Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Time to stand up.....together

I am a proud Fijian. That is until this coup by the Fiji Military Forces threw everything out of we have to try to pick up the pieces and get things back on track.

Why? That is my question.

Is there any justification for a coup? Was there a total breakdown in law and order in our country? How come there has been a coup, the removal of a democratically elected government, the installing of a new President, an Interim Government, the total remodling of our Civil Service, the trunicating of our economy, the lack of any evidence to collaborate the claims of corruption, the bypassing of our judicial system, the corrupting of our judges, our Human Rights watchdog...the list goes on and on and on and on.....

And it's growing daily......


Edmund Burke said it best:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

It's time for us, the good men and women of Fiji to do these people did. They stood against something they did not agree with, in solidarity, and their stand made the IG pause, and it negotiated with them. The end result is that they managed to achieve something the deposed government, our neighbours Australia and New Zealand, the Commonwealth, the NGO's and a whole host of others have tried to and failed to get....a concession out of the Interim Government.

If we all did that, if we all stood together, and told Bainimarama and his cronies "ENOUGH!!! We will not tolerate this anymore!!!" and if there are enough of us, we can bend this regime and force it to do the will of the people of Fiji. We can get it to stop the lies, the allegations, the abuse, the uncalled-for hardship..... and if we can achieve that, then democracy is alive in our country.

The only reason this coup is succeeding is that we are not doing anything to oppose it. It is time to do something. The only thing that will be effective will be something that is done in solidarity. And we should not look to others to do this, for the task has fallen to us....this is our burden to shoulder, for the future generations and the wellbeing of our nation. If we fail, then Fiji as we know and love it, the way the world should be will be no more. That would be a shame, to say the least.

If you agree to this, please email me a contact. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, snail mail etc....let's see if the claim by Bainimarama that the majority of the people support his "clean-up" campaign really holds water.

Please be assured that your contacts will never be handed over to the Fiji Military Forces. Your interaction with this website cannot be traced. The FMF has tried this already and failed.

This blog will also carry a listing of people who have indicated that they are willing to do something to get us out of the hole that is being dug under us.

God Bless Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Thank you intelligentsiya! Keep the heat on. The numbers are out there, we just need a leader. May the freedom of speech and expression reign!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the real reason for this coup was because of Corruption in the Govt. What happened to that?

It looks to me like Bainimarama is now giving the coup perpertrators a chance to run this country because they can only do so with the Barrel of a Gun.

I wonder if the coup perpertrators are going to back Bainimarama when democracy returns.

God Bless Fiji.