Friday, March 23, 2007

Na i Sau ni Bula Galala / The Cost of Freedom

Ni sa bula,

Au volavola tiko oqo kivei kemuni na noda ko ni dau lomana na noda vanua oqo ko Viti.

E da sa kila tu vakasigalevu na veika e sa mai yaco ena noda vanua, ka tekivu mai na i ka 5 ni Tiseba, 2006. E sa mai vakasivoi vakailoa na matanitu e da digitaka, ka ra sa mai kovea vakakaukauwa na veiliutaki ko ira na lewe ni noda mataivalu, ka liutaki ira kina ko Voreqe Bainimarama.

Mai na gauna ko ya me yacova na gauna oqo, e se toso tikoga na kena tete na veikovei oqo. Era sa mai vakacegui ko ira na vakaitutu tu e na taba ni veiqaravi na Civil Service, me rawa kina ni ra biu yani kina ko ira era na tokona na nodra i le na vakayacora na vuaviri oqo. Sa ra vakacegui talega e na sala e sega ni dodonu, ko ira na cakacaka tu e na vei tabana tale eso, me rawa ni vakadeitaki kina na veiliutaki butobuto e sa mai lewa tu na noda vanua, ka sa butuki keda sobu tikoga e na veisiga.

E na veidigidigi sa oti, e ya mai digitaki kina na lawalawa ni Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) me ra liutaka na noda vanua. Me vaka na yavu ni vakavulewa, e ratou a sureta kina na i lawalawa ni Fiji Labour Party (FLP) me ratou vakaduria vata na matanitu ka cici tiko mai e na yabaki sa oti, me yacova na Tiseba. Na veika e ya caka oqo e savasava, ka dodonu, ka muri kina vakavinaka na yavu ni vakavulewa ni noda vanua. Ia e mai seva kece ko ya, ni sa taura na mataivalu na veiliutaki, ka biuta vakatikitiki na noda dodonu na lewe i Viti, ka veisautaka na veika e sega ni dua na dodonu e tiko vei iratou me ratou veisautaka kina.

Kemuni na noda, e sa na vaka tu ga oqo na noda vanua? Kevaka e ra sega ni duavata ko ira e dua na i wase lailai ni lewe ni vanua i Viti kei na ka eda vinakata na i wase levu ni lewe ni vanua, e da duavata me na tauri vakakaukauwa na veiliutaki ni noda vanua? E da na biuta tu vei ira na luveda, vei ira e ra na muri keda mai, na i vakarau ni bula oqo me ra na bula kina, ka me na i vakarau ni bula tudei e na veisiga ni mataka e na noda Viti lomani?

E sega ni i tovo ni noda bula oqo!!!

Na noda i tovo na veivakarokorokotaki, va veisorosorovi, na solesolevaki, na veilomani, na veikawaitaki. Na vei ka oqo e dau rogo tu kina na noda vanua i na gauna sa oti, ka dau voqa tu yani ki na veiyasai vuravura na i tovo e ra dau rokataka o ira na noda qase.

Sa dodonu me da tokona na dina, me da cakacaka vakadodonu. Sa dodonu me da vakasama taka na veika sa yaco tiko e na noda vanua. Sa dodonu me da vunauca na ca, me da vakadodonutaka na noda i lakolako e sa kauti keda tiko yani kina na veiliutaki nei Bainimarama. Sa dodonu me da tukuna vei ira e ra vinakata me da bobula ki na dua na i vakarau ni bula e vulagi vei keda, ni da sega ni vinakata na bula oqo, ni da sega ni na tokona na toso oqo, ni dodonu me ra solia lesu tale na ulu ni veiliutaki ni noda vanua kivei ira e ra digitaki ki na i tavi cecere oqo.

Kevaka ko ni na sega ni vosa cake, e na takali tiko ga yani vakamalua na bula galala e da bula tiko kina e na dua na gauna sa oti, ka sa tekivu me kau tani tiko vakamalua vei keda. Na i sau ni bula galala o ya me da dau yadrava, ka taqomaka, ka karona, ka dau tokona ko keda kece. Oqo e sega ni i tavi e rawa ni ra colata ga e lewe vica. Na i colacola oqo e noda kece, baleta ni da na bula galala kecega o keda, kevaka e rawa ni da masuta na veiliutaki oqo, ni sa cala tiko na ka e ratou cakava tiko.

Na sala ni kena vakaraitaki na nomuni kudru e levu. E rawa ni vakaraitaki e na noda vei bose ni koro, na vei bose ni tikina, na vei bose ni yasana. e rawa ni da vakarogoya na noda sega ni duavata kei na matanitu tuvakawawa oqo e na noda dau sota vata, e na noda talanoataka ka tukuna vei ira e ra tu vakavoliti keda ni da sega ni tokona, ka sega ni duavata kei na kena dau vakayacori na i tovo kaukauwa me tauri kina na veiliutaki.

Na dina e dau tokona na Kalou. Na ka e cala e dau saqata na Kalou. Kevaka e da kila tiko na ka e dodonu me da cakava, ka da sega ni cakava, sa wili me noda cala o ya.

Au sa vakamasuti kemuni, mo ni tu dei, ka tu cake, ka saqata na veika butobuto e sa vakayacori tiko e na noda vanua. Au kila ni sa kilai tu vakamatata na veika au wasea tiko yani vei kemuni, ni sa kilai tu na kena cala na veika e caka tiko e na noda vanua. Sa dodonu me da vosa kina.

