Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Time To Make A Stand

Ni Sa Bula,

Watching the events unfolding in Fiji, I'm sure that most of you are feeling (as I am) a sense of despair, of disbelief, of disgust at the things that are now happening in this nation of ours.

The question that is really staring us in the face is "What are we going to do about this?" Yes..you and I, because there is no one else who is going to do anything about it. People will critique, praise, slander this regime, but it seems that none of this is getting through. So in light of this, we need to do something, instead of sitting on our hands while Fiji sinks.

These are a few things that you can do....to vent your frustrations, to have your say. Maybe nobody will listen. Maybe, nobody will care. I doubt that however. I think there are a multitude of us, who are fed up to the gullet with the crap we have to endure under idiots who have no mandate, who are destroying this paradise we call home.

Post A Letter

Write a letter to the Government of the day telling them how you don't agree with what is going on. Sign your name if you feel brave...this is not a suggested course of action.

Email Your Disgust

Email Bainimarama at telling him about your disgust at his handling of the affairs of our nation, his presumption at knowing what is best for us, and how he has screwed everything up. Copy the email to the media/NGOs/embassies etc, as Bainimarama will definitely deny receiving any email from you. For convience, I have included a list of email addresses you might want to use.

Please use a HOTMAIL, GMAIL, Yahoo address. Do not use your real name, as this will leave you open to retaliation from the junta. It's very easy to hide from this regime, I have been doing so for months, and despite their much vaunted intelligence, collectively, I think their IQ is still in the double digit range. Trust me on this one, if you take the effort to remain anonymous, you can spam this regime until it collapses under the weight of our virtual pressure.

The following is a list of email addresses that you can cut and past before you send.

and copy the email to the following email addresses (so that the fact that you spoke out against this regime cannot be denied)

Again PLEASE DO NOT USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT CAN BE TRACKED TO YOU!!!! think carefully about this if you choose to do it.

Tell your friends

Tell your friends, family,colleagues that this coup is wrong. One thing I have noticed is that the supporters of this coup are very vocal. Those of us who oppose it must be as vocal, if not more. We need to stand up and voice our concerns, because this time is was Ballu, Rt. Inoke, Mua etc. The next time, it could be your father, mother, son, daughter, friend. Don't kid yourself that by keeping quiet, you will be safe, Rabaka was someone who was minding his own business until that fateful day.

Tell them that you do not support the coup, that you oppose any government that builds itself up illegally on the bodies of it's people. Tell them that you are one person who does not agree with the course Fiji is being dragged down and will not suffer this foolishness any more.

Do something or this evil will continue to prosper.

God Bless Fiji,

Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Do You Oppose the Coup?

Ni Sa Bula,

I spent a good part of yesterday reading Dr. Bril Lal's piece that has Mahendra Chaudry, amongst others, up in arms. It made me think of a lot of things, and is the genesis for today's post.

I oppose the coup.

Why do I oppose the coup?

Looking back at the previous coups, the first 2 in 1987 occured when I was too young to understand the real implications of such a course. Also the fact that it was a new occurance in Fiji meant that most of the Taukei community then did not really understand the repercursions of this course of action. The fact that they supported the actions en-masse is a truthful, yet sad depiction of this.

The 2000 crisis occured when I had developed an appreciation for democracy and the rule of law, and had formed my individual opinions as to what I believed to be the best for Fiji. Looking back at that dark period in our history, I think I started to realise that coups were never the anser and should never be considered as a solution of any sort to the problems faced in one's country.

This belief really came to fruition last year. I believe that a coup is wrong. You can never justify it. In our 3 odd decades of existance as an independant nation, we have had too many disruptions to our progress. How can we afford this? How much have we lost, how much have we sacrificed, how much have we given up in this unfulfilling pursuit of power? We have had coups in the name of racial supremacy, coups that are said to be for economical power, coups that are rumoured to be for personal protection....yet none of these things do the country any good. What has any of the previous coups brought us collectively as a nation?

So why do you oppose the coup?

Is it because you are an SDL supporter?
Is it because you are a Nationalist?
Is it because you lost your job?
Is it because you have had a decrease in your income?
Is it because you hate the FLP?
Is it because you hate the Military?
Is it because you have lost loved ones?
Is it because you have had loved ones injured?

While all these, and many other reasons that have been omitted, are very valid reasons for opposing the coup, this coup, and any coup for that matter, should be opposed for the simple reason that it is morally, ethically, legally, socially, economically and politically wrong.


A coup is never the answer. It will alway produce an aggrieved party, it will never heal wounds and it will always perpetuate itself. It never produces what it promises, it never brings progress, it never solves problems, it can only supress, transfer and delay the issues that should be faced. It is like a thorn that is not removed fromt he foot, but covered over and left to fester another day. As such it must be resisted, it should never be condoned and if it takes place, it should never be supported. It reminds me of the old Chinese saying that says "When riding a tiger, it is difficult to get off". It is simply not worth the effort.

Most you you would now be wondering..."What difference does this make? Why is FijianBlack going on about this?"

The motive behind your reason is very important. If you oppose this coup because you are an SDL supporter, you will support any coup that favours the SDL. (Note : This could apply to any political party, I'm only using the SDL as an example) If you oppose this coup out of nationalistic sentiments, you will support coups that are nationalistic in nature, as the 1987 coup was, and to a lesser extent the 200 crisis. If you oppose the coup because you lost your job, then you would support a coup if it brought you better job security.

All these reasons, will make the person who believes in them, akin to a leaf, blown and tossed by the wind. Numerous examples of this sort of behaviour abound in our nation. We can all easily name 10 people whom we know to have been coup supporters/opposers at one time and have now changed their stance. Instead of right and wrong being defined in our hearts, it is then defined by what is happening around us. It then becomes a subjective measure, instead of the objective standard that right and wrong should be, a plumbline that everything must be measured against.

If you oppose the coups because they are wrong, then you will never sing a different song. You will always call it wrong, you will always say it is wrong, and you will always oppose it.

A coup demonstrates a lack of civility, a disregard for the governing laws of our nation, for the will of the people, it displays an unwillingness to accept that maybe, just maybe your point of view is not the commonly accepted one. It is no more that a bully that tries to force his views on others, and will not accept the fact that everyone is entitled to their own personal views and that these views, while possibly different from ours, must be respected, even if we disagree with them.

A coup is never right.

Why do you oppose this coup? If you oppose this coup for the only reason that is right, then there is hope for this nation. If you oppose this coup for any other reason, then we are doomed to repeat this mistake again.

God Bless Fiji,
FijianBlack AKA Mawdsomething

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coups are wrong...Always

Ni Sa Bula,

Today, I have chosen to repost a letter found in today's Fiji Times. It's a reply by Dr. Brij. Lal, who condemns the 2006 coup, and is now, ironically, accused by Mahendra Chaudry and others as being anti-Indian. Actually, to correct that perception, he is anti-coup, the same as yours truly.

A coup is the worst thing that can happen to a nation. It reminds me of the proverb saying " Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of gifts he does not give." (Proverbs 25:14). That is exactly what a coup is...it promises much and delivers absolutly nothing. And for that reason, it must be resisted to the utmost, because it is, in reality, the political version of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at a national scale.

Anyway, this is what the learned Doctor had to say.


I REFER to letters by Mahendra Chaudhry and Mosmi Bhim (FT 24/10).

It appears that these two respondents are reacting to an item in this paper referring to an article by me on the immediate aftermath of the Fiji coup which was published in the journal Fijian Studies.

I would urge both these correspondents to read that 12,000 word article in its entirety and not judge me on the basis of a brief newspaper report, which I did not authorise and have not actually seen.

They will then see how completely they have misread my piece and attributed to me views I do not share, did not express.

There can be no excuse for their ignorance in this instance, especially when they are casting aspersions on the motives and integrity of another person.

I wish to reassure Ms Bhim that I do not seek nor need publicity. I have no political or any other ambition. Nor do I need a lecture from a novice on my understanding of, and sensitivity to, the feelings and aspirations of the Indo-Fijian community.

My published record speaks for itself.

I am called many things these days but being accused of aiding and abetting the victimisation of my own people is new, and, well, actually laughable.

Coming from an aspiring scholar of sorts, this kind of knee-jerk, sophomoric response is regrettable, but in the broader context of things, not altogether surprising.

Mr Chaudhry is, of course, entitled to his views, however self-serving and indignantly self-righteous they might be, but my full article cannot by any stretch of the imagination be construed to be a personal attack on him or on anyone else.

Indeed, only one section of the article is devoted to the appointment of the interim administration.

I said that Mr Chaudhry was the dominant Indo-Fijian leader in Fiji, and easily the most experienced politician in the interim administration.

His presence there, as then head of four ministries (Finance, Sugar, National Planning and Public Enterprises), led many nationalist Fijians to see the interim administration as his handmaiden.

That is all.

I have never said that the December 2006 coup was an "Indian coup".

On the contrary, in an article published in this paper several months ago, "Whose coup was it anyway", I argued to the contrary. These two responses demonstrate the tenor of political discourse in today's Fiji.

Just because Mr Chaudhry and Ms Bhim do not approve of something I have said, I have all of a sudden become "anti-Indian", full of malice and blind prejudice, vindictive, a mouthpiece of the Qarase regime, downright dishonest, an academic of impaired credibility.

The list of pejorative epithets is impressive.

They have set themselves as the guardians of Indian interest and anyone who dares to disagree with them must, by definition, be all these nasty things.

Oh well. In 1987 and again in 2000, I was viciously attacked for being anti-Fijian because of my staunch opposition to those two coups.

Now, I am being called anti-Indian for criticising the latest coup.

One can never win.

I began my coup paper by quoting the words of Mahatma Gandhi, and I stand by them: "However much I may sympathise with and admire worthy motives, I am an uncompromising opponent of violent methods even to serve the noblest of causes".

Brij v. Lal

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Racism Or Not? THat is the Question...

Ni Sa Bula,

The issue of Racism has reared it's ugly head. Well, this is one arguement that is being used against the SDL by Bainimarama and his followers...the accusation that the policies that were being put forward by the SDL were racist. Namely the Qoliqoli Bill and the Affirmative Action are the two "victims" in the sights of the FMF, a place they have lived ever since they were mooted.

