Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Long Arm of the Law Goes Where Angels Fear To Tread.

The Fiji Police is now officially on the dark side. In an extreme reaction to the impending union strikes, the Fiji police shut down the AGM of the National Union of Public workers. Now that is going to pacify the union members..NOT!!! It will only harden their resolve.

This junta regime is really clueless in the ways of winning the hearts and minds of the Fiji public. It makes our opposition so much the more easier...and that speaks volumes about this regime's leadership abilities. That is the type of leadership that is now imposed on us. IMPOSED ON US. IMPOSED ON US!!!! How do you like that???

Now we have idiots like Neumi Leweni saying on national TV that they will not be rushed into investigating things like the deaths of Messers Rabaka and Verebasaga. I feel for their have a regime that is espousing the delay of justice to cases like this, that alter the moral fabric of our nation, that is just another indignity nobody should have to bear. Mrs Rabaka and Mrs. have our support, and we would like to assist you any way we can. There is a whole group of dedicated people waiting to help you and your families get the justice you so rightly deserve. If you, or anyone who knows either of these grieving ladies personally, please pass on this message to them. Our assistance is just an email away.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls Bainimarama......

Justice delayed is justice denied.

The Closing Doors....

Ni sa bula,

The doors to this Interim Government is closing...closing all over the place. The Asian Development has just shut theirs. The EU is considering closing theirs. Australia, New Zealand the the Pacific neighbours have theirs shut, with opening subject to conditions being met. Even the USA is in on this.

Even the international bodies are shunning us like we're the proverbial leper. The ICC is one. The UN is another. Fiji is soon going to be the child told to go and stand in the corner. Facing the wall.

What does that mean for us as a nation?

It's means transiting via Korea because your Father/Mother/Sister/Brother is in the RFMF/IG and you, by association, are persona non-grata in Australia and New Zealand and Japan. It means being unable to go for your check-up because the doctor is in New Zealand and you are in Fiji. Bainimarama, with the nurses up in arms over your pay-cuts, this would be one tamani slack time for you to have one of your heart attacks and to require their attention....and that also goes for you Senilagakali.

It means less trade opportunities, less export opportunities, a longer return to normalcy in the economy, and a struggle as a nation. It means more job losses, less vacancies, more migration and basically a kick in the national gut when the nation is down.

What is a kick in the national gut, some of you may ask?

This is one such kick...the removal of income tax from unit trusts such as Colonial's and Fijian Holdings. My advise (with my limited financial knowledge).....get your saqamoli's out of there ASAP!!!! Another is the "priority" placed on Mineral Water and not on tap water....I pity you Cunningham/Tacirua/na-veivanua-e-maca-tu-kina-na-wai residents...good thing we are ironic is that!!!!

Who is kicking the country? It's Bainimarama and his stooges. It's about time we give them a Severo-style kick up the backside. Either that or we take this and keep quiet.

All those in favour of kicking the Bainimocracy, get in line..... Here. The more of us that kick, the faster we can kick them out. Try it, it's very satisfying. I'm speaking here from personal'l cure that ulcer that's been agonising you since Dec 5th.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Propaganda....aka Vesu Mona

Today, it's the "P" word that is being bandied about so much that is the focus of this post.


The illegal junta engages in it. We bloggers engage in it...that is the honest truth about it. We all do this to further some cause we support, or to hinder causes we oppose.

Propanganda is defined as the spreading of "information" in order to further some cause. The Military/IG is spreading information that will help it in securing the hearts and minds of the citizens of this nation. They have a spokesperson who speaks out for it, and an ex-radio announcer who actively promotes it on a Fijian Radio station.

However, as nations go, there are bound to be people who always say.."Hang on..that sounds like a load of crap..." just like this headline from our reigning daily:

400 corruption cases alleged

It's strikes me as odd, that out of 400 cases, there is no conviction. I had a long discussion with a friend about this. The first thing we agreed on is that there is no way to verify the figure 400. Secondly, how do you know that it is an actual case of corruption, and not someone's sour grapes you are dealing with? Thirdly, is the "Anti-Corruption Unit" even legal? If they are illegal, doesn't that make the evidence they gather evidence obtained illegally? Can that be presented in court to effectively prosecute those blamed of corruption? Or is all this another exercise in wasting tax payers dollars, saqamoli's that just became much more valuable since the ADB freezed aid because our governance is not up to par?

The whole propaganda exercise is based on one premise that every propagandist makes. The assumption is that your mind, your will can be influenced in favour of the cause the propaganda espouses.

Doesn't that just insult your intelligence??!!!!!

That sort of thinking is, however in line with this regime, a regime that espouses views that only they know what's best for rest of us idiots...that we are too simple to be left to govern ourselves. I don't know about you, but that gets me's what got me to start this blog in the first place!!!

