Sunday, May 20, 2007

Keeping Our Eye On The Ball.

Ni Sa Bula,

I know... I know...I didn't post over the weekend. I apologise. I spent the weekend unwinding, and taking a step back to look at everything from another perspective. While doing this, something jumped out at me, something that I think needs to be brought to the nation's attention.

Lately, the news has been filled with items about the attempts to block the blogs, of blogs being hacked, of blogs being moved and of blogs being, well....blogs. The FHRC has also jumped on the IG anti-blog bandwagon, claiming that blog posts are in violation of the Constitution. Guess what Shameem...... your entire Government is in violation of the Constitution. Also what do you make of this sort of comment from one Mahendra Chaudry?

"We did not have a culture of rigged elections in Fiji before Qarase,"

Doesn't this "damage the reputation, dignity, privacy, or rights and freedoms of other individuals" and shouldn't you also prosecute Mahen for making this sort of allegation in the media? If you prosecute him, and hold him in a cell for saying the things he has said about the electoral process, then in our view, you would be qualified to make statements about the things we are saying. At the moment, you are nothing more that the IG's lapdog, barking from behind it's skirts. Please focus on your efforts to prosecute the murderers of Rabaka and Verebasaga, so that their families can find closure and peace.

Of course, I haven't said anything about the elephant in the room....your idol, the Interim Government, who is by far, the largest damager of human rights, reputation, dignity and freedom of the citizens of this nation. They have killed, tortured, detained, hurt, slandered and maimed innocent people, and they try to sell this to us in the name of a "clean-up"!!!! What lies!!! What an insult to our intelligence!!!! What a total load of crap!!!!

Please tell your masters, shut their mouths. We are tired of their lies.

Another favourite lie of the IG is the claim that the economy was going down under the leadership of the deposed Government.

Can anyone tell me, if the economy was really on the slide, why would there be high-rise buildings sprouting all over Suva? How ironic that the FHRC is housed in one of these? Would there be multi-million hotel developments in the west, and the north? The backlog of $2.6 billion worth of tourism-related projects is another indicator of the fact that investors had confidence in Fiji's economy, that they saw it as a worthwhile place to invest their money. We also saw sporting events for the region like the SPG 2003 being hosted in Fiji. Even sports like sailing, power-lifting and netball had selected Fiji as the venue of their respective world meets. All that came to a sudden and definite stop with the greedy, inconsiderate power grab of a small group of narrow-minded, unforgiving men and women, who in one fell swoop, took us back to a place we had turned our backs on 3 times in the past.

Bainimarama and his cultish followers still harp on about the events of 2000. I guess for all their fasting and praying, the FMF has not learnt the simple Christian truth, that unless you forgive, God will not forgive you. They are also trying their utmost to distort the truth. Thank God that we have blogs, where each of us can, with a little time and dedication, broadcast our views to the world. The worst part of it is that within their ranks are the children of the late Rt. Mara. The fact that his son and daughters are involved with the FMF makes me wonder if they are that guillible, that they cannot see that Bainimarama was the one who removed their Ratu from the Presidency. He could have backed the old man on the hill, and stood by him when the chips were down in 2000. That the children of one of Fiji's greatest statesman (I do not wish to dive into the allegations relating his ancestry, his modus operandi...I will stick to the verified facts of his life) are in arms with the architect of his demise, speaks volumes of their gullibility, and their greed. I prefer to think that they are just guilible, because the alternative is too horrifying to consider. To imagine that they are guilty of patricide is a path I do not wish to take because that is what they are guilty of, if they know exactly what Bainimarama did on the naval ship in the Suva harbour during the 2000 crisis. If my own father was in that position, I would move heaven and earth to get to his aid. If I commanded the largest regiment in the FMF, trust me, there would be blood spilt before I let anyone do those things to my Ratu, especially if he represented law and order. But that is just my opinion....

Now this one just got me all tied up on knots, I couldn't stop laughing at the irony of it. Read the following line, that has been replicated in countless media outlets all over the world.