Now let's look at what racism is. Racism is defined as " The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.." The claim put forward is that the Bill and the Affirmative Action program were racist. Now how is that? The area in question was given by individual landowners 125 years ago to the Crown, and when the Crown returned it at Independence, it was returned to the State, which was not the original owner of the area in question. As such shouldn't the landowners be entitled to receive what they had given? If the claim for land by indigineous owners is racist, then the Aborigines in Australia, the Maori in New Zealand, the Native Americans in North America, in fact every indigineous race is racist to claim land that belonds to them, and was taken by means that are often illegal, immoral and just plain wrong. As the State returned Native Land to the Native Land owners, why was there a distinction made to the Qoliqoli areas?

This claim is often made that Fijians are racist when they stand up for what is rightfully theirs. This quote from Wikipedia by an Ashneel Singh states" We believe that God has given three things for free: the land the wind and the sea. I don't think Qarase should have taken the land and just given it to the Fijians. What would be left for the Indian community?" If that was true (and it is patently not, as I will now prove) it would be against the beliefs of the Indian Community to own land. The question asked here is important, because it brings to the fore, the core issue that is why we have this problem in our country - the issue of land ownership.

Land ownership is at the root of one's security. When leases expire, there is a lot of problems because the tenants often feel attachments that often go beyond what the contracts they signed. This, however is the way leases go....you sign a contract and when it's term ends, the decision to extend is solely the owners. Whether the lease is for land, accomodation, cars or any other thing, by signing on the dotted line, both parties agree to be bound by the agreement, which also implies that there is an end date.

We can all agree that there are disparities between Fijians and Indians, with Indians in general, being better off. I say in general, because there are cases of Indians being in even poorer conditions than Fijians. While I am not an SDL apologist, I think this is why the Affirmative Action program was put into place. Having said that, I believe that that is not the answer. A handout is not what Fijians need......Fijians need to adopt the work ethics of our Indian brothers if they are to succeed in this new Fiji. As the Bible says " Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men."

However, there is one point that needs to be driven home.


The IG are using this as one of the excuses they carried out the coup...corruption being the other. None of these are valid reasons for taking out any Government, that has won elections fair and square. There has been no evidence of corruption on the previous Government's part. Sure there are rumours and slander floating about, but no hard evidence apart from information obtained.

This coup is surely about other issues. Using racism is just a red herring thrown at us to divert us from the real issues. If we swallow the bait, this problem will not dissappear from our nation...and that wil be a real tragedy.

God Bless Fiji
FijianBlack aka Mawdsomething

I can dialogue with Qarase: Bainimarama
Wednesday October 24, 2007

Fiji's interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says he can dialogue with ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, but only through the People's Charter.

The Charter is being developed by the interim Government as an instrument to engage the Fiji public in plotting a way forward for the country.

Bainimarama told fijilive.com that set ground rules need to be established before their meeting starts.

"We need to set some ground rules like we use to have in the Talanoa sessions (involving Qarase and Opposition Leader Mahendra Chaudhry)," he said.

"We will have to get something in writing first".

Bainimarama said he has written to Qarase, but has yet to receive a reply.

Upon his return to Suva from his island home, eight months after his overthrow last December, Qarase said he was willing to engage in talks with Bainimarama to assist in taking the country back to democratic rule.



Now Bainimarama wants to tie this hope we have of finally moving forwarding to that joke of a Charter? It's obvious that he is not genuine in his desire to help the nation (and that comes as no surprise) he only wants to use this opportunity to legitimise this illegal charter. If that is the case, then I think we do not need the dialogue between the 2 leaders....it comes at too high a cost.

God Bless Fiji
FijianBlack aka Mawdsomething

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Promises and Lies....

Ni Sa Bula,

As the title of this post probably aluded to, today's focus is on the promises that this regime has made, and the lies that have been told.

In Tonga, Bainimarama made committments to take us to elections by March 2009, and actually signed agreements that this would be done under the current 1997 Constitution. The day after, though, we have this man stating that he would be making changes to the Constitution, and he would be doing so before the elections.

Now why doesn't that surprise me?

This regime has made it a norm to renege on their promises. It has promised so many things that it has not delivered on. It said that there was corruption rampant in the previous governments. It stated that it would deliver the evidence, yet the lack of evidence, is deafening in it's unavailability.


Now surely that is one tamani big lasu this regime has told the people of Fiji.

Another is the often hyped "Moving Forward" claim. Sometimes, you wonder, how the idiots who call themselves the Government can see the world around them. The evidence of the deteorating state of our economy is all around, yet this regime, and it's frantic supporters still claim wildly that things are going to be better. Sorry....things were better. I could criticise Qarase. I could say my piece without fear of retribution, or retaliation. Fear was a small child then, now it's a big hulking brute that bestrides this island paradise and holds many in its grip, riddling them with the inability to speak out. How can that be moving forward?

We have another lie, the one Mahendra told the farmers, that the EU money was forthcoming. Not according to this. Guess now the farmers that have formed the middleground of the FLP must feel kinda bad, considering that their "champion" has now morphed into something they just can't understand.....you really have to feel for them.

Then there was the promise, the no member of this regime would benefit from the coup. Guess that one is so far gone now, that to resurrect the lie in the minds of the people of Fiji would be akin to Jesus calling Lazarus forth from the tomb. Countless numbers of supporters of this regime have benefitted immensly from the coup, of which Teleni, Leweni, Aiyaz, Shaista, the Bainimarama clan and the Chaudry horde are the principle receipients.

No matter where you look, the coup has changed the political, economical and socialogical face of our nation.

Never has it seemed so dark.
Never has it seemed so hopeless.
Never has it seemed useless.

But it isn't.....not if you refuse to accept it. If you believe that we can overcome this, that we are better than this, that we can, and will rise above this, you will hope. Hope that Fiji will restored to her place, that her sons and daughters will again live in peace, that our children will not bear the burdens that we bear.

So let us pray for our nation. Let us speak for her. Let us tell all who watch us that we, the people of Fiji, have had enough of this crap, that we want, we deserve a better leader, a better government that what has been visited upon us. We need to stand together, united and sepak in one voice....and the good times will come. That, my brothers and sisters, is a promise that is no lie.

God Bless Fiji,
FijianBlack aka Mawdsomething

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Measures of Success....

Ni Sa Bula,

The Tongan Forum has started. And with it, the pushing and shoving, wheeling and dealing, cut-&-thrust that is Pacific politics has begun.

Bainimarama according to this report, was welcomed like a rockstar. The same news article goes on to say that he believed that it was a sign of the Tongan people's understanding of what was happening in Fiji. Firstly, as they are not in Fiji, how can they understand what is happening here? How can he attribute this to their understanding of our situation, when they have not suffered job losses, pay cuts, the death and injuring of loved ones, the increase in the cost of living? How can they say that when the progress that we all worked for collectively, is not what they lost?

This other report states the opposite. It tells of how pro-democracy supporters in Tonga are resorting to guerilla tactics to get their message accross. The Tongan government, in response has extended the state of emergency that pervades the "Friendly Isles" to ensure that there are no embarrassing outbreaks of demonstration. Now doesn't that sound like our Junta? And isn't that line of reactive action similiar to the PER reactivation a few weeks ago?

The fact that the Fiji media are only focusing on the praise and applause that Bainimarama is getting is indicative of 2 things:

  1. They are in cahoots with the FMF.
  2. They are being lied to by the FMF and cannot see the lies for the bullshit.
Either way, it does not augur well for the future of journalism in Fiji.

Moving on..... the condemnation from the international community continues to come in thick and fast. Japan joined the list of growing international critics and along with the UN's Commissioner of Human Rights, has had not so flattering things to say about this regime. The funny part is, this regime attracts critism like a pile of droppings attracts flies. From the beginnings of this regimes illegal reign, there has been a persistant stream of opposition, that is slowly becoming a chorus. Too many things have gone wrong, too many mistakes have been made, too many idiotic decisions have been made, too many lies have been told by this regime. Too many times Bainimarama and others from Delainabua have led us to the brink of the abyss, all the while demeaning us by thinking that the majority of us believe the stupid lies they spread.

And that is the measure of their success. That is why most people in Fiji are opposed, or at best apathetic towards the way Fiji is right now. A detractor of mine commented that I did not know what was going on in Fiji, and as I was in the USA, I shouldn't spread my views on the mishaps being visited on our country. Well Viti Truth Seeker....that is your view. However, I must point out that I was in Fiji during and after the coup, and as a direct result of this regime's rise to power, I am now forced to work overseas, for the betterment of my family and I. I know it is hard, that sometimes we would wonder whether this will last, or if there are better times for our nation around the corner. There are....and we must not despair. We must believe, and hope and wait, for the day that our collective sun will rise again, and we will again be "The Way The World Should Be".

Until then, we must oppose this regime at every opportunity we have. We must make things as difficult for those who support it, as we can. We must make our views clear, and let our voices be heard, that we do not, will not, cannot, accept this as an inheritance for those who will come after us. We must remember that while Bainimarama might be popular to others in other countries, it is us, the people of Fiji that he, and those of his ilk have wronged, and it is also us who will measure his success.

And what will be the reward for us? We will be remembered, as the generation who stood up for the rest, who dragged our nation back into the light.

That, my friends, will be the measure of our success.

God Bless Fiji
FijianBlack aka Mawdsomething

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lies, Lies and More Lies....

Ni Sa Bula,

Today, I want to debunk a few myths and lies that the spin doctors working for this regime have spawned, in their efforts to divert attention of the international community from the real and pressing issues that now confront us as a nation.

Principle amongst these is the claim of "moving Fiji forward." By all measures, Fiji was moving forward before this coup, in fact before all other coups. Each coup has set Fiji backwards, and this one is no different. Every time we have a coup, our standing, our reputation with the international community heads south. Deep south. The idea therefore of using a coup to move the country forward via a coup is absurd, to say the least. How can a course of action that leads to economic, financial, social and political hardship be moving us forward? How can killing innocent civilians be justified with this? How can toppling a democratically elected government move us forward?

All these coups have achieved is they have stunted our growth as a nation. It's a testiment to our resilience as a country that we still grew in this period - no thanks to the coup executers. Imagine where we would be now if there had never been coups? I'm sure those of you who are economically and statistically inclined can easily prove this from the GDP growth figures and the like that our Bureau of Stats produces faithfully each year.