In case you start thinking that you are the only one in Fiji with those thoughts, relax. There are a lot of us who think that the IG should be opposed. Take a look at the poll results on the left if you want to see what I'm talking about.

There are a lot more of us, then there are of them, and we should do something for this nation, because the way things are going, if we don't do anything, no one else will. That is not my attempt to vesumona you. That is the honest truth laid out for you, as I trust that your intellect, intellegence and humanity will see the truth in what I'm raving on about.

God Bless Fiji

More Ways to spend Money That is Not Yours....


We have now lived under this junta for almost three months..which reminds me...kudos to Dr. Wadan Narsey for referring to this illegal regime as a junta on National TV last night. You rock Dr. Narsey!!!!!!

What was rather depressing however, was the fact that despite the media coverage that the unions are getting over their strike action threats (I'd link to the pages but they are legion..too many for one link to do justice to) is the little known and very sad fact that this Interim Junta has suspended the Wages Council.

This is a council that oversees the wages of workers like drivers, building/civil/electrical trades, hotel & catering and the like. They represent the poorest of Fiji's workforce, with most of them subsisting at or below the poverty line. The Wages Council was the legislated mechanism for these workers to have guaranteed wage levels that would ensure a decent living standard. Now the illegal junta has gone and kicked them all in the teeth...make that in the pocket.

So the Bainimocracy (my contribution to the English Language) prevailing in Fiji now has not only cut the pay of the Civil Service, it has effectively neutered the ability of the poorest, non-unionised workers to have the peace of mind of a fair days pay.

That should signal to the most, if not all of us, the hypocrisy of this regime. The claim that the Head Junta made that this coup was for the people is blatantly false. It's for him, his relatives ( 4 of whom now have Senior Civil Service positions, if I remember correctly), his friends, and his lackeys....nepotism or what!!!!

And now this....a 4-page ad in today's Fiji Times with the junta's too much!!!!!! Using our own tax dollars ( stealing our tax dollars is more like it) to shovel this rubbish at us. I will be posting a reply to this soon...for now, I'm just trying to wrap my mind around this.

To the Fiji Times editor...would you allow us, or those who think that this crap they are referring to as policy is going too far, the right to reply to it? If so, then I think the funds to pay you can be sourced. Please consider this request favourably. I will be in touch via email to reconfirm this request.

I have to go get some fresh air....the bullshit spewing from this regime is clogging up the country!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bloggers are now on the air (and also in the black)

Ni sa Bula,

Just a short post to alert you to the interviews done by the ABC Pacific Beat's On the Mat program. The interview was aired on Friday (23/03/07) at 5pm and 7pm on Radio Fiji. If you missed it, and want to hear it, the following links are to the ABC, where you can download the interviews.

3-minute segment.

Full interview (contributers : Intelligentsiya's the Chief & White Rose, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and yours truly)

And for print articles : check out this link:

Friday, March 23, 2007

Na i Sau ni Bula Galala / The Cost of Freedom

Ni sa bula,

Au volavola tiko oqo kivei kemuni na noda ko ni dau lomana na noda vanua oqo ko Viti.

E da sa kila tu vakasigalevu na veika e sa mai yaco ena noda vanua, ka tekivu mai na i ka 5 ni Tiseba, 2006. E sa mai vakasivoi vakailoa na matanitu e da digitaka, ka ra sa mai kovea vakakaukauwa na veiliutaki ko ira na lewe ni noda mataivalu, ka liutaki ira kina ko Voreqe Bainimarama.

Mai na gauna ko ya me yacova na gauna oqo, e se toso tikoga na kena tete na veikovei oqo. Era sa mai vakacegui ko ira na vakaitutu tu e na taba ni veiqaravi na Civil Service, me rawa kina ni ra biu yani kina ko ira era na tokona na nodra i le na vakayacora na vuaviri oqo. Sa ra vakacegui talega e na sala e sega ni dodonu, ko ira na cakacaka tu e na vei tabana tale eso, me rawa ni vakadeitaki kina na veiliutaki butobuto e sa mai lewa tu na noda vanua, ka sa butuki keda sobu tikoga e na veisiga.

E na veidigidigi sa oti, e ya mai digitaki kina na lawalawa ni Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) me ra liutaka na noda vanua. Me vaka na yavu ni vakavulewa, e ratou a sureta kina na i lawalawa ni Fiji Labour Party (FLP) me ratou vakaduria vata na matanitu ka cici tiko mai e na yabaki sa oti, me yacova na Tiseba. Na veika e ya caka oqo e savasava, ka dodonu, ka muri kina vakavinaka na yavu ni vakavulewa ni noda vanua. Ia e mai seva kece ko ya, ni sa taura na mataivalu na veiliutaki, ka biuta vakatikitiki na noda dodonu na lewe i Viti, ka veisautaka na veika e sega ni dua na dodonu e tiko vei iratou me ratou veisautaka kina.

