Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Way Back

Bula All,

The last few years have been an exercise in frustration, futile hopes and dashed dreams. I write this while pondering the effects of the rumour that Bainimarama and Khaiyum had been arrested by the Army.

We need to do something now. Fiji is going down the drain. Overseas debtors are foreclosing on loans that our Sugar Industry has taken out. These loans are guaranteed by our Government. I know that a lot of you don't see this regime as a true representation of our society, but that debt, like all the others, and all the mess that we've had to field collectively, is something that we will have to sort out as a nation.

So what are we to do? I think the time for talk is over. We need to do something. Most people want us to go to elections. Why? If the Army is still there, what is the point of having elections? If they don't like the government we vote in, we'll have another coup.

We need to get rid of the Army.
This is something we have been talking about within our own circles over the last few years. We whisper this amongst trusted friends. I'm asking for anyone who thinks this should be done, to comment on this post, and say so. Please, your comments means a lot to others who, think that they are in the minority with their views, but are actually many in number.

We waited for our leaders to do something...............................they failed.
We waited for our neighbours to do something........................they failed.
We waited for civil society to do somrthing...............................they failed.
We waited for family and friends overseas to do something...they failed.

Where else will we look?

I say the time for looking is over, the time for doing is upon us. We must be the ones to do this, for if we fail, our children, and their children will curse us, for not being strong enough to do something for this nation we all love.

God Bless Fiji