Now Bainimarama claimed that "our doors are open and we have nothing to hide". Really?????? How about the murderers who are still at large and hiding as soldiers? How about the tax evaders masquerading as ministers in your Government? How about the rampant Human Rights violations condoned and carried out against those who speak out in opposition against this coup? A little bird told me that the FMF still search for me....and that the search for the "bloggers" has not died down at all. How about the fact that our taxes are now being used to fund trips overseas for unelected regime members, for rental cars used by this regime? How about the fact that there has not been a shred of evidence produced by this regime to justify it's actions? oh I forgot, they didn't hide that..BECAUSE HIDING IT WOULD IMPLY THAT THEY HAVE THE EVIDENCE WHICH THEY DON'T!!!!!!

Another claim Bainimarama made is that "we are on our way to improving governance and creating a more progressive nation". I thought the fact that the 2006 elections produced the first truly multiparty cabinet was a sign of a country making progress. I thought the fact that the number of seats awarded in said parliment reflected the wishes of the people was testimony to the progress we were making as a nation. Improving Governance???? How???? By appointing idiots like Teleni, Leweni, Aiyaz and Shaista to positions they have no experience, intelligence or plain old common sense for? By running the nation as an extension of a petty group of soldiers whose knowledge base doesn't go far beyond marching, watching and guarding? By listening to people like Raturala for advise on the media, Kurusiga for advise on the GCC, Aiyaz for advise on legal issues, Shaista for advise on human rights issues, Nailatikau for Foreign affiars????? How good is the country going to be, surely if you use these mentally challenged people to decide the fates of our people? What have they done to merit ( THE WORD IS MERIT!!!) their positions? What have you done Bainimarama, to prove that you have the nous, the capability to lead this nation? Your leadership is bringing us progress...in the wrong direction.

Now Japan has joined a lot of other nations in condemning this regime. USA, Australia, New Zealand, the EU, and Canada have all condemned this regime. The G8 have said " Bainimarama, your regime sucks..." and this is coming from people who know the real deal, and it is surely not this "Government".

We are not moving forward. Moving forward does not mean pay cuts, job losses, death, injury, aid suspension, assistance withdrawl. It means better living conditions for us, for all. Now investers who had their eye on Fiji are now spending their money elsewhere, and we are losing out to our neighbours, as they international community see us as a volatile nation, one in which it is not safe to invest. Moving forward means elections, an inclusive government, where the policies and legislations implemented are reflective of the will of the people, and not as we have now, where the will of the people is being subjugated to the will of the idiots... I mean the few.

Seriously, why can't we have elections? Why? No Money? I'm sure the international community will fall over themselves to donate expertise, money and resources to fund any election. No candidates? Possibly..with this regime threatening previous candidates who would like to stand in any upcoming elections if there are any. Any why shouldn't they? Isn't the decision as to who forms the next Government ours? Who gave this regime the right to decide that? The guns? How pathetic!!! What kind of moving forward is that?

To move forward, this is what we need to do.

  1. Have elections.
  2. Get a Democratically elected government in place
  3. Dismantle the Army. It's an institute that got FJ$80 million in last year's budget (given by the SDL no less!!) and they brought all this crap down upon us. To really get rid of the coup culture, get rid of it's incubator in Delainabua.
  4. Prosecute all coup executers, and put them away for a long, long time. Why should George Speight be the only one to pay his dues to society? Rabuka and Bainimarama should also join him. Or are there a different set of rules for soldiers who break the law?

To the liars in the FMF Media Cell, please stop peddling all this rubbish. It's makes you look really stupid. The people of Fiji are far more intelligent than you give them credit for,

God Bless Fiji,
FijianBlack aka Mawdsomething.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rubbing Salt Into The Wound

Ni Sa Bula,

The events unfolding over the last few days have been very interesting.

Firstly, we have the rejection of the visa application made by one Voreqe Bainimarama to enter Italy. Now I wasn't sure whether this meant that ole Frankie is now in the outhouse as far as the Europeans are concerned....then came the news last night that the Sugar subsidies that Chaudry and Co were promising to the cane belt people in the West and the North would not be given until next year, and even that conditional to evidence that real and measurable progress had been made towards returning Fiji to democracy. For good measure, they have also made the prevention of any intimidating utterances by the security forces another condition. See...even the international community see the crap this junta has been spewing. Mahendra, being as idiotic as only he can be, came on the 6pm news to say that now that the PER has been lifted, the money should be coming through soon. Yeah right!!!! and pigs fly!!! How moronic is that??? and this is the type of person who now controls the Government coffers!!! The only consolation I have is that he is not there by the will of the people. How do you like them apples????

Now our neighbours Australia, have, revised their security assessment of our country, and have warned it's citizens intent on visiting our shores of the possibility of "sporadic outbreaks of violence" in and around Suva. The Military, taking their cue from Mr (No) Money Man Mahen, are now clamouring (led by a certain Officer whose shoe size can be seen by the width and depth of his mouth) that the Australian reaction is due to their defeat in the RWC 2007 quater finals. What a bunch of idiots!!!! It's not due to that...it's due to the fact that they perceive Fiji to be unstable and are warning their citizens accordingly!!! That is the duty of any responsible government....oh my mistake...you are neither responsible or a government!!!

Then we have this gem from the newly (sic) appointed Commissioner of Police who in a fit of lunacy, wrote to the Attorney General demanding the removal of Justice Winters and Jitoko from the trial of one Francis Kean....for those of you who haven't been following the plot, this Francis Kean is the brother-in-law of the gentleman whose Italian Visa Application was rejected. His excuse? The fact that the two gentlemen, as non-supporters of the coup, would be biased against Kean. How absurd is that? These are judges with years of experience, professionals who do their job well, and know that whatever decisions they make must stand up to the scrutiny they will inevitably invite. The punch line in all this is that the legal counsel for the accused, presented said letter to the court ....wait for it.....AS EVIDENCE SUPPORTING THEIR SUBMISSION THAT THE JUDGES REMOVE THEMSELVES!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

As if that wasn't enough....Mr. Chaudry again appears on the news telling all and sundry that there will be a tax amnesty for all defaulting taxpayers for a month. Surely, you're not thinking of taking advantage of that month now are you, Mahen?

let me gather my thoughts.....

So we have a "government" whose leader is persona non grata in quite a few countries (Italy, USA, New Zealand, Australia immediately spring to mind), a Money Man who has no money, a Commissioner of Police who is trying to pervert justice, an Army ,who, instead of defending the country is attacking it...sounds like a very bad joke doesn't it?

The sad thing is it's not. It's happening...and it's happening right here in Fiji!!! Here in the island paradise we call home, in the country we all live in and love and hope will again one day be the sort of place we would be proud to bequeath upon our children. We cannot continue like this, we need to stand up and do something.

Will you do something about it?

God Bless Fiji,
FijianBlack AKA Mawdsomething

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How The Truth Can Never Be Hidden

Ni Sa Bula,

The events unfolding over the last few days are another confirmation of the inescapible fact of life - THE TRUTH CAN NEVER BE HIDDEN.

Our boys played out of their skins over the weekend, and together with the Pumas of Argentina, are the big movers in the hierachy of rugby. Their performance brought home a truth that was long buried under layers of doubt, and lack of self belief, the fact that if we put our mind to it, we can be world beaters at this game. Now with the belief within the team and the country, no wonder the 1/4s this weekend is surely one of the most anticipated games Fiji has to play in for a long time.

On the flip side of things, the rejection of Bainimarama's visa by the Italian Govenment surely underlines the fact that he is considered an "undesirable" by that country. As a key member of the EU, and also a party to the Schengen Agreement, this means that other signatories to this agreement would also stop Frankie at their borders. Guess that means watching the World Cup live is a non-option as well, since France is a founding signatory to this.

Another truth that was being buried was the fact that the Constitition of this "little pile of mud" was still in force. That said, it made the coup, the removal of Qarase's government, any changes made by decree to the laws of our nation effectively illegal.....all together now "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" This has come out in the Qarase lawsuit and will be a test case to the legal integrity of this regime. Kinda reduces the junta to the level of petty criminals and thieves. Guess the "great legal minds" in their fold must be practically frothing at the mouth over this development....put a report out on that one Shaista!!!!

Yet another truth that has yet to see the light of day are the identities of the murderers of Verebasaga and Rabaka. While we may never know, there is One who knows, One who sees, One who judges and in the end it will all be revealed.

Now the thing about the truth is that you cannot stop it. You cannot hide it. You cannot defeat it. As Winston Churchill once said “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

Rest assured in the truth that God does not pay at the end of every day.......

God Bless Fiji
Mawdsomething AKA Fijianblack

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Importance of Having the Correct Mindset

Ni Sa Bula,

By now, most of you must be wondering where I've been. Lets just say (for the sake of those snoops from Delainabua who come in here from time to time) that I am somewhere that makes getting online kinda difficult.

However, that has not deterred me from watching Fiji's games on TV!!!! and what a match they played this morning!!! That was one heck of a game, and even better...one HECK OF A RESULT. Of course, if you were a Welshman, you'd disagree with me. But hey...that victory put me is such a good mood that I'm inclinded to let it slide...

It brought home a truth though. The importance of having the correct mindset.

We see it all the time with our champion 7s teams that rule the worldwide scene. Teams actually respect them, they try to avoid them when they can, and when they can't...well we all know and love that situation!!!! I saw it this morning, when a group of valiant young men, halfway across the world, far from home, decided to believe in themselves and actually shook the world.

We saw it when Tonga took the fight to the Springboks. We saw it when Samoa played England. It's the stuff that inspires, the souls of legends. It's what makes people believe, achieve and strive to be better than they are.

And Fiji can be like that. We are better than this piddling, insignificant regime makes us out to be. We don't deserve the crap this junta brings down on us, just like our boys didn't deserve this sort of crap that the Welsh media served them. Guess that's one editor that has his foot in his mouth right about now.

That is what we need to do. We need to have the correct mindset, we need to play with our hearts, with our pride. We need to live in such a way that this regime will end up eating their "jungle boots". We owe this to our children, and their children, and their children's children. Above all, we need to do this together. Individually it cannot be done. Collectively, we cannot be stopped. We need to ,in the words of a cetain Tongan forward, "pring out A-Game to da Springpoks!!!"