Me vaka e a kaya o Moatekai vei Esiteri e na i Volatabu:
"ia kevaka ko sa galu sara e na gauna oqo, e na qai yaco na veisereki kei na bula vei ira na Jiu, mai na dua na yasana tani, ia ena vakarusai ga ko iko kei na mataqali nei tamamu."

Au sa nuitaka ni da na tu vata ka saqata na cala sa caka tiko e na noda Viti Lomani.

Me vakalougatataki Viti ko Jiova.

(Translation in English)

I am writing this to those of you who love this nation of ours, Fiji.

We all know well, the events that have transpired within this nation of ours, beginning from the 5th of December, 2006. The elected Government was deposed by a group who took power forcefully and illegally, a group led by Frank Bainimarama.

From that moment until now, the influence of this usurper has spread throughout our nation. It has resulted in the suspension and sacking of senior members of our Civil Service, to make way for the placement of those who support the coup executers. Other bodies have not been exempt from this as well, with the illegal removal of persons from various boards and statutory bodies, as part of this regime's efforts to ensure their absolute control over our country, a process that continues to subjugate us.

In the last elections, the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party was given the mandate to lead our nation. In line with the Constitution, they invited the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) to join with them in Government. All this was done in accordance with the Constitution, an adherance that lasted until the RFMF took over power, and removed the elected Government, and is now changing the very things that they do not have the mandate to change.

My fellow citizens, will our nation continue like this? If a minority within our country are not happy with the will of the majority, does it give them the right to overthrow the Government of the day? Is this the legacy that we will leave our children, and those that come after us, as the way we in Fiji live?

This is not the way we live our lives!!!!!

Our way is that of mutual respect, of give-and-take, of working together, of comradeship and of doing our best for others. These things have defined us, as a nation in times past, and is what our fathers were reknown for around the world.

We must support the truth, and do the right thing. Rightfully, we need to consider the events that have happened in our land. We must speak out against this evil, and choose the path better than this one Bainimarama is leading us along. We need to tell those who would subdue us, and subject us to a way of life foreign to us, that we do not want this way of living, and we do not support this direction, that the reins of our nations should be returned to those we have collectively chosen to lead us.

If you do not speak out, then this freedom that we enjoy will fade away. The cost of such a freedom is our eternal vigilance, and our care, and our communal support for it. This is not a task for the few. This is a task each of us must commit ourselves to, because the benefits of this freedom will be enjoyed by all, if we are able to convince this regime that the choices they made were not in our best interests.

The ways to voice your dissapproval of this are many. you can speak out in your village meetings, in your district meetings, in your provincial meetings. You can tell others of your oppostion to this interim Government when you meet others, and speak of your opposition, and your disapproval of the illegal way the governance of our nation is taken by force.

God always stands for the truth and against lies. If we know the right thing to do, and do not do it, that is our sin, our weakness.

I plead with you all, to stand firm, and stand up, and oppose this immoral act, that is now happening in our country. I know that all the things I have said are well known to you, that you are well aware of how wrong the activities of this regime is. it is only right that we speak out against it.

In the Bible, Mordecai said to Ester (in the book of Ester):
"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish."

I remain hopeful that we will stand together in opposition to the things that are taking place in our beloved Fiji.

God Bless Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for everything you are doing.
"The Lord bring the counsel of the heathen to nought: he make the devices of the people none effect." Psalm 33:10
"Thanks be to God who always cause us to triumph:"
God is still in controll and He will do exactly what he said in his time.

Wedge Antilles said...

I think our Colonial roots with Britain, gives us a sense of shared history with them. In particular, we find it easy to identify with the great importance and devotion they place on their democratic values. These are values that they have struggled through many centuries of trials and war to develop and defend. And it is largely these values which are responsible for the greatness of Great Britain today. But when we think about it, our identification with these values in a historical sense is largely vicarious. We talk about things like free speech as a right, but we forget that the nations (US, France, UK, etc) who champion those rights, paid very dearly to gain them in their history. But when it comes to our own history, we've always let politics get in the way of principle when it came to standing up to challenges against those values. And so now we find ourselves in same situation yet again - perhaps our last chance to stand up for democratic values before the destiny and nature of Fiji's statehood changes forever. So I suppose in that sense, if we are not prepared to sacrifice and stand up for things like free speech as other nations have, then perhaps we don't really deserve those priveleges. Of course, if we shrink from this challenge now, then we will have effectively made sure our children don't enjoy those priveleges either. I urge us to seriously reflect on this - and let's see what we're made of!

GOT PROOF? said...

Thank you for the translation. The people of this country need to realise that regardless of race, we will all suffer the consequences of our silence. Should we remain silent, the illegal military regime will continue this suffering. No one will want to invest in Fiji if this military dictator continues ruling this country.
Now they've put Mr Ah Koy in charge of FTIB - there goes the bank. He'd never be involed in something he won't make millions out of so you can expect the man to sell us out to the asians that he brought over soon after coup takeover.
We're heading for decline very fast, and the illegal regime is at fault and no one else!
Stand up now for your rights to a better life for you and your children.

news fiji said...

I was very touched and moved by this letter. I will now endevour to send it to as many people as i can via e-mail including Frank Bainimarama.

As i have said previously in some other comments, what are we going to do about it?

We cannot just sit back in the comfort of our homes and continue to write articles that will move people.

Now is the time for action.

Since public gatherings of people are now deemed illegal, it is up to the individual to act.

Who is up to the test?

I will try again. Believe, i've tried, and till todate the army is still looking for me.

One piece of advise " if you're doing the right thing, God will protect you, no matter what" So don't be afraid of anything!