Kemuni na noda, e sa na vaka tu ga oqo na noda vanua? Kevaka e ra sega ni duavata ko ira e dua na i wase lailai ni lewe ni vanua i Viti kei na ka eda vinakata na i wase levu ni lewe ni vanua, e da duavata me na tauri vakakaukauwa na veiliutaki ni noda vanua? E da na biuta tu vei ira na luveda, vei ira e ra na muri keda mai, na i vakarau ni bula oqo me ra na bula kina, ka me na i vakarau ni bula tudei e na veisiga ni mataka e na noda Viti lomani?

E sega ni i tovo ni noda bula oqo!!!

Na noda i tovo na veivakarokorokotaki, va veisorosorovi, na solesolevaki, na veilomani, na veikawaitaki. Na vei ka oqo e dau rogo tu kina na noda vanua i na gauna sa oti, ka dau voqa tu yani ki na veiyasai vuravura na i tovo e ra dau rokataka o ira na noda qase.

Sa dodonu me da tokona na dina, me da cakacaka vakadodonu. Sa dodonu me da vakasama taka na veika sa yaco tiko e na noda vanua. Sa dodonu me da vunauca na ca, me da vakadodonutaka na noda i lakolako e sa kauti keda tiko yani kina na veiliutaki nei Bainimarama. Sa dodonu me da tukuna vei ira e ra vinakata me da bobula ki na dua na i vakarau ni bula e vulagi vei keda, ni da sega ni vinakata na bula oqo, ni da sega ni na tokona na toso oqo, ni dodonu me ra solia lesu tale na ulu ni veiliutaki ni noda vanua kivei ira e ra digitaki ki na i tavi cecere oqo.

Kevaka ko ni na sega ni vosa cake, e na takali tiko ga yani vakamalua na bula galala e da bula tiko kina e na dua na gauna sa oti, ka sa tekivu me kau tani tiko vakamalua vei keda. Na i sau ni bula galala o ya me da dau yadrava, ka taqomaka, ka karona, ka dau tokona ko keda kece. Oqo e sega ni i tavi e rawa ni ra colata ga e lewe vica. Na i colacola oqo e noda kece, baleta ni da na bula galala kecega o keda, kevaka e rawa ni da masuta na veiliutaki oqo, ni sa cala tiko na ka e ratou cakava tiko.

Na sala ni kena vakaraitaki na nomuni kudru e levu. E rawa ni vakaraitaki e na noda vei bose ni koro, na vei bose ni tikina, na vei bose ni yasana. e rawa ni da vakarogoya na noda sega ni duavata kei na matanitu tuvakawawa oqo e na noda dau sota vata, e na noda talanoataka ka tukuna vei ira e ra tu vakavoliti keda ni da sega ni tokona, ka sega ni duavata kei na kena dau vakayacori na i tovo kaukauwa me tauri kina na veiliutaki.

Na dina e dau tokona na Kalou. Na ka e cala e dau saqata na Kalou. Kevaka e da kila tiko na ka e dodonu me da cakava, ka da sega ni cakava, sa wili me noda cala o ya.

Au sa vakamasuti kemuni, mo ni tu dei, ka tu cake, ka saqata na veika butobuto e sa vakayacori tiko e na noda vanua. Au kila ni sa kilai tu vakamatata na veika au wasea tiko yani vei kemuni, ni sa kilai tu na kena cala na veika e caka tiko e na noda vanua. Sa dodonu me da vosa kina.

Me vaka e a kaya o Moatekai vei Esiteri e na i Volatabu:
"ia kevaka ko sa galu sara e na gauna oqo, e na qai yaco na veisereki kei na bula vei ira na Jiu, mai na dua na yasana tani, ia ena vakarusai ga ko iko kei na mataqali nei tamamu."

Au sa nuitaka ni da na tu vata ka saqata na cala sa caka tiko e na noda Viti Lomani.

Me vakalougatataki Viti ko Jiova.

(Translation in English)

I am writing this to those of you who love this nation of ours, Fiji.

We all know well, the events that have transpired within this nation of ours, beginning from the 5th of December, 2006. The elected Government was deposed by a group who took power forcefully and illegally, a group led by Frank Bainimarama.

From that moment until now, the influence of this usurper has spread throughout our nation. It has resulted in the suspension and sacking of senior members of our Civil Service, to make way for the placement of those who support the coup executers. Other bodies have not been exempt from this as well, with the illegal removal of persons from various boards and statutory bodies, as part of this regime's efforts to ensure their absolute control over our country, a process that continues to subjugate us.

