Thursday, October 18, 2007

Promises and Lies....

Ni Sa Bula,

As the title of this post probably aluded to, today's focus is on the promises that this regime has made, and the lies that have been told.

In Tonga, Bainimarama made committments to take us to elections by March 2009, and actually signed agreements that this would be done under the current 1997 Constitution. The day after, though, we have this man stating that he would be making changes to the Constitution, and he would be doing so before the elections.

Now why doesn't that surprise me?

This regime has made it a norm to renege on their promises. It has promised so many things that it has not delivered on. It said that there was corruption rampant in the previous governments. It stated that it would deliver the evidence, yet the lack of evidence, is deafening in it's unavailability.


Now surely that is one tamani big lasu this regime has told the people of Fiji.

Another is the often hyped "Moving Forward" claim. Sometimes, you wonder, how the idiots who call themselves the Government can see the world around them. The evidence of the deteorating state of our economy is all around, yet this regime, and it's frantic supporters still claim wildly that things are going to be better. Sorry....things were better. I could criticise Qarase. I could say my piece without fear of retribution, or retaliation. Fear was a small child then, now it's a big hulking brute that bestrides this island paradise and holds many in its grip, riddling them with the inability to speak out. How can that be moving forward?

We have another lie, the one Mahendra told the farmers, that the EU money was forthcoming. Not according to this. Guess now the farmers that have formed the middleground of the FLP must feel kinda bad, considering that their "champion" has now morphed into something they just can't really have to feel for them.

Then there was the promise, the no member of this regime would benefit from the coup. Guess that one is so far gone now, that to resurrect the lie in the minds of the people of Fiji would be akin to Jesus calling Lazarus forth from the tomb. Countless numbers of supporters of this regime have benefitted immensly from the coup, of which Teleni, Leweni, Aiyaz, Shaista, the Bainimarama clan and the Chaudry horde are the principle receipients.

No matter where you look, the coup has changed the political, economical and socialogical face of our nation.

Never has it seemed so dark.
Never has it seemed so hopeless.
Never has it seemed useless.

But it isn't.....not if you refuse to accept it. If you believe that we can overcome this, that we are better than this, that we can, and will rise above this, you will hope. Hope that Fiji will restored to her place, that her sons and daughters will again live in peace, that our children will not bear the burdens that we bear.

So let us pray for our nation. Let us speak for her. Let us tell all who watch us that we, the people of Fiji, have had enough of this crap, that we want, we deserve a better leader, a better government that what has been visited upon us. We need to stand together, united and sepak in one voice....and the good times will come. That, my brothers and sisters, is a promise that is no lie.

God Bless Fiji,
FijianBlack aka Mawdsomething

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