Thursday, March 15, 2007

The "Game" Just Got Interesting...

Ni Sa Bula,

The political situation in Fiji just got interesting, and it seems that we are reaching a fork in the democracy road that we have been walking down since 1970. Now, we as a nation must decide whether we will continue to walk the democratic, will-of-the-people, your-say-matters road that we were progressing along nicely, or if we will take the dictatorial, will-of-the-dictator, your-say-is-worth-jack turnoff.

This decision has faced us as a nation twice in the past. And each time, I'm proud to say that we took the road back to democracy each time.

Now, however, we have never faced such a determined foe, who has adamantly stated his desire to keep us all under his thumb, and together with his hench(men/women) will go to lengths unseen in this island nation to ensure that things go according to his plan.

However, there are quite a few people who are trying to throw the proverbial "spanner in the works". By the end of Friday, battle lines will be drawn, and positions will be taken. The Civil Service, and other groups that are likely to be affected in this latest move, are as ardent as the "junta men" but even I have to admit that the junta men have the guns. Of course, that could be an advantage or a disadvantage...that sword cuts both ways.

Already there have been a few casualties in this saga. A prominent blogger Ms. Vakaivosavosa has already shut down her blog because of pressure from the new "powers that be". Fiji Village have already closed off their forum for free discussion, after Tata William Parkinson and Papa Vijay Nayaran were "requested" to pay a "courtesy visit" to the junta men's stronghold at QEB. It seems that the popular Yellow Bucket is also a victim caught in the fallout of this latest move by the Military. No offense FijiVillage, but this is one person who is now wondering if you have succumbed to the Dark Side.

More people are now speaking out however, through the letters to the editor in the dailies, online and also amongst the various communities that make up our country. Whether this will boil over, is something we have yet to see..... but then again you never can tell....

So again, sign up to stand up for our freedom and that of our future generations. Speak out. Voice your concern.Let us not be the generation that stood by and did nothing. There are a lot of you out there who are against this coup, and the event's that have followed it. This is not the time to be afraid. We must speak out, clearly and convincingly, and state unequivocally, that we have had enough of the tyranny.

God Bless Fiji,


Bubu Josivini said...

Vinaka, vinaka na makubuqu!

Me da toso tikoga ki liu. E ra sa yavavala talega ko ira na nodai liuliu mai na wasa pasifika!

Na cici qo e cici balavu ragone!!

Chief Intelligentsiya said...

I salute you! Let's all hope on board to this ride back to freedom!