In the last elections, the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party was given the mandate to lead our nation. In line with the Constitution, they invited the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) to join with them in Government. All this was done in accordance with the Constitution, an adherance that lasted until the RFMF took over power, and removed the elected Government, and is now changing the very things that they do not have the mandate to change.

My fellow citizens, will our nation continue like this? If a minority within our country are not happy with the will of the majority, does it give them the right to overthrow the Government of the day? Is this the legacy that we will leave our children, and those that come after us, as the way we in Fiji live?

This is not the way we live our lives!!!!!

Our way is that of mutual respect, of give-and-take, of working together, of comradeship and of doing our best for others. These things have defined us, as a nation in times past, and is what our fathers were reknown for around the world.

We must support the truth, and do the right thing. Rightfully, we need to consider the events that have happened in our land. We must speak out against this evil, and choose the path better than this one Bainimarama is leading us along. We need to tell those who would subdue us, and subject us to a way of life foreign to us, that we do not want this way of living, and we do not support this direction, that the reins of our nations should be returned to those we have collectively chosen to lead us.

If you do not speak out, then this freedom that we enjoy will fade away. The cost of such a freedom is our eternal vigilance, and our care, and our communal support for it. This is not a task for the few. This is a task each of us must commit ourselves to, because the benefits of this freedom will be enjoyed by all, if we are able to convince this regime that the choices they made were not in our best interests.

The ways to voice your dissapproval of this are many. you can speak out in your village meetings, in your district meetings, in your provincial meetings. You can tell others of your oppostion to this interim Government when you meet others, and speak of your opposition, and your disapproval of the illegal way the governance of our nation is taken by force.

God always stands for the truth and against lies. If we know the right thing to do, and do not do it, that is our sin, our weakness.

I plead with you all, to stand firm, and stand up, and oppose this immoral act, that is now happening in our country. I know that all the things I have said are well known to you, that you are well aware of how wrong the activities of this regime is. it is only right that we speak out against it.

In the Bible, Mordecai said to Ester (in the book of Ester):
"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish."

I remain hopeful that we will stand together in opposition to the things that are taking place in our beloved Fiji.

God Bless Fiji.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ni sa Bula,

The latest foot-in-mouth quote is the inspiration for this post. Make that a leg-in-mouth ( up to the vunisagana!!!)....from no other than our own Bai-cronium.

He warned the unions that if they do go on strike, the military will step in to protect the public. Firstly, the unions are not hellbent to assault the public. The soldiers are. And to make things worse, they do not take responsibility for what they do. Mrs. Rabaka is still waiting for the result of investigations of the murder of her son, and has now stated that if she does not hear anything about this soon, she will be taking the both the Army and the Police to court. This is one mother this blog is supporting wholeheartedly. If we can help in any way, Mrs. Rabaka, please let us know. The email address to contact us on is on the left had side.

So what are we going to do about this? We are already speaking out, and we are starting to be heard....tomorrow, more people will hear about us....but we need more of you to say with us "ENOUGH".

So I appeal to you, join us. The more of us, the louder we shout, and the harder it is for our voices to be ignored. We are doing this out of our love for our country, and we need your support to make it stick. If we want a better Fiji for us and those who will come after us, then we must be brave, and courageous, and stand against this illegal regime, that has broken homes, destroyed families, caused unemployment, and dragged our beloved island nation into the pit of despondancy.

On a lighter note, our sevens warriors are going to the Happy Valley hunting ground that has been the site of so many memorable victories. Our prayers and well wishes go with you. you always make us proud, and we hope to the best, that God gives us the victory.

Stay safe and well.

God Bless Fiji,

Where Did 6 Years of Economic Decline Go?

Ni Sa Bula,

This post is to address a claim that the junta that illegally runs our country keeps making, and repeating, in the faint hope that maybe it will make us believe it.

The matter that sticks in my craw is the claim that over the last 6 years, the economy has been in decline. I attribute this current decline to the events eminating, and perpentrated since December 5th. Bainimarama claims that "it is totally wrong to associate it in any way to the political transition" or clean-up campaign. Am I the only one who senses a warped view of reality here or do you as well?

Since the coup in 2000, there have been numerous developments in the tourism industry, the real estate industry and accross the economy in general. Hotels like the Novotel, Sofitel and others have sprung up. Buildings like the new Vodafone house, Manohan House, the new FIRCA building, the developments in Savusavu, the new Rewa bridge, and a whole host of others, all these are not signs of a declining economy.

