Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where Did 6 Years of Economic Decline Go?

Ni Sa Bula,

This post is to address a claim that the junta that illegally runs our country keeps making, and repeating, in the faint hope that maybe it will make us believe it.

The matter that sticks in my craw is the claim that over the last 6 years, the economy has been in decline. I attribute this current decline to the events eminating, and perpentrated since December 5th. Bainimarama claims that "it is totally wrong to associate it in any way to the political transition" or clean-up campaign. Am I the only one who senses a warped view of reality here or do you as well?

Since the coup in 2000, there have been numerous developments in the tourism industry, the real estate industry and accross the economy in general. Hotels like the Novotel, Sofitel and others have sprung up. Buildings like the new Vodafone house, Manohan House, the new FIRCA building, the developments in Savusavu, the new Rewa bridge, and a whole host of others, all these are not signs of a declining economy.

The tourism industry is no different. Tourists stayed away during the events of 2000 but very quickly flocked back to our beaches, drawn irresistably by the sun, sea and surf, and the friendly warmth of the Fijian hosts. The numbers steadlily grew in the past six years until the coup last year, which caused a drastic downturn in the industry, so much so that workers in hotels across the country faced layoffs, reduced working hours and a very bleak Christmas.

The mine in Vatukoula, once a source of employment in Tavua and the surrounding areas, was closed in the days after the coup. While there are suspicions that the coup provided a convenient excuse, the quick sale and purchase of the mine makes one wonder if the mine was really running into the end of it's life.

The salaries and wages of the Fiji workforce was on the rise, and none enjoyed this more than the RFMF. While Bainimarama claims to have been the reason for this increase in salaries, wages and allowances for his soldiers, we must not forget that the ultimate decision was the SDL Governments. Ironicly, then, that the very institution that gained the most during it's time in Government was also the instrument of it's demise.

So, where, I ask is the evidence to verify the claim that the previous Government, in it's six years in power, squandered the wealth of our island nation? I know that others see things the same way, because the 2006 elections saw the same Government back in power, re-elected and given a new vote of confidence by the people of Fiji. A vote the RFMF trampled and ignored in the actions they undertook.

Perhaps the most telling fact is that the PSC has now suffered paycuts, including the Army's own Acting Chief Justice, who was understandbly unhappy with the whole shebang. Late breaking news on one of the media sites had the Interim AG saying that the judges would not be subject to the paycuts. Funny when one considers that the head Juntaman himself made the statement on national TV....could this be the beginning of the unravelling of this "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves". The hilarious part in all this is that the deposed Government did not have to resot to such drastic measures.

So I say : Stop the lies Bainimarama. The real reason for the slump in the economy is you, you moron. Your actions are the real reason of destability, and until you are gone, removed, or toppled, this negative growth will continue. So, please take this to heart.


You are ruining our lives, our economy, our Government, and our country. We did not ask for your assistance, we do not need your assistance and we can do without your sticky little paws in the pie.

Thanks for nothing, Baicronium...just a tip, you might want to check your head Moron Mahen, he's the one who lit the paycut fire, and you're the one doing the firefighting. Actually, it just makes you look like a moron.


God Bless Fiji,

PS Check this out...seems like we are making enough noise to be heard!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is right. Propaganda at work. Let's pray that the common people of this country, alot of them are in rural areas will not just believe this. Good Men and Women of this country must tell them. Must let them know what is the real thing.

mawdsomething said...

That is true. Those of us who can either tell them around the tanoa, when we talanoa, or even give them a printout of this should do so.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I fully agree with you. Keep up the good work and may God richly bless you.

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous thing in the world is when power is in the hand of a stupid,naive,brain damaged person like Vore Baini Marama. Thank again mawdsomething for telling nothing else but the truth.

Wedge Antilles said...

I think the clincher in terms of this argument is the Reserve Bank's economic growth forecasts over the past 6 years. They very closely predicted Fiji's actual economic growth figures, and were only ever a few tenths of a percentage point "off". This was even despite the acknowledged and oft-cited structural problems with our economy, that the political doomsayers and USP limelight-hoggers cited in predicting the kind of "certain" economic decline that never eventuated until the coup of December 5th. Up til that time, Fiji's economic growth for 2007 was still forecast at over 3%. Now it is slated to fall by 2-4%. The IG must think the people of Fiji are unbelievably stupid that we cannot make even that simple association!

Whodat said...

This is also another example of the inability of the Kau Mai Da and his cronies to differentiate between how things work in the military, versus how they work in civilian affairs. Because foot-soldiers are trained not to question orders, any propaganda, as long as it originates from the Commander, will go down like a cold beer on a hot day in the RFMF. But in the civilian arena where it is actually in peoples’ interest to question things that affect them, such bald-faced contrivances will normally be debunked by the first probing question. That kind of reaction comes as an enormous culture shock to Major Ahhh-na-da and his fellow thought police, hence their obsessive-compulsive response of trying to “supervise” the news media, and of shoveling even greater piles of propaganda manure into Fiji’s mass media communication channels.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely one of the biggest lies that keeps getting repeated by Bainimara supporters. Apart from all the urban improvements mentioned in the blog there were also ice plants built out in the rural and also what many people would consider simple but makes a big impact in villages - community halls and water tanks. Unfortunately the sad case is propaganda is really effective in Fiji and people seem ready to believe anything that comes down the grapevine and media - which of course the IG is using to the max. I'm starting to think that would be the best way to get to the masses, counter propaganda methods like mawdsomething suggested.

Anonymous said...

amazing that this is what Voreqe is telling his men that there was a lot of loan during Qarase's reign. the question is where is the evidence??....keep up the fight. thank u to America for revoking ur visa.