Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Journalists, Bloggers, Supporters and Hackers.

Ni sa Bula,

It's another day in paradise fallen. This started with the radio announcements that the military had information on 20 bloggers and that they were going to be rounded up. I have to admit that this news put dampers on posting yesterday today, as from monitoring the blogs, I noted that the posting activity was muted, when compared to other days. Of course, I made sure I didn't wear my qaraqara underwear, just in case the idiots actually grew half a brain, and yours truly was required to do the "swimsuit" at herring:wouldn't gowing half a brain be a multiplying effect in total brain capacity?

In hindsight, I was wrong again. The army got it wrong, so wrong that one can end up with a false sense of security, so fellow bloggers...beware. As the army now considers an email as evidence, and have accused Mr. Taoi of being one of us...I feel the need to explain these matters to you, Leweni.


Emails are the internet eqiuvalent of letters. You write, you send, the other person receives.

An email is not a blog.
An email is not a blog.
An email is not a blog.
An email is not a blog.


Blogs are the contraction of the term weblog, a term that is used to describe the plethora (that means excess, many ...tum jahno Leweni?) of personal sites that carry things like recipes, rants, opinions etc. Blogs are opinion Leweni. That means that in my opinion, I think you and the rest of your lot now posing as officers, and the IG to boot are my opinion.

In my opinion, what you are doing is wrong. The IG is really damaging Fiji, and people like Chaudry, Khaiyum, and the rest of you are just greedy little-minded opportunists who are reallyin this for yourselves. In my opinion.

I also find it hilarious that you think that the blogs, and the internet in general needs to be governed. Doesn't it just rub you all the wrong way, to think that there is a channel whereby people in Fiji, ordinary civilians can have their say, and be heard by the masses, and you have absolutely no control over it. NONE WHATSOEVER!!!!! Guess you just met your match, and now because you can't handle the pressure, you want to pull the plug on's getting boring Neumi (yawn) it's just like how you ended your interview with the ABC's Bruce Hill. (to anyone whose vocabulary that excludes "aahh"..listen to the interview, especially when Leweni "loses" it and slams the phone on Bruce for a really belly-aching, frame-shaking laugh)

You also claim, along with that lady Ms. Foster that we are not accountable. We are more accountable, because while we can write whatever we please (hey so can you Ms. Forster, and don't shovel that "holier than thou" crap this way) know that you can write whatever you want, which is what we are saying. The bottom line is that if you write crap, nobody would read it, but if your writing is relevant, it conveys a message, it says what people want to hear, then people will read it. Come to think about it, that's probably why none of you ever tried to start your own blog...if you did, the only visitor to the site would be the poster..LOL. Like in the mainstream media (which considering the effect the blogs are not having on Fiji, might just be the blogs), it's all about the message. In this world of nibbles, bits and bytes, the only thing that matters is the message. Your name, your reputation, your backing, all means jack...the only thing that carries any weight is what you have to say. As Fiji wants to hear what we have to say, guess that's why you are all up in a tiff, trying to find me....

Now we have the lady herself, Ro Teimumu saying that we are merely expressing our right to have our when we write. Personally, I'm really stoked that someone of her calibre reads and notices what we write....along with Mr. Taoi. Doesn't that sort of audience mean that we are doing something right?

Or does one need a green uniform, a crew-cut and a moustache to qualify for that perk? You can claim that this should be governed by the media code, that we should be held responsible, that we are not answerable for what we say...the bottom line is, and I'm going to make this so simple that even you can that we are saying what everyone is thinking. Except you of course...go on hug, that gun...I know the smooth gun-metal finish really makes you feel secure.

New blogs are now sprouting all over the web... check these new recruits out!!!

And for those of you intending to start your own please read this post...on how to blog anonymously and safely.


Now for those of you who are chaffing at RFC's disappearance, word is that the IG hired hackers in Bangalore to lodge a complaint with Blogger, about the comments in the posts. According to the policy Blogger has, some comments have fallen foul of the law and have been removed. People...please keep you comments decent because if you don't, then the blogsite you comment on will be neutered like RFC has been. Go to their blog and try to see what I'm getting at. While most of you are silent supporters, this is how you can help us, and the cause.
(Note to self...must really keep my eyes on the comments now.)

Also to fellow blogs...mirror your sites. Tell everyone of your mirror...i.e. a site that reflects the original site's content. I will post the link to my mirror once I get everything reflected.

Good manners people..that is what we were known for...good manners. So don't stoop to the level of the goons, stay ahead of them, don't concede the moral high ground to them. Be polite, because a caustic wit wounds more that swearing sludging that manifests itself on "certain" blogs.

So stay safe, blog smart, and fight the good fight. Be good now...

God Bless Fiji,


ex Fiji Tourist said...

5 months on and what have these idiots achieved? Let me outline them for you.

1. The destruction of the legal system in Fiji.

2. The destruction of the tourist industry in Fiji.

3. The imminent collapse of Air Pacific. Jumbo jets parked at airfields are not a healthy sign; maybe Emmirates might like to buy it at a bargain price.

4. Nurse leaving the Fiji by the dozens to seek employment in Australia or NZ.

5. Fijian press censored in what they can publish.

6. 300 million Euros which should have been flowing into Fiji, now on indefinte hold. The consistent bashing of citizens is not helping Fiji.