The tourism industry is no different. Tourists stayed away during the events of 2000 but very quickly flocked back to our beaches, drawn irresistably by the sun, sea and surf, and the friendly warmth of the Fijian hosts. The numbers steadlily grew in the past six years until the coup last year, which caused a drastic downturn in the industry, so much so that workers in hotels across the country faced layoffs, reduced working hours and a very bleak Christmas.

The mine in Vatukoula, once a source of employment in Tavua and the surrounding areas, was closed in the days after the coup. While there are suspicions that the coup provided a convenient excuse, the quick sale and purchase of the mine makes one wonder if the mine was really running into the end of it's life.

The salaries and wages of the Fiji workforce was on the rise, and none enjoyed this more than the RFMF. While Bainimarama claims to have been the reason for this increase in salaries, wages and allowances for his soldiers, we must not forget that the ultimate decision was the SDL Governments. Ironicly, then, that the very institution that gained the most during it's time in Government was also the instrument of it's demise.

So, where, I ask is the evidence to verify the claim that the previous Government, in it's six years in power, squandered the wealth of our island nation? I know that others see things the same way, because the 2006 elections saw the same Government back in power, re-elected and given a new vote of confidence by the people of Fiji. A vote the RFMF trampled and ignored in the actions they undertook.

Perhaps the most telling fact is that the PSC has now suffered paycuts, including the Army's own Acting Chief Justice, who was understandbly unhappy with the whole shebang. Late breaking news on one of the media sites had the Interim AG saying that the judges would not be subject to the paycuts. Funny when one considers that the head Juntaman himself made the statement on national TV....could this be the beginning of the unravelling of this "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves". The hilarious part in all this is that the deposed Government did not have to resot to such drastic measures.

So I say : Stop the lies Bainimarama. The real reason for the slump in the economy is you, you moron. Your actions are the real reason of destability, and until you are gone, removed, or toppled, this negative growth will continue. So, please take this to heart.


You are ruining our lives, our economy, our Government, and our country. We did not ask for your assistance, we do not need your assistance and we can do without your sticky little paws in the pie.

Thanks for nothing, Baicronium...just a tip, you might want to check your head Moron Mahen, he's the one who lit the paycut fire, and you're the one doing the firefighting. Actually, it just makes you look like a moron.


God Bless Fiji,

PS Check this out...seems like we are making enough noise to be heard!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Court Ruling Against Pay-Cut.

Quick post.....The High Court ruled in favour on the FIRCA Staff Association, and ordered FIRCA to reinstate the 5% pay cut that had commenced lst pay. I will be back later with a more detailed post....

Moce toka vakalekaleka,

It's Spreading......

Ni sa Bula,

Today saw the second lightning strike in two weeks. After the Post Fiji workers went on strike, and managed to get the Chairman of the Post Fiji Board Mahendra Patel to resign (whether he went willing or was forced to capitulate is a hot topic of debate around the country), the students of the Fiji Advanced College of Education went on strike today, pushing for the removal of 4 members of the staff, including both the Principal and the Vice-Principal. The greviences presented were the budget cuts which had our future teachers subsisting on fried rice, tamarind and dhal. The President of the Student actually lamented the removal of meat, and Sunday lovo from the menu. The student teachers returned to class after Ministry of Education officials promised to investigate the allegations made by the students.

The unions are still on the much so that the Head junta-man made a rare appearance on television today. He spouted propaganda and "appealed to the unions not to destablise the progress of the last few months." Like this is not destablising.....

The unions are not budging. So we are in for another showdown. The fact that Bainimarama has to appeal to the dissenters is a change in tone for this regime. It seems even they are aware of the power of the people, and that united, they can overwhelm even the the goons in green. The way they act around the islands, you'd think they weren't afraid of anything without a gun.

This is the power I am asking all of you to tap into. Sign up, stand up and speak up. If we are silent, who will be to blame for the hardships that we will face in the future? We will. The Civil Service is now asked to take a 5% paycut. The tourism industry is still haemorraging workers, dollars and tourists bookings and there is still no bottoming out in sight yet. The aid dollars are on hold, like the investigations into the deaths of Verebasaga, and Rabaka. Talking of things on hold, the investigations into Bainimarama, his brother-in-law Francis Kean, Nasir Ali ( on allegations of embezzling funds from the Fiji Police Credit Union) and a whole host of junta-sympathysiers are now subject to the infamous malua fever that also infects us after that Sunday lunch of fish in lolo ( sa jiji nomu weli).....

It's heartening to see more of you speaking out against this regime.

There is no justifaction for a coup.... Repeat after me....
There is no justifaction for a coup.... Repeat after me....
There is no justifaction for a coup.... Repeat after me....
There is no justifaction for a coup.... Repeat after me....