Nicky Little summed it up when he succicently said "It just depends whether we are sleeping under the coconut tree or rowing the boat." The question is, are you willing to row this boat? If so...break out your oars and pull.

Congratulations to the boys..and all the best in the 1/4s. I think you will go all the way and take the cup, and this is why. It's a prophecy that's been around for a while now.

God Bless Fiji,
Mawdsomething AKA FijianBlack

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Deserving the Best

Ni Sa Bula,

After watching this evening's Close up , where the regime's Education (sic) Minister was pitted against the President of the Fijian Teachers Association, one of the striking unions, the idea of this post was born.

The Interim Minister, kept on rattling on about his "contingency plan" except when he detoured to rant about how he was an ex-officer (yeah..like that is something to be boast about) and how he always did thing to ensure success. Mr. Koroi ( the FTA President) was, however, calm, collected and evidently more intelligent, a fact borne out by the intellectual answers that he had for questions put to him by the show's host, and the regimes "head teacher".

The interesting point of all this (at least for me) was when Mr. Koroi was "accused" by the Interim Minister of "sabotaging the nation's education system". Now, the answer Mr. Koroi gave was the reason this post is here.

Mr. Koroi stated that his actions are not unequivocal, that he is carrying out the mandate of his members, a mandate that (if memory serves correctly) 79% of his members gave him by secret ballot. This makes him answerable to his members, who have the luxury (yes..in Fiji it is now a luxury) of voting him out if they don't agree with his modus operandi.

Now you have a twit, who along with the other twits in power now, are, to my immense chagrin, running the show. WHO ARE THEY RESPONSIBLE TO? WHO ARE THEY ANSWERABLE TO? If one was to believe Taniela Tabu, and it doesn't require a stretch of the imagination to do so, this government is answerable to the shadowy "Military Council" that is purportedly running this country.

Now, folks.....is this the best Fiji has to offer? Is this the best we can get, to manage the affairs of this nation? Are these people the smartest, the ablest, the wisest we have?

Not by a long shot.

How does being an officer qualify one to become a diplomat? A Commissioner of Police? A Prime Minister? Why should we suffer this outrage....of having substandard personnel running the affairs of this nation?

The difference between Mr. Koroi and Mr. Sukanaivalu brought home a real truth to me...that despite all it's faults, under a democratic system, the cream really does rise to the top. Granted people sometimes get it wrong, but not always, and seldom more than one. The current regime is an glaring example of this. We see their ineptitude in dealing with the strikes, with the sliding economy, with the dwindling tourist numbers, with the flailing sugar industry...the list just goes on and on.....

The real insult in this is that someone, somewhere, had the gall to think that they know what is best for us. The people best suited to choose who our leaders are, are we, the voters of this nation. We know what's best for us...and we know what we deserve. We do not need failed politicians, wannabee ministers, and in-it-for-the-money con artists telling us what we need.

Somebody once said " You can fool all the people some of the time, and you can fool some people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time!"

The time for being fools is over. This time, we need a better government. We deserve a better government. We deserve a government where our choices is reflected in the composition of our MPs. We deserve a chance to really shine. We can. And we will.........it's just a matter of when.

The FTA leadership is doing what it is supposed to do. It is standing up, and fighting for it's members, and protecting their interetst.

This government was not elected by any of us. Whose interests are they protecting?

God Bless Fiji,
Mawdsomething AKA Fijianblack

Monday, July 30, 2007

How Low Can You Go?

Ni Sa Bula,

No..I'm not talking about that congo line..although I wish I was. Seriously!!!

I'm talking about the way this nation we all loave and live in is sinking into the depths of economic, civil and moral depravity. We are now seeing things that were unimaginable, foreign to us just a few short months ago. What a short period of time!!!!

Firstly, we have to put up with crap like this stinker from Jo Koroi, who has put the interests of her party before the welfare of her granddaughter. Shame on you! This is her take on the economy: "...exports were increasing and imports decreasing. Bank interest rates were falling and the sugar industry was on the rebound." How do you like them apples? Especially when the Interim PM is saying that the deteriorating economy is the reason why his government (yes his!!! because it is definitely nobody else's !!!) is the reason why they cannot meet the demands of the nurses. Talk about contradiction!!! CONTRADICTION!!!! The height of hypocrasy, I say.

Then there's the suspension of people like Inoke Devo and Misieli Naivalu. In case any of you forgot, Misieli Naivalu was the same person who put the funeral of his wife on hold to finish conducting the 2006 elections in the North. That is sacrifice, country before self. How someone of that calibre can be accused of being corrupt is beyond me. Imagine the sacrifice this man made, on behalf of the nation? I've said it once, and I'll say it again...the FLP is full of people who are all soured up because they couldn't win the last 2 elections fair and square.

Mr. Langman says ''Even if Naivalu and Devo are not directly involved in the allegations, they are the people at the top and ultimately the hammer will fall on them,'' Thus, by the same logic, wouldn't that make Bainimarama guilty of the deaths of Verebasaga, Rabaka and Malasebe? After all isn't he at the top? Shouldn't the hammer fall on him? After all, while he was not "directly involved" wasn't he at the top when these killings occured? hmmm.....this stinks more and more.

So the nurses are on strike....and it's been declared legal. So why the paycut? Doesn't the law state that if a strike is declared legal, then shouldn't the strikers get their pay? Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place eh??? Go to Calanchini, he just might rule in favour of the strikers...don't go and the strike continues. I'm sooooooglad that decision is not mine to make.

This IG has set the bar impossibly low for the country, and is now trying to force the nation to "congo" under it. The nurses are saying it can't be done. The bloggers are saying it can't be done. The lawyers (well the ones worth their salt anyway) are saying it cannot be done. Anyone with any sense can tell that it can't be done.

The IG is asking "How low can you go?"

How low can you really go?

God Bless Fiji,
Mawdsomething aka Fijiblack

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Things We do for Love....

Ni Sa Bula...

Corny..I know..I know!!!

But hey..think about this for a moment.

Bainimarama,Chaudary, Shaista, Bernie, the whole lot of them, what do they love? Apart from themselves of course!!! They love power!!!They love the fact that now they can tell people to do what they want, when they want and how they want? You want to argue? Driti the enforcer will see that their will becomes your way.

Serevi loves this nation. He has given more than half his life to the services of our country, and has brought glory, fame and honour to our shores in a way that none of us could emulate...and he does this for free.

Some people love their grog. You know the type..the ones that are go wandering off at 2am, looking for another house that is still drinking grog to go and vakatinitini. The kind whose skin is a dead giveaway. The kind whose congregating call is the sound of that "obo", the clanging of the tabili.

Then there's people like me. People who blog. People who are willing to debate this farce that we are now stuck in, and are willing to do so in public. People who speak out. This includes those who write in the Letters to the Editor, those who express their sentiments on air. People like Graham Leung, Shameema Ali. People who, in their own way love this country and are willing to do something to protect her. People who can say what is true and right and must be said, even if there is a risk to one's personal safety.

Now this one is the humdinger...the big kahuna..the million-dollar question.

What do you love?

Do you love Fiji enough to stand up with the rest of us to stand up with us and say "Enough!!!"

Are you willing to speak up and tell this regime that we will tolerate this no longer, that this has gone on long enough, and that we must right the wrongs that are now tearing our nation apart?

Can you?

Will you?

Why don't you?

What do you love? The potential that Fiji has? Or the present that you endure? It's a choice that we must make as individuals, but live out collectively.

Remember...alone you are a drop...but together we are the ocean.

God Bless Fiji,

Monday, July 16, 2007

Once Again Into the Breech....

Dear friends....ni sa bula.

I apologise for being away from this forum for so long. I am no longer in Fiji, and I'm glad that my anonymity worked, or I might be another person stopped at our international airport like Graham , Laisa or Shamima. However, my family still resides there, I still carry the sky blue passport, and I am still proud to be a Fijian.

Now that I am not in Fiji anymore, one can see things more clearly. It's definitely a case of stepping back to look at the big picture...and it is not a pretty one. From outside, Fiji is now a definite member of the Melanesian "Arc of Instability" , the grouping of Melanesian nations that are in various stages of unrest. Mind you, our Polynesian next-door neighbour seems to have caught this virus..with a further extension to their current State of Emergency, the 8th since last year's crisis in Nuku'alofa.

But back to our backyard.

One could go on lamenting the problems that now besiege us. We could spend years around the tanoa talking about this problem, and how it is affecting our country. That is what we have been doing and what we are doing.

The reason we, the people of this nation are suffering is because we, the people allow it. Maybe we hate confrontation. Maybe, we like what this government is doing. Maybe, we fear the repurcussions if we stand up. Maybe, we want to do something, but we don't know how to do it.

We need solutions to our problem. We all know that there is a problem, and we need to solve it, and fast. If we don't, we will be stuck in this conumdrum for a lot longer than we need to be. So put your thinking hats on..and put in your ideas in the comments section. As we keep on harping about democracy, we might as well be democraticatic about the selection of the next course of action. So that means, people, that the most popular idea for resisting this regime wins.

So pound those keys....and let's make them remember.

God Bless Fiji
Mawdsomething AKA Fijianblack

Monday, May 21, 2007

Empowering Fiji’s future “crap detectors”

courtesy of EnufDictatorship..... a suggestion for a long term solution.


“The solution of adult problems tomorrow depends in large measure upon the way our children grow up today. There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing that, when we save children, we save ourselves.”
Margaret Mead

In the past weeks and month, either in Fiji or around the world citizens have in some ways acknowledged and celebrated our children and our youth. In Fiji, celebrations have included clean-up campaigns (the garbage kind), games, mini lectures on community policing, training on developing an understanding of union rights, etc.

We all believe and support the idea that our youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, if we have to consider our current problems as a country, we also have to consider how we are preparing those we believe to be the future leaders of our country. We have to ask ourselves are we providing the best skills, knowledge, characteristics and attitudes that will develop these children and youth into wise, successful and responsible leaders. In short, are we really empowering our children, in order, for them to be able to lead our country to a prosperous future?

