Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rubbing Salt Into The Wound

Ni Sa Bula,

The events unfolding over the last few days have been very interesting.

Firstly, we have the rejection of the visa application made by one Voreqe Bainimarama to enter Italy. Now I wasn't sure whether this meant that ole Frankie is now in the outhouse as far as the Europeans are concerned....then came the news last night that the Sugar subsidies that Chaudry and Co were promising to the cane belt people in the West and the North would not be given until next year, and even that conditional to evidence that real and measurable progress had been made towards returning Fiji to democracy. For good measure, they have also made the prevention of any intimidating utterances by the security forces another condition. See...even the international community see the crap this junta has been spewing. Mahendra, being as idiotic as only he can be, came on the 6pm news to say that now that the PER has been lifted, the money should be coming through soon. Yeah right!!!! and pigs fly!!! How moronic is that??? and this is the type of person who now controls the Government coffers!!! The only consolation I have is that he is not there by the will of the people. How do you like them apples????

Now our neighbours Australia, have, revised their security assessment of our country, and have warned it's citizens intent on visiting our shores of the possibility of "sporadic outbreaks of violence" in and around Suva. The Military, taking their cue from Mr (No) Money Man Mahen, are now clamouring (led by a certain Officer whose shoe size can be seen by the width and depth of his mouth) that the Australian reaction is due to their defeat in the RWC 2007 quater finals. What a bunch of idiots!!!! It's not due to that...it's due to the fact that they perceive Fiji to be unstable and are warning their citizens accordingly!!! That is the duty of any responsible government....oh my mistake...you are neither responsible or a government!!!

Then we have this gem from the newly (sic) appointed Commissioner of Police who in a fit of lunacy, wrote to the Attorney General demanding the removal of Justice Winters and Jitoko from the trial of one Francis Kean....for those of you who haven't been following the plot, this Francis Kean is the brother-in-law of the gentleman whose Italian Visa Application was rejected. His excuse? The fact that the two gentlemen, as non-supporters of the coup, would be biased against Kean. How absurd is that? These are judges with years of experience, professionals who do their job well, and know that whatever decisions they make must stand up to the scrutiny they will inevitably invite. The punch line in all this is that the legal counsel for the accused, presented said letter to the court ....wait for it.....AS EVIDENCE SUPPORTING THEIR SUBMISSION THAT THE JUDGES REMOVE THEMSELVES!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

As if that wasn't enough....Mr. Chaudry again appears on the news telling all and sundry that there will be a tax amnesty for all defaulting taxpayers for a month. Surely, you're not thinking of taking advantage of that month now are you, Mahen?

let me gather my thoughts.....

So we have a "government" whose leader is persona non grata in quite a few countries (Italy, USA, New Zealand, Australia immediately spring to mind), a Money Man who has no money, a Commissioner of Police who is trying to pervert justice, an Army ,who, instead of defending the country is attacking it...sounds like a very bad joke doesn't it?

The sad thing is it's not. It's happening...and it's happening right here in Fiji!!! Here in the island paradise we call home, in the country we all live in and love and hope will again one day be the sort of place we would be proud to bequeath upon our children. We cannot continue like this, we need to stand up and do something.

Will you do something about it?

God Bless Fiji,
FijianBlack AKA Mawdsomething


newsfiji said...

Fijian Black...great article!! So well put! I like the part about the government with it's leader as persona non grata from NZ etc...etc...

Haven't been to your site for a while.

Anonymous said...

oh mawdymawdmawd!!
Please!!!. Just trust us! we know what we are doing! "You just Don't Understand". Anyway-who are you? Just forget about Keans, Malasebe, Verebasaga and all those insignificant people. Let's just move forward!
We're stamping out the coup culture in Fiji, moving the country forward, fighting corruption, teaching Frank all the buzzwords so he can be "going forward" and a world class leader - a visionary with passion and compassion for the "little people", putting Fiji on a sound economic footing, moving us to a true and representative democracy NOT based on race or creed or economic circumstance. One where Human Rights are paramount, our sovereignty is protected, and all can live in peace and harmony amongst all the butterflies and budgies and feel totally fulfilled.
Just LOOK at our achievements in a few sort 11 months! Surely such a cynic as you can see we have a GRAND PLAN - it is a FINAL SOLUTION to make Fiji the country it can, and ought to be! Our successes are there for ALL to see. It's not us that are as thick as two short planks - you'll see before too long that it is everybody else. We've got more than two original ideas between us and we're currently rubbing them together - furthermore, we've run them past Shaista and Kai-boy to ensure they're socially sound and legally viable. You'll see over the coming weeks and months that we truely have YOUR interests at heart.
And just to prove to you our good intentions, boy have we got a deal for you! We have a number of ex-rental cars going VERY cheap! For a modest fee I could ensure you are placed at the top of the vast waiting list of those wanting a decent pothole resistant SUV. Don't be negative Mawd! Climb on board. Sign up to the club - there are a very limited number of places still available. Indeed the club membership even comes with an insurance plan. IF all those insignificant little people we're so fond of don't climb on board, why you've a choice of a palacious pad half way up the Ganges, on or two others still available up the Yangste, or a rather smart little rooftop retreat in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The interim govt states that they are removing the racist policies and voting system imposed by the SDL govt. I agree that this is a good idea and they would gain more support by implementing this in the army. Direct the use of english in the army and also allow for full integration of indo-fijians into the army. You will find many indo-fijians joining because this is a way to advance education for those who are unable to do so because of financial constraints. This is how many of the army's senior officers have been able to obtain a degree.

This will be a firm commitment from the IG and military council of their efforts to get rid of racist policies!

Good Men (and women) Doing Something.... said...

The problem is, this regime has done absolutely nothing to merit my trust...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (Oct 12/13) sa rauta mada na soli maka tiko! Qiqo dina nomuni rai! How significant are you in the whole equation? You seem to have a vested interest in this regime and it is obviously for personal gain rather than corporate benefit! You and the ideals you support are overtly keen on imposing your "move forward" concepts but my question to you is, where the hell were we heading in the first place!? And please stop it about fighting corruption! You're as corrupt as the person you're reading my response with! And Frank a world class leader? You're kidding right? Frank is a good man who has unfortunately been misled by some conniving, bitter, self centered failures from previous administrations! What goes around comes around and it is inevitable that there is a counter movement that will do a "clean up" on you and the beliefs you uphold with such illiterate pride! Stamping out the coup culture?? Like DUH!! You guys are in such a mental mess that I shudder at the thought of actually hearing you speak! You're in a dilemma! A catch 22 of sorts! You've shot yourselves in the foot! I run out of superlatives trying to qualify you guys! Whoever the hell you are you do not sound like an indigenous of the land of my forefathers nor do you have any concern, and I dare say, for MY INTERESTS at heart! From an Indigenous standpoint, I will not sit back and allow the affairs of my motherland to be dictated to me by some foreigner, external or domestic and there is nothing racist about fighting for the right for my homeland to be governed by a people group that traditionally do have my interests at heart! Finally, Let me get this right: if one joins the military then one is able to get a higher education? Due respect to those officers who obtained degrees using military funds but if one cannot obtain a decent degree and a well paid job outside of the military then we might as well all join the army bandwagon and all get qualified and all get military postings! Racism like corruption will never be eradicated whether you like it or not! If you're not happy in the land I call home then pack up and go find yourself a more accommodating and convenient location!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.


Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.