God Bless Fiji

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Mounting Resistance...

Dou bula,

It's heartening to know that even in Fiji, while things move at "Fiji Time" things do move. That they are moving at such a mundane pace is no reason to panic, things are bubbling along and slowly, the opposition to this illegal regime is gathering.

The Civil Servants are currently organising themselves to go on strike. When this group does go on strike, it will basically bring the whole Government mechanism to a grinding halt, and the response of the military to this will be interesting to see. Already speculations are rife within the country, with almost everyone second-guessing the reaction of the military and the junta that grips Fiji. The outcome of the secret ballots are almost a given for most of us...a mandate for a strike against the IG and the impositions that they have unilaterally put on the shoulders of the people.

The Pacific Forum Ministers have met in Port Vila, and according to a fellow blog, they have basically confirmed the stance presented in the leaked EPG Report, that the curent Government is illegal, that the actions of the military on and after December 5th is illegal and that the army should return to Barracks, that Frankie should step down and that a democratically elected Government must be brought in ASAP. Look for more stupid comments from the Military (Leweni & Co), the IG ( Aiyaz & Co), and a slew of foot-in-mouth utterances in the future....hint on the names to get a taste of what you can expect. it just me or has the Head Junta man toned down his public utterances lately. He probably got some excellent PR advice...every time he opens his mouth, its a disaster waiting to happen...just like this little gem...a tamani big vinaka vakalevu to "ole Frankie". Sometimes you do say the darndest things...well, make that most of the time. If you want Helen to stop "interfering, then tell her to keep her aid dollars...that's right, you can't do that can you? Proof that the old adage that "beggars can't be choosers" is still true.

Which brings me to the latest thing on this blog. I am now holding a little competition, that will run daily, and the objective is to find the Foot-In-The-Mouth quote of the day regarding the events of this coup. I will post the quote daily, and the person(s) alerting me to the quote will get a special please email away and remember to include your nickname, unless you are some sort of sadist, love-a-visit-from-the-twin-cab-crews, fitness freak. LOL.

Oh, and please keep on signing up to oppose this coup. Things are in the pipeline, and soon I will start emailing suggestions out to those of you who have signed up so that collectively, we can do our bit for Fiji.

And just to set the record straight...Ricardo Morris is not the person behind me on this one.

Ni sa moce.

God Bless Fiji,

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The "Game" Just Got Interesting...

Ni Sa Bula,

The political situation in Fiji just got interesting, and it seems that we are reaching a fork in the democracy road that we have been walking down since 1970. Now, we as a nation must decide whether we will continue to walk the democratic, will-of-the-people, your-say-matters road that we were progressing along nicely, or if we will take the dictatorial, will-of-the-dictator, your-say-is-worth-jack turnoff.

This decision has faced us as a nation twice in the past. And each time, I'm proud to say that we took the road back to democracy each time.

Now, however, we have never faced such a determined foe, who has adamantly stated his desire to keep us all under his thumb, and together with his hench(men/women) will go to lengths unseen in this island nation to ensure that things go according to his plan.

However, there are quite a few people who are trying to throw the proverbial "spanner in the works". By the end of Friday, battle lines will be drawn, and positions will be taken. The Civil Service, and other groups that are likely to be affected in this latest move, are as ardent as the "junta men" but even I have to admit that the junta men have the guns. Of course, that could be an advantage or a disadvantage...that sword cuts both ways.

Already there have been a few casualties in this saga. A prominent blogger Ms. Vakaivosavosa has already shut down her blog because of pressure from the new "powers that be". Fiji Village have already closed off their forum for free discussion, after Tata William Parkinson and Papa Vijay Nayaran were "requested" to pay a "courtesy visit" to the junta men's stronghold at QEB. It seems that the popular Yellow Bucket is also a victim caught in the fallout of this latest move by the Military. No offense FijiVillage, but this is one person who is now wondering if you have succumbed to the Dark Side.

More people are now speaking out however, through the letters to the editor in the dailies, online and also amongst the various communities that make up our country. Whether this will boil over, is something we have yet to see..... but then again you never can tell....

So again, sign up to stand up for our freedom and that of our future generations. Speak out. Voice your concern.Let us not be the generation that stood by and did nothing. There are a lot of you out there who are against this coup, and the event's that have followed it. This is not the time to be afraid. We must speak out, clearly and convincingly, and state unequivocally, that we have had enough of the tyranny.

God Bless Fiji,

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Call To Arms....

Ni sa bula.

A big thank you to all who are willing to speak out against this illegal
regime ( aka junta...vinaka Disc. Bubu).

To those of you who are still sitting on the fence, remember Nero fiddled while Rome burned. We cannot afford to be complacent, we need to get the malua fever out of our systems and do something about the situation we are faced with.