No one disputes that education starts from home. On the other hand, we also believe that “it takes a village to educate a child.” To this end, we believe and support the idea that schooling contributes to this education. Therefore, we have built schools where we hope that our children and youth will further develop the necessary lifelong skills, knowledge, characteristics and attitudes they need to prepare themselves for their future whether it be gracing the corridors of parliament, government offices, educational institutions, hospitals, financial institutions or toiling the land and sea. Most importantly to consider as well is that the decisions these youths will make in their future will affect those of us who are currently middle-aged or approaching old age.
Is our school system empowering children and youth?
Ernest Hemingway in one of his early interviews was asked to identify the characteristics required for a person to become a “great writer.” After Hemingway disparaged a few possibilities provided by the frustrated interviewer, the interviewer finally asked, “Isn’t there one essential ingredient that you can identify?” Hemingway replied, “Yes, there is. In order to be a great writer a person must have a built-in, shockproof crap detector.”

As I reflect on the current situation at home, I can honestly say that Fiji has suffered enough “crap” for so long. The “crap” I am referring to here includes all the wrong, inconvenient, intolerable financial, cultural and political mistakes, which have allowed our country to “run down”, to reduce to chaos and uselessness. These include amongst other things nepotism, corruption and coups. Norbert Wiener calls this “entropy.”

I then wonder is the schooling system, which is seen as the second most important institution assisting in the children/youth’s education dynamic, interesting and “new” enough to contribute in the promotion of empowering them to become experts at “crap detecting.” By “crap detecting”, it means “people who have been educated to recognize change, to be sensitive to problems by change, and who have the motivation and courage to sound alarms when entropy accelerates to a dangerous degree.”

How can we empower children then?
When children are empowered, not only are they aware of their freedom but also they develop a will to exercise it, and the intellectual power and perspective to do so effectively. Therefore, our children have to be encouraged to question, question, and question. That is, empower them to be active inquirers and problem solvers.

These questioning skills are developed through inquiry teaching and learning. A review of the methods of teaching currently used in schools and the content should be undertaken. The traditional didactic, textbook only, chalk and board, teacher-knows-all approach should be changed to transformative inquiry, all different sources, teachers-and-students-are-all-learners approach. The content of what to be taught should be relevant, significant and up-to-date.

Children bring into the classroom a wealth of knowledge from their own experiences. These have to be taken into account when teaching them. They are not empty vessels waiting to be filled-up. In addition, beginning from early childhood education (kindergartens), children have to be encouraged to take action. Modest things that are already in place in schools like picking up rubbish, cleaning classrooms, etc have to be extended to school/class/group/individual projects, whereby children research issues that affect them like poverty, illiteracy, truancy, children’s rights, animal rights, health, etc. Then they should make plans to take action in their community either to raise awareness of these issues or to combat them.

Moreover, the development of attitudes like respect, tolerance, empathy, etc and personal characteristics like caring, open-mindedness, etc have to be specifically targeted when teaching academic and non-academic lessons either inside or outside of the classroom boundaries.

Finally yet importantly, parent education have to be encouraged and promoted because after all parents are partners in education.

To conclude, I leave you youths of Fiji with a quote from the late US President Ronald Reagan,
“We (Fiji) need you; we (Fiji) need your youth, your strength and your idealism, to help us make right what is wrong.”

God bless our youths! God bless Fiji!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Keeping Our Eye On The Ball.

Ni Sa Bula,

I know... I know...I didn't post over the weekend. I apologise. I spent the weekend unwinding, and taking a step back to look at everything from another perspective. While doing this, something jumped out at me, something that I think needs to be brought to the nation's attention.

Lately, the news has been filled with items about the attempts to block the blogs, of blogs being hacked, of blogs being moved and of blogs being, well....blogs. The FHRC has also jumped on the IG anti-blog bandwagon, claiming that blog posts are in violation of the Constitution. Guess what Shameem...... your entire Government is in violation of the Constitution. Also what do you make of this sort of comment from one Mahendra Chaudry?

"We did not have a culture of rigged elections in Fiji before Qarase,"

Doesn't this "damage the reputation, dignity, privacy, or rights and freedoms of other individuals" and shouldn't you also prosecute Mahen for making this sort of allegation in the media? If you prosecute him, and hold him in a cell for saying the things he has said about the electoral process, then in our view, you would be qualified to make statements about the things we are saying. At the moment, you are nothing more that the IG's lapdog, barking from behind it's skirts. Please focus on your efforts to prosecute the murderers of Rabaka and Verebasaga, so that their families can find closure and peace.

Of course, I haven't said anything about the elephant in the room....your idol, the Interim Government, who is by far, the largest damager of human rights, reputation, dignity and freedom of the citizens of this nation. They have killed, tortured, detained, hurt, slandered and maimed innocent people, and they try to sell this to us in the name of a "clean-up"!!!! What lies!!! What an insult to our intelligence!!!! What a total load of crap!!!!

Please tell your masters, Shaista...to shut their mouths. We are tired of their lies.

Another favourite lie of the IG is the claim that the economy was going down under the leadership of the deposed Government.

Can anyone tell me, if the economy was really on the slide, why would there be high-rise buildings sprouting all over Suva? How ironic that the FHRC is housed in one of these? Would there be multi-million hotel developments in the west, and the north? The backlog of $2.6 billion worth of tourism-related projects is another indicator of the fact that investors had confidence in Fiji's economy, that they saw it as a worthwhile place to invest their money. We also saw sporting events for the region like the SPG 2003 being hosted in Fiji. Even sports like sailing, power-lifting and netball had selected Fiji as the venue of their respective world meets. All that came to a sudden and definite stop with the greedy, inconsiderate power grab of a small group of narrow-minded, unforgiving men and women, who in one fell swoop, took us back to a place we had turned our backs on 3 times in the past.

Bainimarama and his cultish followers still harp on about the events of 2000. I guess for all their fasting and praying, the FMF has not learnt the simple Christian truth, that unless you forgive, God will not forgive you. They are also trying their utmost to distort the truth. Thank God that we have blogs, where each of us can, with a little time and dedication, broadcast our views to the world. The worst part of it is that within their ranks are the children of the late Rt. Mara. The fact that his son and daughters are involved with the FMF makes me wonder if they are that guillible, that they cannot see that Bainimarama was the one who removed their Ratu from the Presidency. He could have backed the old man on the hill, and stood by him when the chips were down in 2000. That the children of one of Fiji's greatest statesman (I do not wish to dive into the allegations relating his ancestry, his modus operandi...I will stick to the verified facts of his life) are in arms with the architect of his demise, speaks volumes of their gullibility, and their greed. I prefer to think that they are just guilible, because the alternative is too horrifying to consider. To imagine that they are guilty of patricide is a path I do not wish to take because that is what they are guilty of, if they know exactly what Bainimarama did on the naval ship in the Suva harbour during the 2000 crisis. If my own father was in that position, I would move heaven and earth to get to his aid. If I commanded the largest regiment in the FMF, trust me, there would be blood spilt before I let anyone do those things to my Ratu, especially if he represented law and order. But that is just my opinion....

Now this one just got me all tied up on knots, I couldn't stop laughing at the irony of it. Read the following line, that has been replicated in countless media outlets all over the world.

"the anonymous blogger known as Fijian Black"

I am FijianBlack. I am not anonymous. I have a name, an online presence, and the world at large can read and see my views whenever they so desire. That is not anonymity. The fact that my online persona cannot be linked with my physical being is a result of the situation we face in Fiji. We are threatened with acts that anyone who retains his/her sanity would not want to be subjected to. They killed Sakiusa Rabaka on the suspicion of his involvement in marijuana smoking. Imagine what they will do to me, and my family!!!! While I have considered this, and now believe that it is more costly to me to stay silent, that I must speak out, believe me, I put myself, and my family on the line every time I post. I believe, however, that Fiji is worth the sacrifice, that the hope that we can rise out of this quagmire, and become great again, and take our place in the echelon of civilized nations will one day come true.

So I blog. We blog. We are doing what we are supposed to be doing. We are doing what the FHRC, the Judiciary, the Government should be doing. We are looking out for the rights, the dignity, the freedom, of the people of Fiji. We bring to the world's attention, the failures, the flaws, the mistakes of this regime that is illegally ruling over this nation, oppressing it's people, and riding roughshod over their will.

And that must be our focus. We must focus on the weaknesses, the shortcomings, the failures of this regime. The single, largest shortcoming of this regime is that it is illegal. Why do they need the guns, if they are certain of their legitimacy? Why have they taken over all arms of the Forces, of the various branches and agencies of Government, if they were sure that what they are doing is right? Why are they scared of having elections? WHY??????

We must ask these questions. We must probe, and dig, for unless we see things as they truly are, and not as this IG says it is, we will never heal our nation. And our children will be doomed to repeat our mistakes, because we were too lazy to learn from them.

God Bless Fiji,

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On the run....

Ni Sa Bula.....

This is just a quick post, I want to focus on an issue that has vaunted to the fore of the country's current obsession with all things IT.


I recommend using this browser for surfing, especially when you don't what you-know-who peaking into your stuff. It's currently the best out there, in terms of security...it's what I use to stay ahead of the junta's hunters... while the access speed might be slower than you are used to, it's far more preferable than having to achieve high land speeds at the "high vielt" at Delainabua LOL.

Oh and welcome back Ms Vakaivosavosa....good to see that you've rejoined this fight.

I leave you now with this gem...to whet your appetites for the next post later today.....

Luke 3:14 (New International Version)

Then some soldiers asked him, "And what should we do?"
He replied, "Don't extort money and don't accuse people falsely—be content with your pay."

God Bless Fiji,

Journalists, Bloggers, Supporters and Hackers.

Ni sa Bula,

It's another day in paradise fallen. This started with the radio announcements that the military had information on 20 bloggers and that they were going to be rounded up. I have to admit that this news put dampers on posting yesterday today, as from monitoring the blogs, I noted that the posting activity was muted, when compared to other days. Of course, I made sure I didn't wear my qaraqara underwear, just in case the idiots actually grew half a brain, and yours truly was required to do the "swimsuit" at QEB...red herring:wouldn't gowing half a brain be a multiplying effect in total brain capacity?

