Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Myth of Moving Forward.

Moving Forward.......

That is the catchphrase that is now being bandied around by people who are currently leading this nation. A phrase that is invoked to implore you, and I, to join with them in their efforts to get things back on track.


There are a few things that need to be pointed out at this junction, things that will reveal that the idea of moving forward is a ploy used by Bainimarama, Leweni, Chaudry, Bune, Khaiyum and others in this illegal junta to make us, the resisting populace march to the tune they are playing.

The Passing of the Blame

Bainimarama is fond of blaming others for the wrongs that are his doing. According to this idiot, the USA is responsible for stopping Fiji from moving forward. The US Senior Envoy Mr. Glyn Davis, however, refuted this notion, by stating that their refusal of a visa application is in no way holding Fiji back. Things like the roadblocks, the RFMF on the streets, the State of Emergency, these things are what, according to Mr. Davis, are holding Fiji back. I agree with Mr. Davis. It's this regime that is preventing Fiji from moving forward. After all, we have an illegal interim PM who hankers back to the events of 2000.

The other party that gets a lot of tarring from the IG is the SDL. Now I am not an SDL supporter per se, but even I can see that the lack of tourists, the stop in aid, the stop in investment, the reversal in the economic growth from a growth of around 2% last year and a forecast of 2.4% for this year, to a drop in 2.5% now forecasted for this year, the blame should be fairly laid at the feet of this junta. The drop however, must be invisible to this other idiot, who says that there is confidence in economic growth of Fiji.....ha ha ha. Check this out for more on this idiot.

The "Threat to National Security".

Everytime there is opposition to this regime, they like to justify their response in terms of the opposition being a "threat to national security". Things like dissenting workers, unfavourable media reports, even people who oppose this regime's actions like the 3 brave soldiers in the Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa, are terms security threats. Rt. Timoci Vesikula is the latest so-called threat, for daring to speak out against the actions of this regime. The Fiji Times editoral today carries a real list of threats to our national security, indeed, our national wellbeing. The only mistake the editor made, in my view is that he stated that we are taking "one step forward, two steps back." We are not. We have been dragged backed so many steps by this junta, that it's not funny anymore. And we have not made any progress since December 5th.

Leweni, just a friendly warning...the number of "threats" to your "national security" is growing daily, and you will find out one day what this means. I pray that day comes tomorrow every night.

Changing the Rules to Suit your Game

This is another favourite MO of this regime. Whenever things don't go to plan, they change the rules to suit them. Don't like the GCC reaction? Change the rules. Workers threatening to go on strike? Change the rules. Can't take criticism of the way you govern? Change the rules!

Incidently I thought that to change the rules, one needed to have the parlimentary mechanism in place. Silly me....guess a gun will do just fine.

So where is the moving forward in all of this?

There isn't any. We are moving backwards. Our economy is dying, our trade links are shutting down, our aid is drying up, our options are disappearing and all that remains is us. You and I. That we can stick it to this regime and tell them that we are tired of being lied to, that we are not going forward, but we are only going backwards.

The thing about this coup, is that the "shadowy figures" from the previous coups are now in the open. We know who they are. We can see who they are. Even more "exciting" ( from a " I'm gonna buturaki you" perspective) they cannot run away overseas if this thing falls apart. The enemy is now in the open, and known. We know who to strike at.

There is no moving forward. Not when this IG and it's idiot leaders are dragging us down. It's the current urban myth of this regime. Why don't we cast them off so that we can really move forward? Email me if you want to cast off their shackles.


Anonymous said...

That's better. tell them what the nation's thinking. Problem is they know it. they can't hide, can't run. their best defence is to create as much paperwork as possible to get the courts inundated with cases that they'll be free long enough to publish the good they've done - since they seem to have the indofijian academics on their side, and they've bulldozed the dailies into publishing only material positive to them the people are going to suffer for a long time.
our economony isn't going to go 'up' till after 12 months at least. something should be done drastically to change the course now!!! now!! if only these idiots had listened to teh chiefs, the IG would have the support they needed.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka. You are saying things that are so obvious but very few people can actually say it openly in Fiji now.

Anonymous said...

can't wait for 'the big buturaki' to start. their day will come, all those in the IG and leaders of the coup. and will be really good since none of them can run away overseas.

Anonymous said...

I am just amazed at the all the garbage you Fijians can take before you say enough is enough. I admire your patience and the way you have kept your cool so far. Patience is a great virtue- don't lose it. Very different from this other part of the world.

captain said...

Let the military know what you think.

Ring them ....


Here's an idea - it's possible to ring the barracks in Suva, and when you get the automated message, pick an extension at random (I chose 211 from memory), and tell them what you think.

The number is as follows:

(plus two seven nine three three eight five two two two)

They're getting a bit sneaky now - the last time I looked them up in the Fiji white pages they were listed under Queen Elizabeth Barracks, in Maddocks Road, Suva, but now, after a lot of looking, there is only a listing under RFDF.

Feel free to spread the word !