I thank those of you who have emailed in your support and who have indicated that you are willing to tell this illegal regime, the rest of Fiji and the world at large that you do not support the current Government in it's current shape and form. Now we need to get more
people together, so that we have enough numbers to be heard and to do
the following:

1. Bombard the IG with emails regarding our concern over the way they
are ruining the country. If there is enough of us, we can swamp the
inboxes of the IG Ministers, PS, the top brass at QEB etc, and force
them to notice us and respond.

2. Provide a valid alternative to the propaganda that is being shoved
down our throats by the RFMF media cell and their cronies. We need to
tell, not only the people of Fiji but the world at large that the
views of this illegal regime is not the views of the majority of us
who really love this country and don't want to live under a regime
that will supress us, that will penalise us for no fault of our own,
and for taking us backwards in all facets of our lives when we are
straining to move forward.

3. Provide a way for people who do not agree with this illegal regime
to voice their concerns without having to fear going for a "training
session" at one of the Military installations.

4. Provide a mechanism to the people to enable us to bend this
illegal regime to the will of the people of Fiji. After all that is
what democracy is all about, the will of the people.

Now to repeat myself, we need people, numbers of people to do this. So
I am appealing to you, to please help me gather more people to support
this effort, and to ensure that at this critical time, we are not
silent, we are not passive, and we are not compliant with the
unreasonable, inhumane and illegal demands that this "junta" is
imposing upon the people of Fiji.

So please, tell your friends, relatives, workmates, loved ones,
colleagues , neighbours of this initiative. If we are silent now, then
we are saying in our silence to Fiji, and the world that we support
the events of Dec 05. Or even worse that we do not care.

And if you still have doubts about the coup and whether it is good for Fiji, consider this: This coup has led to job losses, economic hardship, and a general decline in the quality of life for those of us (who were once blessed but are now) unfortunate to live in Fiji.
God Bless Fiji

Anti-Coup Manuals...

These 5 sites are worth checking out out. They contain good reading material for those of us who want to oppose this illegal regime that has seized control of our country, and maintain our dignity while doing it.

1. The Anti Coup.
2. Ghandi's Answer.
3. THe Role of Power in Non-Violent Struggle.
4. 198 Methods of Non-Violent Action
5. Correcting Common Misconceptions about Nonviolent Action

This is what this blog is advocating. Non-violent action, action that can paralyse and incapacitate this regime, and make a difference in this runaway charge into the darkness that our country is speeding towards.

We are the ones that must make this stand, and we need to do this now. Tell your family, friends, colleagues...anyone you know that we need everyone to do this together, and that if we all work together, we can stop this coup cycle and make our Fiji a much better place for our children than it was for us.

God Bless Fiji.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Some People who have stood ( and are still standing...)

A cut&paste from an inspiring email from one of those who are willing to stand up........ vinaka Enuf Dictatorship....

Source: Mariane Pearl the widow of Danny Pearl, journalist who was
murdered in her writings on women around the world and
their work to help fellow citizens..such inspiring work

Global diary: Cuba

The women who dare defy a dictator
In Cuba, people have gone to prison for speaking out. Mariane Pearl
travels there and finds that the country's boldest activists are
women—and they make their point without saying a word. Watch the video
or see more Global Diary.

By Mariane Pearl

The silent march of the Ladies in White

On a bright Sunday morning in Havana, I watched as more than a dozen
women dressed in white, each carrying a pink gladiolus, marched along
Fifth Avenue, an elegant street lined with neatly trimmed shrubbery
and mansions painted in faded pastels. It was a highly unusual
occurrence in communist Cuba: a political protest, albeit a quiet one.
There were no slogans to be heard, no signs to be read. The women said
nothing, but their silence contained a significant cry for freedom.
They are known as the Ladies in White—the wives, mothers, sisters and
daughters of 75 political prisoners jailed in 2003 by Fidel Castro.
The women were demanding the release of these men from prison. You
could say they were staring down a dictator.

I visited Cuba in June—on the second stop in my journey around the
world for Glamour—just weeks before Castro fell ill and threw the
future of his regime into doubt. The protest I witnessed offered a
poignant snapshot of a Cuba closing in on a half-century of life under
communist rule. Ever since Castro came to power in the fifties, Cubans
had grown used to waiting for things—waiting in line to collect
rationed food, waiting to be reunited with loved ones who fled an
oppressive regime, waiting for the embargo imposed by the United
States to end. Waiting for history to turn this seemingly endless page
and move on. In that atmosphere, the Ladies in White represent the
rarest of breeds—Cubans who found a way to say, publicly: enough

The men they hoped to free were arrested for being peaceful activists
for democracy and human rights, according to their relatives. Some
were sentenced to up to 28 years. The government claimed the men were
dissidents whose actions undermined the Cuban regime. For three years,
the Ladies in White have marched on their behalf, almost every Sunday
after mass at the church of Saint Rita, the Roman Catholic patron
saint of lost causes. And they were still marching as of press time,
despite the political uncertainty in the country. Their gatherings
have come to embody the frustration of a people longing for freedom.