In hindsight, I was wrong again. The army got it wrong, so wrong that one can end up with a false sense of security, so fellow bloggers...beware. As the army now considers an email as evidence, and have accused Mr. Taoi of being one of us...I feel the need to explain these matters to you, Leweni.


Emails are the internet eqiuvalent of letters. You write, you send, the other person receives.

An email is not a blog.
An email is not a blog.
An email is not a blog.
An email is not a blog.


Blogs are the contraction of the term weblog, a term that is used to describe the plethora (that means excess, many ...tum jahno Leweni?) of personal sites that carry things like recipes, rants, opinions etc. Blogs are opinion Leweni. That means that in my opinion, I think you and the rest of your lot now posing as officers, and the IG to boot are idiots...in my opinion.

In my opinion, what you are doing is wrong. The IG is really damaging Fiji, and people like Chaudry, Khaiyum, and the rest of you are just greedy little-minded opportunists who are reallyin this for yourselves. In my opinion.

I also find it hilarious that you think that the blogs, and the internet in general needs to be governed. Doesn't it just rub you all the wrong way, to think that there is a channel whereby people in Fiji, ordinary civilians can have their say, and be heard by the masses, and you have absolutely no control over it. NONE WHATSOEVER!!!!! Guess you just met your match, and now because you can't handle the pressure, you want to pull the plug on us...it's getting boring Neumi (yawn) it's just like how you ended your interview with the ABC's Bruce Hill. (to anyone whose vocabulary that excludes "aahh"..listen to the interview, especially when Leweni "loses" it and slams the phone on Bruce for a really belly-aching, frame-shaking laugh)

You also claim, along with that lady Ms. Foster that we are not accountable. We are more accountable, because while we can write whatever we please (hey so can you Ms. Forster, and don't shovel that "holier than thou" crap this way)...you know that you can write whatever you want, which is what we are saying. The bottom line is that if you write crap, nobody would read it, but if your writing is relevant, it conveys a message, it says what people want to hear, then people will read it. Come to think about it, that's probably why none of you ever tried to start your own blog...if you did, the only visitor to the site would be the poster..LOL. Like in the mainstream media (which considering the effect the blogs are not having on Fiji, might just be the blogs), it's all about the message. In this world of nibbles, bits and bytes, the only thing that matters is the message. Your name, your reputation, your backing, all means jack...the only thing that carries any weight is what you have to say. As Fiji wants to hear what we have to say, guess that's why you are all up in a tiff, trying to find me....

Now we have the lady herself, Ro Teimumu saying that we are merely expressing our right to have our when we write. Personally, I'm really stoked that someone of her calibre reads and notices what we write....along with Mr. Taoi. Doesn't that sort of audience mean that we are doing something right?

Or does one need a green uniform, a crew-cut and a moustache to qualify for that perk? You can claim that this should be governed by the media code, that we should be held responsible, that we are not answerable for what we say...the bottom line is, and I'm going to make this so simple that even you can understand...is that we are saying what everyone is thinking. Except you of course...go on hug, that gun...I know the smooth gun-metal finish really makes you feel secure.

New blogs are now sprouting all over the web... check these new recruits out!!!


And for those of you intending to start your own please read this post...on how to blog anonymously and safely.


Now for those of you who are chaffing at RFC's disappearance, word is that the IG hired hackers in Bangalore to lodge a complaint with Blogger, about the comments in the posts. According to the policy Blogger has, some comments have fallen foul of the law and have been removed. People...please keep you comments decent because if you don't, then the blogsite you comment on will be neutered like RFC has been. Go to their blog and try to comment...to see what I'm getting at. While most of you are silent supporters, this is how you can help us, and the cause.
(Note to self...must really keep my eyes on the comments now.)

Also to fellow blogs...mirror your sites. Tell everyone of your mirror...i.e. a site that reflects the original site's content. I will post the link to my mirror once I get everything reflected.

Good manners people..that is what we were known for...good manners. So don't stoop to the level of the goons, stay ahead of them, don't concede the moral high ground to them. Be polite, because a caustic wit wounds more that swearing sludging that manifests itself on "certain" blogs.

So stay safe, blog smart, and fight the good fight. Be good now...

God Bless Fiji,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tamani Kila Leca...Ooops....

Ni Sa Bula,

It's seems that I am, once again, popular with the eager-beavers at Nabua. So much so, that now innocent people are being interogated, tortured and detained, in their zeal to get me.

To Mr. Taoi and family, I apologise from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will accept this apology in the spirit that it is given, and that you will forgive me. I did not intend for anyone to get hurt, and I hope that you are the last. I admire your courage to come out in public, and hope that you will be the first and the last to go through this.

To the military, all I can say is that, you should get your facts right. Do any of you even read the posts I write, or do you work yourselves into a saliva-dribbling, mouth-frothing frenzy by gossiping about what you think you know about what I post? Do you even understand what I write? I'd really, really hate to think that my posts need to be toned down, so that you can comprehend (read understand) what I am saying about you, and your way of doing things.

I do not agree with how you do things. I think you have no respect for the sanctity of a human being, and that your minds are dulled and twisted and absolutely corrupted by the power you think you wield. If you would only, stop, and think and remember, the values I'm sure your own parents espoused, you would realise that the actions you have been taking ( some of you anyway) are wrong.

You accuse me of trying to make you look bad, of trying to "discredit" you. I do nothing of the sort!!!! Trust me, you are doing that all on your own, and you are doing it far, far better than any of us could. Flies congregate on whatever comes out of your mouth, and you should not be surprised that nobody in Fiji believes the lies that you spew daily. Even your most ardent supporters cannot defend your actions anymore, because what you have done, what you are doing, and what you are proposing to do, is not right, it is not fair, and it is only a matter of time before the nation itself rises up against you and deposes you. It will be "do unto others" for you, and God help you when that day dawns.

The power afforded to you via the Constitution, and the people of Fij has corrupted you. You are now the country's worst enemies, when you should be it's staunchest defenders.You act like you are the lords of this nation, when you are really the servants of the people. You take the lives of the nation's civilians, when you should be giving your own for the very lives you are prematurely terminating. You take people in, detain them and interogate them, because you cannot handle the criticism. If you can't take the complaints, you really should have left the governing of the nation to people chosen by the masses to govern us.

The blogs, the dissent, the complaints, the travel bans, the sanctions....these are all symptoms of the real problem. The reason these things are happening is because you think you know what is best for Fiji, and we don't. You are no respecter for the law, for due process, for the right and proper way of doing things. Because you have the guns, you think whatever you say is right.

If you return Fiji to it's people, and go back to what you were really called to do, and you stop meddling in places where you are not supposed to be, then maybe, just maybe, we can all move forward. Not the moving forward that you are fond of proclaiming, but a real moving forward, one where we all move forward hand in hand, for the betterment of this nation.

So think about it. Sleep on it. Pray about it. Because the ball is in your court, and has always been, and it is your decision, ultimately, what happens to Fiji in the future.

God Bless Fiji,

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Crap We Put With...

Ni Sa Bula,
After a brief halyconian period, which now, upon reflection seems like the lull before an impending storm, the illegal regime that has infected this nation has picked up the pace again, with a vengence....it now a case of "once more into the breach, dear friends" for those of us who detest this governing parasite.
Governing parasite.
That is the only way one can really view this regime. Unlike the symbiotic relationships that abound in nature, and are found to be mutually beneficial the world over, this regime is a parasite, sucking the life out of our beloved nation.The unfolding "happenings" over the last few days are, if they were not the reality that is now Fiji, a comical farce. It's almost as if these things were scripted as Hollywood does in it's blockbuster thrillers, a plot that is intended to keep you on the edge of your seats. Literally on the edge of your seats.
The head "wanna-be-bean-counter" opened things with the allegations that the 2006 elections were rigged. No suprise that the sacked Elections supervisor, Mr. Semesa Karavaki, was quick and vigirous to defend the elections, and deny all accusations made. Let's step back and take a good, long, hard look at that.
The elections was contested by quite a few parties, of which the SDL and the FLP were the two top contenders. Now the claim being made is that around 1.9 million ballot papers were printed, while only 800,000 odd votes were cast. The conclusion being drawn by Mr. Chaudry is that as there were so many ballot papers printed, and there are over 650,000 "unaccounted" ballot papers, the missing papers must have been stuffed into ballot boxes to rig the elections.
Firstly, any lawyer worth his/her salt would realise that missing ballot papers a rigged election it does not make. While Mr. Karavaki should come up with an explanation for the papers, no one should jump to the conclusion that the missing ballot papers were stuffed into the ballot boxes. Incidently, Mr. Karavaki has answered that question, saying that all papers were at the Elections Office in Suva, when he was unceremoniously kicked out. He also asserts that if there was any destruction of the papers, this would have happened AFTER he was removed from office. Serve and volleyed.
Secondly, Mr. Chaudry claims that there was collusion on parties on a massive scale. If this is the case, to my feeble way of thinking, there must be people out there, who have first hand knowledge of what happened. I'm sure that if there really was, by now, there would have been a witness. And BTW...Peter Forster does not make a credible witness. Doesn't his resume say "international conman"? Also collusions on that scale would mean that the police, the Civil Servants, the International and Local Observer Groups (Commonwealth, UN, Forum, USP) and definitely the media were all duped on a massive scale. Sorry, Mahen, this allegations puts you in the league of the Area 51/Agent Mulder conspiracy theory lovers, who, now come to think of it, might have more going for them than you do.
The claims are given verbally, with no evidence being produced to back the allegations. The Elections Observers produced a report each, stating that the elections in Fij were free and fair. While there were problems picked up in the report, the overall assessment of the elections was that the results reflected the will of the people. I think Mahen, you overlooked that little fact when you overthrew the elected Government. Who knows...maybe you stuffed the ballot boxes back in 1999, and got into power, because you seem to know so much about...well...stuff.
Now this idiot posing as a Finance Minister is claiming in a letter to today's Fiji Times, that the issue here is the 650,00 missing ballot papers, that are still missing now. Why is that an issue Mahen? You planning to stuff some ballot boxes now? The elections are over, and now the matter of missing ballot papers are a non-issue.
When you look at the elections results on wikipedia (I don't trust the results maintained by the Elections Office website anymore) it shows that had the FLP, NAP, NFP really ganged up on the SDL, they would have beaten them. Also, how come the SDL didn't win any Indian communal seats? You'd think that they would have won a few, if they stuffed the ballot boxes. The clincher in this is that the investigations were conducted by Chaudry's appointees, on Chaudry's watch, with Chaudry overseeing the whole thing. What a total load of crap!!!! There is no way in the world that investigation is independant, and fair. Game,set and match Karavaki!!!!
Moving on....
The last few days have seen people like ASP Josaia Rasiga being held at QEB. You read, UN/EU. Hold the dosh...this regime is as likely to buy guns as they are to stuff their pockets with your cash if you send it over. The poor cane farmers will never see a cent of that money...I guarantee you that.
The last few days have also seen the economic doom voices grow louder and louder. Hey... I TOLD YOU SO!!! Then we have the fanatical coup supporters who are claiming that this is part of a cycle, and that in 2-3 years time, the economy will be booming. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!! This is not part of any cycle, unless you refer to the coup cycle. Then there is the camp that is claiming that the FLP was the best Government because they were the only Government who produced a surplus.
Thing about that one. If a Government produces a surplus, then it spent less than it received. If that was the can, WHY DID WE PAY THE EXTRA TAX DOLLARS? I pay my taxes and I expect it to be spend by whatever Government is in power to build roads, wharves, airports, hospitals, schools, give sholarships, and generally build up the economy. If they save money, then I expect to see lower tax rates the next year, because the Government proved that they don't need the extra money.
Then there's the matter of the military trying to shut us down. Us being the bloggers. How rude!!!! Guess you are not all for freedom of speech, especially if it impinges on your "freedom" with the ladies. I guess "Dr." Suresh never did get around to giving you the meaning of that word UBIQUITOUS Leweni? Seeing as that none of you grasp the implications of this step you intend to implement.
Well, seeing as you still don't understand the nature of the web...let me simplify it for you so that you can grasp the concept of this modern marvel of telecommunications technology.
The web is like the coconut wireless (you do know what that is don't you? If you don't...) on steriods...think virtual William Ryder. It's all over the place. Once this thing gets hold of anything ANYONE IN THE WORLD WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION can read it.
You might block one site. It will just move to another, or people will use free downloadable software to bypass your blocks that you force FINTEL to place. Yes, you can download such software FOC. If they move sites, you will have to keep track of this full time. It is an exercise in futility (go Leweni...work that dictionary!!!) because you don't have the resources to keep tracking these things full time. Also, people email these things to everyone they can. They are also printed and hard-copies are distrubuted and have been found in places like Lau, Kadavu and Rotuma. So if you think you can shut this down, by trying to attack this, you have just (again) increased the visibility of these blogs. Guess you still haven't figured it out, have you?
It always gets out. Your guns, your threats, your decrees are all useless. So stop. Go home. And give Fiji back to the real owners...it's people. We have had enough of you.
God Bless Fiji,mawdsomething

