Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Mounting Resistance...

Dou bula,

It's heartening to know that even in Fiji, while things move at "Fiji Time" things do move. That they are moving at such a mundane pace is no reason to panic, things are bubbling along and slowly, the opposition to this illegal regime is gathering.

The Civil Servants are currently organising themselves to go on strike. When this group does go on strike, it will basically bring the whole Government mechanism to a grinding halt, and the response of the military to this will be interesting to see. Already speculations are rife within the country, with almost everyone second-guessing the reaction of the military and the junta that grips Fiji. The outcome of the secret ballots are almost a given for most of us...a mandate for a strike against the IG and the impositions that they have unilaterally put on the shoulders of the people.

The Pacific Forum Ministers have met in Port Vila, and according to a fellow blog, they have basically confirmed the stance presented in the leaked EPG Report, that the curent Government is illegal, that the actions of the military on and after December 5th is illegal and that the army should return to Barracks, that Frankie should step down and that a democratically elected Government must be brought in ASAP. Look for more stupid comments from the Military (Leweni & Co), the IG ( Aiyaz & Co), and a slew of foot-in-mouth utterances in the future....hint on the names to get a taste of what you can expect. it just me or has the Head Junta man toned down his public utterances lately. He probably got some excellent PR advice...every time he opens his mouth, its a disaster waiting to happen...just like this little gem...a tamani big vinaka vakalevu to "ole Frankie". Sometimes you do say the darndest things...well, make that most of the time. If you want Helen to stop "interfering, then tell her to keep her aid dollars...that's right, you can't do that can you? Proof that the old adage that "beggars can't be choosers" is still true.

Which brings me to the latest thing on this blog. I am now holding a little competition, that will run daily, and the objective is to find the Foot-In-The-Mouth quote of the day regarding the events of this coup. I will post the quote daily, and the person(s) alerting me to the quote will get a special please email away and remember to include your nickname, unless you are some sort of sadist, love-a-visit-from-the-twin-cab-crews, fitness freak. LOL.

Oh, and please keep on signing up to oppose this coup. Things are in the pipeline, and soon I will start emailing suggestions out to those of you who have signed up so that collectively, we can do our bit for Fiji.

And just to set the record straight...Ricardo Morris is not the person behind me on this one.

Ni sa moce.

God Bless Fiji,

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Vox Populi said...

It's good to see that good men and women ARE doing something - such as standing behind the strikers. It's the beginning of a lloooooong, long road!