It felt odd yet reassuring to be back in Cuba on this trip. I have
family in Havana, and I have been visiting this island since I was a
child. My mother was born in Cuba, and she left in 1965. It seemed
that little had changed since then. People were warm and friendly,
quick to have a drink, dance and share jokes as if there were no
tomorrows to worry about, or simply no change in sight under Castro's

After watching the women march, I went to meet Laura Pollan, 54, a
Lady in White who is a teacher of Spanish literature, at her home. On
my way, I saw Dodges and Chryslers from the sixties, their paint
sun-bleached to pale blue and dusty red, and passed billboards bearing
slogans like "The Nation or Death" and "Capitalists, You Don't Scare

God bless Fiji!!

Looks like there's more of you out there like me...

After making my initial post yesterday, I was kinda in two minds..whether there were others out there who really thought that this Interim Regime was the wrong way to go like I did...

I'm overwhelmed to find out that there are those of you who aren't happy with the events that have transpired in Fiji over the last 3-4 months, and are just as frustrated as I am that there appears to be nothing that we can do.


If enough of us start saying the same thing...that the coup is wrong and that we want and need to have the rule of law in place, and if we all stand together and make this statement, Bainimarama and his illegal Government will have to listen...just like they listened here and here to the will of the majority.

Individually, we cannot do anything. Collectively, we can do anything. We must unite and stand together, and say to those who would drag us down that we will not tolerate this any longer, and that we want the best for Fiji, for our future generations and for us. For that, this stand is worth it, and must be made.

Gandhi used this tactic...of peaceful nonviolent resistance and non-cooperation. So did Nelson Mandela, although there were times when he thought violence needed to be met with violence. I am not advocating violence. I am saying, if we all say "ENOUGH!!!" they will listen. They will not be able to afford not to.

Thanks to those of you who have emailed your support. I have already started including your names on the blog ( see the list on the top right). If you are worried about the Military tracking you down, send me a nickname, and I will put that on the list. Your email address will be kept safely and anything that is organised to show that we are not happy with this Government will be emailed to each of you.

Stay safe, don't believe the lies that they are propagating, and above all pray for our nation.

God Bless Fiji.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Time to stand up.....together

I am a proud Fijian. That is until this coup by the Fiji Military Forces threw everything out of we have to try to pick up the pieces and get things back on track.

Why? That is my question.

Is there any justification for a coup? Was there a total breakdown in law and order in our country? How come there has been a coup, the removal of a democratically elected government, the installing of a new President, an Interim Government, the total remodling of our Civil Service, the trunicating of our economy, the lack of any evidence to collaborate the claims of corruption, the bypassing of our judicial system, the corrupting of our judges, our Human Rights watchdog...the list goes on and on and on and on.....

And it's growing daily......


Edmund Burke said it best:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

It's time for us, the good men and women of Fiji to do these people did. They stood against something they did not agree with, in solidarity, and their stand made the IG pause, and it negotiated with them. The end result is that they managed to achieve something the deposed government, our neighbours Australia and New Zealand, the Commonwealth, the NGO's and a whole host of others have tried to and failed to get....a concession out of the Interim Government.

If we all did that, if we all stood together, and told Bainimarama and his cronies "ENOUGH!!! We will not tolerate this anymore!!!" and if there are enough of us, we can bend this regime and force it to do the will of the people of Fiji. We can get it to stop the lies, the allegations, the abuse, the uncalled-for hardship..... and if we can achieve that, then democracy is alive in our country.

The only reason this coup is succeeding is that we are not doing anything to oppose it. It is time to do something. The only thing that will be effective will be something that is done in solidarity. And we should not look to others to do this, for the task has fallen to us....this is our burden to shoulder, for the future generations and the wellbeing of our nation. If we fail, then Fiji as we know and love it, the way the world should be will be no more. That would be a shame, to say the least.

If you agree to this, please email me a contact. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, snail mail etc....let's see if the claim by Bainimarama that the majority of the people support his "clean-up" campaign really holds water.

Please be assured that your contacts will never be handed over to the Fiji Military Forces. Your interaction with this website cannot be traced. The FMF has tried this already and failed.

This blog will also carry a listing of people who have indicated that they are willing to do something to get us out of the hole that is being dug under us.

God Bless Fiji.