Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ni sa Bula,

The latest foot-in-mouth quote is the inspiration for this post. Make that a leg-in-mouth ( up to the vunisagana!!!)....from no other than our own Bai-cronium.

He warned the unions that if they do go on strike, the military will step in to protect the public. Firstly, the unions are not hellbent to assault the public. The soldiers are. And to make things worse, they do not take responsibility for what they do. Mrs. Rabaka is still waiting for the result of investigations of the murder of her son, and has now stated that if she does not hear anything about this soon, she will be taking the both the Army and the Police to court. This is one mother this blog is supporting wholeheartedly. If we can help in any way, Mrs. Rabaka, please let us know. The email address to contact us on is on the left had side.

So what are we going to do about this? We are already speaking out, and we are starting to be heard....tomorrow, more people will hear about us....but we need more of you to say with us "ENOUGH".

So I appeal to you, join us. The more of us, the louder we shout, and the harder it is for our voices to be ignored. We are doing this out of our love for our country, and we need your support to make it stick. If we want a better Fiji for us and those who will come after us, then we must be brave, and courageous, and stand against this illegal regime, that has broken homes, destroyed families, caused unemployment, and dragged our beloved island nation into the pit of despondancy.

On a lighter note, our sevens warriors are going to the Happy Valley hunting ground that has been the site of so many memorable victories. Our prayers and well wishes go with you. you always make us proud, and we hope to the best, that God gives us the victory.

Stay safe and well.

God Bless Fiji,

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Anonymous said...

I Thank all of you bloggers for getting the truth out to all of us. Thank you for your courage.We wait, we listen and we are ready.