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Noda Bula Vaka i Taukei

Ni Sa Bula,

Ni sa tiko na turaga kei na marama bale ni noda vanua, ni tiko talega na turaga kei na marama ni noda vanua ni dau wilika na bulago e dau volai tu e na tikina oqo. E na siga edaidai, au sa nanuma meu volavola yani kivei kemuni na noda e na vuku ni vica na ka bibi e dodonu me da vakasamataka, ka veivosakitaka, va vakauasivi cake, meda vakayacora na kawa i Taukei e da sa bula donua tiko na gauna oqo e Viti.

Me vaka e da sa kila vinaka, e ratou mai taura vakailoa na ulu ni veiliutaki ni noda vanua na noda mataivalu e na i ka 5 ni Tiseba, 2006. E dina, sa yaco oti e na noda vanua na mataqali cakacaka dukadukali vakaoqo, io e sega ni vakataratutu ni sebera ni vakayacori vei keda na i Taukei na veika sa yaco tu mai na ka 5 ni Tiseba ka yacova mai na siga edaidai. Na kena mai kovei na veiliutaki, se e na kena yaca vaka Peritania na coup-de-tar, sa mai vakabasikata e vica sara na ka lelevu e na noda vanua lomani oqo.

E sa mai votu kina na kena sa sega ni rokovi, se dinati na noda veiliutaki na i Taukei e na noda vanua. Na matanitu nei Laisenia Qarase, e rawata na qaqa e na veidigidigi ni Me, 2006, ka rawata na qaqa oqo e na noda veitokoni na i Taukei ki na nona soqosoqo ni SDL. Na kena mai kovei na nodratou veiliutaki, sa mai muduka dole talega na kena sasaga taka tiko na matanitu vakasivoi (o ya na SDL) e vica na yavu ni vakavulewa lelevu kei na i tuvatuva, e ratou bulia me toroi keda cake na i Taukei. Oqori na Qoliqoli Bill, na Land Claims Tribunal, kei na kena suka na qele boro damudamu kivei keda na volai tu e na i Vola ni Kawa Bula ni noda vanua. E dodonu me wili talega kina na nodratou sasaga me vakavoui na tabana ni suka e na noda vanua. E dina ni ra wiliwili ni wase levu ni dauteidovu na Idia, ia era lisi taka tu e dua na i wase levu ni qele ni Taukei, ka sa mai oti tiko yani na lisi oqo, ni ra sega ni via vakavouia na nodra lisi. E na yavu ni vakavulewa e bula tiko edaidai ka lewa na veika vakaoqo (na ALTA) e sega ni rawarawa se vinaka na vei keda na vinakata me lisi taki na noda qele, na vei yavu e soli kina na noda qele. Oqo talega na ka e ratou a saga e na nodratou i gu me ratou vakavinakataka na SDL, ka sa mai tiniya koso o Bainimarama.

Na noda Bose Levu Vakaturaga talega e sa mai vakacegui tu vakawawa e na liga ni matanitu oqo. E da kila vinaka na i Taukei na tiki ni Vola Tabu e tukuna tiko vei keda, ni "...o ira na turaga e ra sai mai vua na Kalou." E na gauna oqo, baleta beka ni da sa mai vulica, ka bula taka na bula vaka Vavalagi, ka sa veiwaki kei na noda i tovo dina vakavanua, e sa basika talega kina vei keda e levu na kudru, kei na valagusugusu, kei na veisaqasaqa kei ira na noda Turaga. E votu mai vei au e na noqu vola tiko yani na i vola oqo, na nona vosataka na Gone Turaga na Tui Namosi e dua ga na gone ni Namosi e sa bau vakaitutu tu e na noda mataivalu. Ia e sega ni dodonu me da dusi koya ga kina na gone ni Namosi oqo, ni sa yaco tu e na veiyasai Viti na ka oqo. Na nodratou sa mai taura na nodratou i vola na noda turaga kei na marama bale e sa kena i cavacava ga.

E dodonu me vakaraitaki talega yani vakasavasava kivei kemuni na noda turaga/marama bale, ni vuqa talega vei kemuni sa rokataka tiko ni i tovo ni bula e sega ni sureta na veidokai ki na nomuni i tutu vakaturaga. Sa levu vei kemuni na lasu, kei na veibaleyaki, kei na butubuturua. Au sega ni tukuna tiko ni ko ni vaka kece tu ko ya. Na nomuni vakasuka na vakatutu ni IG me baleta na i tutu ni vukevuke ni Peresitedi, e dua na gauna ko ni tu kina vakadodonu, ka tukuna na dina. oqo e dua na gauna ko ni maroroi Viti kina, ka sa lewe vuqa vei keimami, na nomuni lewe ni vanua, e keimami sakitaka na ka ko ni cakava mai Draunibota e na siga ko ya. Kevaka e vaka tu o ya na i tovo ni nomuni veiliutaki na noda turaga/marama bale, au sega ni vakabekataka ni na levu vei keimami na nomuni dui lewenivanua, keimami na rokovi kemuni vakalevu, ka muri kemuni, ka via colata na nomuni kaci. Ni sa na vakila ni sa sega ni mana tiko mai na nomuni veiliutaki e vuqa vei kemuni. E vuna ga oqori ni ko ni sa sega ni dina. Na dina e vu mai vua na Kalou. E vakatokai na Yalo Tabu ni Kalou, me vu-ni-dina. Na tevoro e daulasulasu, ka tamadra talega na daulasu. kevaka e sega ni dina na nomuni veiliutaki, e na tu saqaki kemuni o Jiova, ni sega ni dau totaka na lasu o koya. Kevaka e na dina na nomuni lewa, kei na nomuni veiliutaki, o ni na qai raica ni sa totaki kemuni na noda Kalou. Kevaka e sa nomuni i to ko Jiova, o cei me na kemuni meca?

Sa tekivu me ra vosa cake talega mai na dau tokona tu na veivakaduiduitaki vakakawatamata, ka ra sa doudou me ra vakasikaweli ka dusi ira na duikaikai eda sa mai bula vata tu e Viti edaidai. Oqo e sega ni ka vou, ia au via dusia vei kemuni na kena cala, ka sega ni vinaka na cakacaka oqo, kei na vanua e na tinimaki keda kina, kevaka e da sa muria na gaunisala oqo. Na veivakaduiduitaki vakakawatamata, e yavu ni nodra vakamatei ni Jiu e na i karua ni valu levu. E yavu ni nodra butuki sobu o ira ka kai Sauca Aferika. E yavu ni kena tauri vakailoa na nodra qele na Aborigines, na Maori, na Kai Idia ni Mereke, na kai Hawaii, kei na vuqa tale na i Taukei ni veimatanitu e na veiyasaivuravura. E sega ni sala vata na i vakarau oqo kei na i vakavuvuli no noda Turaga, ni a kaya " Dou veilomai" ka kaya talega "Dou lomani ira na nomudou meca, vosavinaka vei ira sa rukaki kemudou, caka vinaka vei ira sa cati kemudou, ka masulaki ira sa vakalialiaikemudou, ka vakacacani kemudou." E sa sega ni rau sala vata na noda i tovo, kei na noda vakabauta, kei na veika e da dau tukuna me baleta na duikaikai era tu e Viti.

