correct, the corruption is still spreading, and the carrier is the same group claiming to be the cure.

God, Please help Fiji.

Monday, April 2, 2007


"A term coined by blogger mawdsomething to refer to the inept, incompetent, imbecilic travesty that is referred to as the Interim Government in Fiji. Headed by Frank Bainimarama."

How To Recognise:

This system of governance is recognizable by the following characteristics:
Lack of mandate from the masses.
• Lack of clearly defined pathway back to normalcy.
Lack of governing authority to which governments which adhere, either openly or covertly to this philosophy feel answerable to.
Lack of intelligence.
Lack of transparency.
Lack of honesty.
Lack of integrity.
Lack of humanity.
Lack of consistency.
Lack of originality.
Illegal destruction of Private property.
Killing of civilians
Intimidation of dissenters.
Conflicting decisions from various arms of governance.
Serial Human Rights Abuse.
Media censorship.
Widespread international condemnation.
Internal Strife.
Withdrawal of International recognition.
Senior members of Government unable to travel freely internationally.

Currently known system of Governance of Fiji. Widely unpopular with the Fiji public. Must be avoided at all costs. Must be resisted by all freedom-loving people.

If this type of governance appears in your country, for the sake of your future generations, it must be overthrown ASAP. We are working towards this. Find out how to join this effort by clicking here, and advising us of your intention to join the cause.