Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Iceberg Just Got Bigger....


I just took a break from doing chores around the house to post these comments for you to read....

And stay glued to your monitors...the next protest is coming soon....very soon.

Anonymous said...

God bless the ones who stayed home and the ones who have to go because of the coward 'THREAT' made Taina to civil servants.

Fijilive also need to rewrite their headings..Civil Servants didn't 'defy' the protest called and went to work...they were 'THREATENED' by their superiors...a sign of human rights abuse in the verbal sense.

May 2, 2007 8:05 AM
Anonymous said...

AWESOME stand and God bless you for suggesting it. There were 6 of us who had a mokosiga day away - so please add us to your list. Keep up the fight - there are many people behind you !

May 2, 2007 3:09 PM
Anonymous said...

the mere fact that PSC went to great lengths to ensure that all civil servants were at work is victory indeed. The free mileage they gave to the protest was victory in itself.

Keep up the good work. the end is near. God Bless Fiji.

They can run but cant hide.

May 2, 2007 4:55 PM
Anonymous said...

Honestly, we went to work BUT didnt do much. We just spent most of the time reading magazines, newspapers, talking, etc... anything but work.
We didnt file reports as expected, we didnt finish tasks that was given...

May 2, 2007 4:56 PM
Captain Freedom said...

6 of my friends were at my place drinking grog that day. We all work at different places but all came up with the excuse of having 'running stomach'..

And we will do it again.

May 2, 2007 4:58 PM
Anonymous said...

Apart from May 1, my every day now is a protest against what is happening and not a day goes by without me talking to people , like-minded or not, about issues that we need to consider seriously and not accept lying down. I'm continualy surprised (though I really shouldn't be) by the number of people who just abhor the current situation, the army, the IG etc...and even more pleasantly surprised that this is not just blind, bigotted , xenophobic hatred but a stand based on quite a good grasp and analysis of information that is available to them. Given that we're not getting much from the mainstream media, you and the other freedom bloggers will have to take the credit for providing us with good and reliable information.

Don't, even for a second, think that what you and other freedom bloggers are doing, are not having an effect. You provide us with a lifeline to our sanity, our conscience, our principles. Your blogs provide fuel that we need to endure another day of oppression, repression and just plain aridity of the spirit. Don't worry, it will all translate into action...even if it does not seem that way now.

May 3, 2007 4:35 PM

And just to show that there are a lot of us, and more than those idiots who are trying their damndest to ruin this paradise...this is the latest result taken from the poll that I have had running on here for almost 2 months:

God Bless Fiji,


Anonymous said...

Fiji's freedom bloggers are winning every time they strike a blow for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Fiji.

You have friends everywhere! One of them is "Patriot Abroad".

Look what she has done at

Alternatively, go straight to and type FIJI CHILDREN in the search box.

If you like what you see....SPREAD THE WORD!!!

...And don't forget: give the video a five-star rating BEFORE you email the link to VB, Mahendra, Leweni etc will just annoy them all the more!!!

Anonymous said...

This article claims that you are an NGO member living the high life!!!

what have you to say about that?