Oqo talega e kena i ubi ni noda malumalumi na i Taukei. E sa matau vei keda me da dau dusia na ndra malumalumu na tani, ka sega mada ni da bau kauta laivi na kau mai matada e liu. E dodonu talega vei keda na lewe ni veidelaniyavu vakaturaga e Viti, me da dikevi keda mada vakavinaka, ka raica na noda i tovo, na nanuma ni lomada, kei na i rai ni matada, ke rau salavata kei na i vakavuvuli ni noda Turaga se sega. Au kila ni sega, baleta ke rau dau salamuria tu na veika e tukuna na Turaga, na veika e ra dau rogo kina o ira na noda qase era sa bale yani, ke sega ni da mai sotava tu na leqa levu e da sa sotava tu e na noda vanua. Sa sega ga ni cala na Vosa ni Kalou, ni da na tamusuka dina ga na ka e da tea.

Io, na cava me da cakava? Se, na cava e rawa ni da cakava me da vorata kina na ca sa votu mamaca tu oqo e Viti?

Au kila ni sa levu vei keda e vakataroga tu, ka veitalanoataka, ka vakasamataka vakatitobu na veika oqo. E rawa ni da cakava e dua na ka me da veisau taka na noda i lakolako!!!! E rawa ni da vueti Viti tale!!! E rawa ni da vakavinakataka na vei ka sa ca!!!! E rawa ni da tara vou tale na bai ni noda vanua, me da kua ni rogo ca tiko!!!!

Oqo na veika e dodonu me da cakava.

1. Me da yavala.

E sa rui levu na vakasavuliga vei keda. Sa mai matau tu oqo vei keda me da waraka tale e dua me cakava vei keda na veika e da kila tu e na vu ni yaloda, ni dodonu me da cakava. O ira na noda turaga/marama bale e ra sa duri, ka yavala, ka tusaqata ni matanitu e sa cici tiko vakailoa oqo. E ra sa cakava o ira na nodra i tavi. Sa qai vo o keda.

Na cava me da cakava? Me da vosa cake, ka me da tukuga ni da sega ni duavata kei na i tosotoso e da sa lakova tiko oqo. Me da volavola e na pepa, ka vakaraitaka kina na noda kudru. Me da vosa vei ira na wekada, vei ira na noda veikilai, ka duavata e na kena saqati na i golegole ki na rusa e da sa muria tiko edaidai. Me da vosa e na na noda bose-ni-mataqali, na noda bose-ni-koro, na bose-ni-yavusa, na bose-ni-tikina, na bose-ni-yasana, na bose-ni-lotu. Me da vakaraitaka vakadodonu, e na loloma ni da sega ni duavata kei na veika sa caka tu e Viti edaidai.

Au kila ni na sega ni ka rawarawa oqo. E na vuqa vei kemuni, na via rere, ka vatatitiqa, va na levu sara na veiwaraki. E dua na turaga sa volavola tiko e na Fiji Times e na noa, ka sa tekivu me vakaraitaka na nona kudru. O ya e dua na turaga tagane!!! Kevaka e da na vaka ko ya, au sega ni vakabeka taka ni da na vakagolea na noda i lakolako oqo, ka lesu tale ki na tiko vinaka e da vinakata kece tu.

Mo ni yavala na lewei Viti. E ra sa duri tu na noda turaga, ia sa i vei o ira na nodra tamata? E liu, e ra dau sega ni dau liu ki nai valu na turaga, e ra dau taqomaki, ka ra dau liu ga na bati. Oqo, sa ra valataki keda tiko na turaga/marama bale, ia sa da qai sarasara tu ga o keda ni nodra tamata. Me da tokoni ira, ka tucake, ka saqata na veibuturaki sobu e sa caka tiko vei keda. Ni tukuga ma na nomuni kudru. Ni vola ki na vei pepa e ra dau tabaka na nodra i vola na lewenivanua (Letters to the Editor). Ni kakua ni vosa galugalu ga, ni vosa me matata, me rogo, baleta sa dodonu me da vakayacora na ka oqo me vinaka tale kina o Viti.

2. Me da lotu.

Sa dodonu me da lotu vakayalo, ka vakaidina. E sega ni lotu walega na masu, kei na wili Vola Tabu, kei na lakova na vei soqo ni lotu eso. E tiki talega ni lotu, na noda qarava e na yalo dina na noda i tavi, na i tavi sa lesia vei keda na Kalou. E dodonu me da vosa, ke sa soli vei keda me da vosa, ka vakarorogo, kevaka e noda i votavota na vakarorogo. E dodonu me da cakacaka vakagumatua, ka me da kakua ni rere. Na veika kece oqo e ra tiki ni lotu, ka sa sega ni yaga walega me da masu. Au sega ni kaya tiko ni ca na masu, ia sa dodonu me da masu, ka tara tiko na bai ni noda vanua, me vaka e ra cakava na Isireli e na gauna nei Nemaia.

E dodonu me da dulaka vua na Kalou na noda leqa. Me da kua ni wele, baleta na wele e nona i yaragi na vu-ni-ca, ka dau vakaleqai keda kina. O kemuni na i talatala i Karisito, e dodonu mo ni wasea vakadodonu na Vosa ni Kalou, ka vunauca na ca kecega. Ni kakua ni leqataka kevaka e sega ni ciqomi na nomuni i tukutuku, baleta o ira era sega ni rogoca na dina ni Kalou ko ni na tukuna, era sa sega ni besetaki kemuni, era sa besetaki Jiova tiko!!! E soli ga vei kemuni mo ni tukuna na dina ni Kalou e na loloma, e sega ni solia vei kemuni na Kalou mo ni ciqomi vei ira kecega era rogoca na nomuni i tukutuku. Na vakatulewa ko ya sa nodra yadudua ka na tamata.

3. Me da veilomani.

Na noda vanua sa yali sara kina vakatotolo na veilomani. E da sa veidusi, e da sa veikaseti, e da sa veikati. Oqo na i tovo era sa biuta na noda qase, e na gauna e ra sa ciqoma kina na lotu. E dodonu me da biuta talega vakakina o keda na luvei Viti edaidai. Na kena sa sega ni kune na veilomani, sa vakavuna e levu na leqa e na keda maliwa. Sa da raica na veilabati, na kucu, na veisei, na veileti, na butako, na veibeitakivakailasu...na ka kecega oqo sa vu ga mai ni da sega ni veilomani.

Sa dodonu me da veilomani. Lomani ira e ra tu wavoliti iko. Vosa vinaka vei ira, nanumi ira e na veika kece o dau vakayacora. Raici ira na malumalumu, na tauvimate, na vakaleqai. Kevaka e da sega ni dau nanumi ira, e da na leqa kecega, ka da na ka ni veiwali vei ira e ra vakanuinui tu ni na rusa ni kawa i Taukei. kevaka talega e da na veilomani, e da na vakamaduataki ira e ra dau dusi keda, ka beitaki keda e na veika e so, ni ra na raica na nodra lomaca vei keda, kei na noda lomavinaka vei ira, sa ra na qai madua, ka dro tani e matada.

4. Me da duavata.

Sa levu sara na noda tatawasewase. E da sa mai tawase e na yavu ni vakabauta, e na veiyasana e da dui cavutu mai kina, e na duidui ni noda rawa ka. E sega ni dodonu na noda mai wasewasei keda tu vakaoqo na i Taukei. E dodonu me da duavata. Na veika e dau wasei keda, e dodonu me da raica vakayalomatua, ka walia, e na rarama ni Vosa ni Kalou, kei na yalo e veilomani, me rawa kina ni da toso ki liu.

Kevaka e da tawase tiko, e sa na qai rawarawa sara na nodra vakayacora na nodra i le o ira e ra vinakata tu me ra rawai keda, ka taura na veika sa noda. Ni da duavata, se na sega ni da rawati rawa. Oqo ni vuna e ra sa dau saga tu kina o ira na via rawai keda me da veileti, ka veikati vaka i keda ga, baleta ni sa dau vakamalumalumutaki keda sara vakalevu.

Sa dodonu me da duavata, me cakacakavata, ka me biulaivi na ca e na keda maliwa. Ni da na duavata, ka tukuna na noda sega ni taleitaka na veika sa vakayacori tiko e Viti edaidai, eda na vakasuka na cala sa mai tavuloni keda tu, ka na lesu tale mai vei keda na veigauna vinaka e da dau raica e na veigauna sa oti yani.

5. Me da yadrayadravaki.

E sa levu mai na ka e tubu tiko me yavalati keda, me sagai keda, me vakarusai keda. Kevaka eda na sega ni yadrava na noda bula, na noda i tovo, na noda vanua, e na vakacava beka na i tuvaki kei Viti e da na biuta tu mai vei ira na luveda era na muri keda mai? Na noda dau wele, kei na noda sega ni yadrava tiko vakavinaka na veika e dau yaco e na noda vanua, sa vu ni leqa talega edaidai. Sa dodonu me da yadrava na noda vanua, ka vuli, me da kakua ni rawai tale vaka oqo. O Viti e na bula walega kevaka e da na yadravi koya, ka karoni koya. Oqo sa i tavi taucoko ni luvei Viti, ka sega ni nodra i colacola vakatabakidua ga e vica.

Sa dodonu me da veisau na kawa i Taukei, baleta ni sa veisau na vuravura e da sa bula tiko kina edaidai. Sa dodonu me da tu e na sala ka vakaraica na noda i lakolako makawa, ka taura matua na veika vinaka, ka vakavinakataka se veisautaka na veika ca. Kevaka e da sega ni vakayacora na veika oqo, e da na sega ni bula marau e na noda vanua, ka ra na sa vakaloloma o ira na noda kawa e ra sa muri keda tiko mai. Sa dodonu me da rai vakavuku, ka digia na sala e ra na vinaka kina o ira na noda i taba tamata e ra sa bera ni cadra mai. Me vaka na nodra dau digitaka o ira na noda qase me ra vakasaqara na vauna vovou me ra laki tiko vinaka kina, e sa dodonu vaka kina me da vakasaqara talega na veivanua, kei na veika e da na tiko vinaka kina.

Au nuitaka ni na ciqomi na i vola oqo, kei na veika e sa volai tiko kina. Au sa nuitaka ni da na saumaki na i Taukei, ka viria na bai kei Viti, ni sa kasura tu, ka sa da rogoca tiko.

Me vaka kalougatataki Viti o Jiova