Monday, March 26, 2007

More Ways to spend Money That is Not Yours....


We have now lived under this junta for almost three months..which reminds me...kudos to Dr. Wadan Narsey for referring to this illegal regime as a junta on National TV last night. You rock Dr. Narsey!!!!!!

What was rather depressing however, was the fact that despite the media coverage that the unions are getting over their strike action threats (I'd link to the pages but they are legion..too many for one link to do justice to) is the little known and very sad fact that this Interim Junta has suspended the Wages Council.

This is a council that oversees the wages of workers like drivers, building/civil/electrical trades, hotel & catering and the like. They represent the poorest of Fiji's workforce, with most of them subsisting at or below the poverty line. The Wages Council was the legislated mechanism for these workers to have guaranteed wage levels that would ensure a decent living standard. Now the illegal junta has gone and kicked them all in the teeth...make that in the pocket.

So the Bainimocracy (my contribution to the English Language) prevailing in Fiji now has not only cut the pay of the Civil Service, it has effectively neutered the ability of the poorest, non-unionised workers to have the peace of mind of a fair days pay.

That should signal to the most, if not all of us, the hypocrisy of this regime. The claim that the Head Junta made that this coup was for the people is blatantly false. It's for him, his relatives ( 4 of whom now have Senior Civil Service positions, if I remember correctly), his friends, and his lackeys....nepotism or what!!!!

And now this....a 4-page ad in today's Fiji Times with the junta's too much!!!!!! Using our own tax dollars ( stealing our tax dollars is more like it) to shovel this rubbish at us. I will be posting a reply to this soon...for now, I'm just trying to wrap my mind around this.

To the Fiji Times editor...would you allow us, or those who think that this crap they are referring to as policy is going too far, the right to reply to it? If so, then I think the funds to pay you can be sourced. Please consider this request favourably. I will be in touch via email to reconfirm this request.

I have to go get some fresh air....the bullshit spewing from this regime is clogging up the country!!!!


ex Fiji Tourist said...

“Say something loud enough and often enough and people might believe it is the truth”; this is the basis of the propaganda warfare being waged against the people of Fiji by the illegal bunch of loonies in green pyjamas.
Today, the army puppet purporting to be a policeman plucks a lovely round number like 400 out of the air and tells people that he is doing a good job investigating corruption.
This number is just as false as everything else that Bananainpyjamas has told Fijians.
But, it makes you wonder about the veracity of the Editorials in this paper when they start quoting obvious dubious propaganda as facts. Maybe the writer was under duress; perhaps influenced by someone in green.

Anonymous said...

True - whats with the Fiji Times and other mainstream media ? Self-censorship my muli !

Anonymous said...

Never believe the propaganda numbers by the army, for the Ministerial appointments they said they had received a large number of applications, an inside souces said most of the "applications" were acutally complaints and there were not more than 25 actual applications (wonder how many of these were even serious/worthy applicants), this is bourne out by the fact that most of the IG ministers said they were "approached", more like they were already promised beforehand. What we're now seeing is a lot of witch hunts, settling of old scores and opportunists who will be using this unit to waste more tax payer money on wild goose chases.

Anonymous said...

bro, dont paste this one the blog...just wondering, have you seen intelligentsiya a strange impersonal message from him the other day, anyway is it true that they know who the gang overseas are that are supposedly helping intelligentsiya??? Why hasnt intelligentsiya posted anything new as well???

email me back@

Sorry bro, kani dont know how to email dont know, sa sona ehhh....hahahahaha

Whodat said...

The military’s penchant for “non negotiable” demands is shining through again in their face off with the unions. The IG is acting like the 2007 Budget is set in stone – but many of us know that is not true! We expect Mahen is going to have to go back to Cabinet very soon to ask for a supplementary allocation to the military’s 2007 budget. They will probably need at least another $40 million or so, which is ironically about the same as it would take to restore civil service wages. But that's not going to happen because the IG's real plan is that they really think the fiscal austerity of the revised 2007 Budget will result in a mini economic boom in three years time (just in time for democratic elections)! First of all, that thinking is deluded because our economy is going to be "toast" for at least the next two years - so sorry guys, dream on! And second of all, Fiji's common law does not give an interim or caretaker government the mandate to make major policy decisions like that for the nation. So stop forcing our civil servants to pay for your stupid coup, and for your 2010 election vesu mona platform.