"the anonymous blogger known as Fijian Black"

I am FijianBlack. I am not anonymous. I have a name, an online presence, and the world at large can read and see my views whenever they so desire. That is not anonymity. The fact that my online persona cannot be linked with my physical being is a result of the situation we face in Fiji. We are threatened with acts that anyone who retains his/her sanity would not want to be subjected to. They killed Sakiusa Rabaka on the suspicion of his involvement in marijuana smoking. Imagine what they will do to me, and my family!!!! While I have considered this, and now believe that it is more costly to me to stay silent, that I must speak out, believe me, I put myself, and my family on the line every time I post. I believe, however, that Fiji is worth the sacrifice, that the hope that we can rise out of this quagmire, and become great again, and take our place in the echelon of civilized nations will one day come true.

So I blog. We blog. We are doing what we are supposed to be doing. We are doing what the FHRC, the Judiciary, the Government should be doing. We are looking out for the rights, the dignity, the freedom, of the people of Fiji. We bring to the world's attention, the failures, the flaws, the mistakes of this regime that is illegally ruling over this nation, oppressing it's people, and riding roughshod over their will.

And that must be our focus. We must focus on the weaknesses, the shortcomings, the failures of this regime. The single, largest shortcoming of this regime is that it is illegal. Why do they need the guns, if they are certain of their legitimacy? Why have they taken over all arms of the Forces, of the various branches and agencies of Government, if they were sure that what they are doing is right? Why are they scared of having elections? WHY??????

We must ask these questions. We must probe, and dig, for unless we see things as they truly are, and not as this IG says it is, we will never heal our nation. And our children will be doomed to repeat our mistakes, because we were too lazy to learn from them.

God Bless Fiji,


Anonymous said...

Ameni , ameni - you have got your eyes squarely on that ball ! Good on you - keep on being like that dog with the bone in its mouth - never ever let it go until we as a nation get what we deserve - a government for the people by the people - warts and all but at least we we will have our due processes that will keep us a "civilised" society - one that doesn't head southward in the image of Zimbabwe etc.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Fijian Black, I enjoy reading your posts.God Bless you and keep you safe & God bless Fiji.

newsfiji said...

To Fijian Black: you have expressed yourself and what is going on so clearly that your article needs to be printed, converted into the fijian language and sent out to the far corners of Fiji for every individual to see and read.

I agree with anon 1, 5.20pm that your eyes are squarely on that ball!

The stories that people are coming up with all over the country are countless...that this government has just brought us nothing but hardship and poverty!

Fijian Black: why don't you suggest we do something about this illegal regime..we're with you all the way..word on the ground is that a leader is needed do emerge from this madness in Fiji!

It could be you..only God knows..but till then..May God keep you and your family safe and so as us, the people that wish for a speedy return to democracy!

News Fiji

Anonymous said...

And Shyster don't forget the report on the CRW deaths which the late Sailosi Kepa promised almost seven years ago. How far back does your involvement and that of your sister with Bainimarama go?

Anonymous said...

Good work guys... Keep them coming and in time, with the support you are getting we will be able to cry out with one voice and the world will have to listen even if the this illegal regime won't!

Bai said...

Vinaka for continuing the blog fight against these thugs and human rights abusers!
As always, well said and clarified for all the nation to read and understand.

Keep it up and keep it going.

btw, I'm blogging now from

stay safe.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent presentation of the silent majority!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have more than clarified things for us here overseas. We are with you - our hearts are with you. We are all praying for Fiji's freedom. Please take care and be safe. Your courage is encouraging to everyone who believes in the right to democracy.
For Freedom!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka FijianBlack!
Your blogs are good, but please refrain from mentioning marijuana when mentioning Rabaka. That was the excuse the murdering cowards dreamt up after. When he was picked up, he was just hanging around outside, as youngsters do, chatting to friends. To date there has been no evidence of the marijuana, no actual sample, and no blood test results....not to mention no evidence of the corruption that justified the coup

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Fijian Black! Another maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanificent article!

I agree! NO WAY are you anonymous! I bet the name "Fijian Black" is on the lips of all those out there who read the Freedom Bloggers and I also bet their numbers grow by the day.

Bravo to you! And well done!

Only one criticism: you wasted good cyber space on the Shyster!

For someone who's being paid good money (and being supplied with flashy transport by the nz taxpayer) to protect human rights, she's an apalling example of the depths cynical go-getters can sink to when they are only interested in their own selfish agenda.

