Sunday, April 8, 2007

For a Woman of Courage.

This one goes out to a very brave woman.

Shamima Ali.

I used to think that she was a feminist, and that was the box I allocated to her, until the events of December 5th took place. Then I discovered, much to my surprise, that this is one mean momma!!!! and a very courageous one at that.

Since the coup, she has been consistent in her calls for the resignation of the IG, the restoration of the law, the stop of human rights abuses. So much so that the Interim AG felt the need to make a public statement, a "line in the sand" moment to make her decide whether she was a Fiji Human Rights Commissioner or not. This is his reasoning:

"If Shamima has an issue then she should either raise it or resign from being a commissioner."


The lady has an issue with you, Khaiyum, and the Interim regime and she is raising it. The fact that you do not acknowledge it raises a few more issues such as:

  1. You are avoiding the issue.
  2. You suffer from selective amnesia, and cannot remember that the regime you have now become a part of is the cause of all the human rights violations in Fiji.
  3. It is her job to protect the rights of Fiji citizens, rights that you are an accomplice in trying to trample underfoot.
  4. She is tasked to look after the welfare of the FHRC. You are not.
  5. Her appointment is legal.
  6. Your appointment is not probably got it because you were desperate for a job and Frank was equally desperate for a bushlawyer. Politics does make strange bedfellows.
  7. You cannot take the pressure.
  8. You can't handle criticism.
In the Fijian language, there is a term that describes you, Bainimarama, Chaudry, and the other members of the IG. It's a word used primarily to describe young boys who have not become men, who have not achieved anything in life. It's also the term used on bullies, on those who pick on the weak, and the helpless.

The transistion from being a boy to being a man is known formally as curuibure and the term that describes the lot of you is


ps..Shamima, if you read this, it doesn't mean I agree with everything you stand for...LOL. However, you have my respect for standing up for the truth.


Anonymous said...

great desc of those arrogant immature bunch of criminals!!

Go Shamima! dont let them break your resolve!

Anonymous said...

You sound like a a very respectable mine who uses the same word to describe these cowards and idiots!!
So you are not alone in feeling the frustration and I guess the growing anger. Its been a great credit for the Fijian people to have kept their cool so far.

Whodat said...

Since Shamima's stand, comments and actions are IN THE INTEREST of upholding justice and human rights, why should she resign? It is those like Khaiyum and Shyster who are doing their best to shirk their responsibilties to uphold peoples' human rights - they are the ones who should resign if they don't want to be accountable to peoples' expectations, international standards and the FHRC Charter in this!

Anonymous said...

Keep going, Shamima! We all support you!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! great article, agree wholeheartedly with the description of Khaiyum and others.

newsfiji said...

Really made me laugh about those idiots in the IG and especially that bushlawyer wanna be looking intelligent!

Perfect word - Boci! Ha! Ha!

Good on you Shamima!

Congrats to Good Men (And Women) Doing Something!

mullah said...

Fact - Khaiyum isn't interested in our rights as civilians and citizens of this nation. he is only interested in his own agenda - getting paid to rip us off and more.

Fact - Shyster hasn't been protecting the people of Fiji since Dec 5 and seems to have had pre-Dec5 knowledge of what was to come. This makes her guilty of treason amongst other things. Her negligence in standing up for the rights of civilians in this country has caused the death of two civilians who were never given the right to counsel or even charged with anything.! There have been beatings, humiliations, sexual and physical abuse at the hands of the military on Shyster's watch. She's sold herself to Voreqe and his cause making her worse then a prostitute!