She's a transparently two-faced, amoral/loser/opportunist/self-opiniated coup supporter ... I bet every time she gets mentioned in the blogs she secretly enjoys the limelight because she's too rapt in herself to understand how her ratbag ways are vile and disgusting to us ordinary people.

And please note Shyster: this is not a "hate blog" and slagging Shyster for her behaviour and public utterances is not "sinnuendo." It's an honest opinion by an honest Fijian. So don't try and twist my words!

Look at her last press release on the human rights commission website. What absolute hypocrisy! Her pronouncements on "human rights" are clearly self contradicting.

So much so that she reminds me of the driving instructor who barks at one pupil for not indicating a right-hand turn and then says (to her favourite pupil) it doesn't matter that you ran over that little old lady cos the little old lady was not on the pedestrian crossing where shes supposed to be!

Once again Fijian Black ... you do every one of us proud! Take the very best of care of yourself and your loved ones (cant wait for your next posting!!!!)

mark manning said...

hi fiji
I'm back !
mark manning here again.I thought i'd have a break and see just what transpires (happens ) while i stayed away !
i would suggest that just about everything i predicted from december 2006 , has come to pass (happened ) . how sad for you fijians , and your offspring ( children and grandchildren ) . i sincerely hope that something constructive eventually comes out of this last coup.should the people involved , all be prosecuted for treason ? including the new zealand solicitors who originally advised the military , would that deter others from doing the same in the future ? should you set up a royal commission (or at least the equivalent ) to find out why there was another coup,who was behind it and what the truthful reason was for this coup.was it the murders of the crw soldiers in 2000 and fear of prosecution that sparked this coup ? was it a greedy grab for power , or just a last ditched effort to hang onto a title or the purse strings ? i'm pleased to know that some people of fiji have come out from hiding and are voicing their opinions . remember ,right is might and the pen is mightier than the sword .
It's a tragedy that the european union hasn't stopped payment to fiji and that the united nations continues to accept peacekeeping troops from fiji.stop all that money going into fiji , and that would bring this coup to a grinding halt quick smart .And did i read it correctly ? are choudry and the commander now dissagreeing with each other and if so , does that suggest that choudry may have used the commander to rest back control of the finances , but now simply dismisses him as a spent force ? I'm interested to see what the future holds !

Bainivore said...

Interesting times ahead, with the new appointments to the anti-rot commission, kiwi lawyers et al.

The national council for 'building a better Fiji' is what i'm concerned about.

The illegal military administration claim they invited over 100 people from different walks of life to give in their submissions before end of month.

The people of Fiji have a right to know :

The other thing people should be asking is WHY NOT WAIT TILL ELECTIONS TO FORM THIS GROUP?

Vinaka Fijian Black.
Your name is now an icon for justice, truth, righteousness, all the things this junta isn't.

Anonymous said...

Fijian Black, I still think you are a anonymous coward. If you have the guts, which I doubt you have, then come out and say who you are. Tell us your name and we will respect you. Otherwise you will remain in dark as your name suggests.

Anonymous said...

"I guess for all their fasting and praying, the FMF has not learnt the simple Christian truth, that unless you forgive, God will not forgive you". So why don't you forgive the RFMF for Dec 5 2006, eh, Fijian black.

Anonymous said...

Love this posting. I had read it a while back and emotions were so rife within me at the time that perhaps it could have been summed up with just one foul word ... but then again I need to translate my thoughts into words so that the IG realise the things working inside the brains of persons within Fiji.

Most have been requesting the IG to present the evidence against the LQ govt and Frank has been saying all along that their actions itself is evidence of corrupt acts being undertaken by persons who were previously appointed to the posts (supposedly by the LQ Govt). Suddenly it seems that all and sundry was LQ's fault. The appointments, the processes, the exchanges, the diplomatic missions, the agreements and yadda yadda were all the fault of the LQ govt.

It seems like short-charging to me squarely pinning the blame on someone like LQ. And it seems convenient that it has to be Laisenia Qarase shouldering the blame for the processes that were in place long before he took office. And if officers appointed to posts did engage in corrupt practices, why should LQ be responsible for that??? There are discplinary measures in place and persons in immediate authority to take such persons to task.

This will do for now but good job on your blogsite.