7. Tourists (like myself) staying away in droves. Vila is my holiday destination in a few weeks time thanks to coup coup Frank.

8. An economy that is heading towards disaster.

9. Investors leaving Fiji faster than a mozzie in the Mortein factory.

10 . Corruption and nepotism as a way of life.

11. Warner Brothers making a new Looniney Tunes movie staring the idiot himself. All they need to do is join all his TV appearances together and with all his stupid aaahhaaahhaas and rolling of his drug suffering eyes, they will have audiences around the world rolling in the aisles.

12. The respect for the Fiji millitary has now zeroed out.

13.. The world can see that the foolish boy as illegal AG has now hit rock bottom and has now started to dig.

14. The illegal finance illegal minister is upset because someone stole both his books on economics; including the one he hasn't finished colouring in.

The list could go on up into the hundreds.

The idea of this committee of hundreds is a joke. Why? Because bananainpyjamas will stack it with his supporters. They will be an unrepresentative rabble. It is an insult to the people of Fiji that this mob would want to take over the Parliament of Fiji.

Fiji, you are in my prayers as you go through the backward steps taken by these goons. ( The real Goons would turn in their graves to be compared to this lot of pussies! )

newsfiji said...

Doing Something: I have always been a great fan of your site! Keep it up and let's keep on discussing ways in which to have this madness come to an end!

Great article, you have expressed yourself and most of us very well!

I am sorry to hear about RFC's blog as i always thought that they were good in allowing everyone to write their opinion even though some might border on racism/violence. But to me that's what it's all about - freedom of speech!

God Bless You and Keep You Safe and also the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

Be careful about exfmf blog. Could be a FMF site where they will try and get your IP once you visit or post a comment.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Fijian Black, great to see people still pushing on with the fight and the struggle.

Am told the military are wary of the Fijian articles you and Bubu have been publishing (besides the graphics) - seems as though they can't stop it from making it to the communal tanoa sessions.

Keep it up! Don't let these loosers drag us down with them.

mawdsomething said...

No worries...there is no "suka" LOL

Seriously people, we can bend this regime and do it with style. Thanks for the support, it really keeps me going, and also the fact that I have never had to remove any comments from here....well I did remove one 2 months ago but only because it was a double post.

I'm honoured to be doing this on behalf of all of you.

Maccabees said...

Bula Mawdsomething, as you know I've appreciated your blog and insights for some time now. On the other hand, like the posts above indicate the IG swine are still around with our economy spiralling downwards, morale suffering etc.
Be that as it may, Our Resolve and Spirit is undiminished. E ratou na rusa ga na i lawalawa ni IG.
In particular, I like ur standards/quality control which is the best of all the blogs including RFC, quite easily. Vinaka na valataka tiko na ka e dodonu. Au na qei e-mail vinaka tale yani e na yakavi Taciqu. Au se laki vakasigalevu mada!!


"Don't be afraid of the threats of a wicked man. Remember that he will die and all his splendour will end with worms feeding on his decaying body. Today he may be highly honoured, but tomorrow he will disappear; his body will return to the earth and his scheming will come to an end. But you, my sons, be strong and courageous in defending the Law, because it is through the Law that you will earn great glory" - 1 Maccabees 2:62-64.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! Love the article!


Chief Intelligentsiya said...

Hey FijianBlack, Good post...let them have it. The army should really have much more pressing issues to worry about, getting this country back to democracy for instance, rather than worrying about what's being said about them on blogs...The defence rests!

Anonymous said...

May I share today's reading with you all. This is taken from Psalms 33.....

6. The best-equipped army cannot save a king,
nor is great strength enough to save a warrior.
17. Don’t count on your warhorse to give you victory—
for all its strength, it cannot save you.
18. But the Lord watches over those who fear him,
those who rely on his unfailing love.
19. He rescues them from death
and keeps them alive in times of famine.

If you all have the time today, please read the whole of Psalm 33 and then read Psalm 10. You see I believe God is in control and is preparing us for what He is going to bring forth for our Nation.
God bless you all.

Agent99 said...

The almighty will set us free. The truth will come out. Paranoia is ruling the heads of the current regime and this will be their downfall. They will concentrate on petty things without seeing the big picture. The writing is on the wall. Either they pull up their socks and start to set right, what they did wrong, or they will pay the price. Nothing will be gained by violence and I urge the people not to resort to this .. no matter how hard the temptation because inevitably, the price will be paid by the innocents. We need to set the standards and examples for our children and show them how to stand up for our rights. The pen is mightier than the sword (or the gun) in cases like these and the louder the voice.. the more people will listen. Have faith and stay strong. We will prevail!! The almighty is within us all and he hears us - and believe me.. when the time is right.. we will hear his voice echo through the people.. it will roar loud enough to be heard from the moon and it will roar throughout the nights and days .. until Fiji is free to have the right to vote for who they wish.

Anonymous said...

If Kepa and Ulai is saying what u r doing is right does not make it right. Ro Kepa and Ulai are well known for their racism and support of 2000 coup. As they say, "people of the same feather flock together", How true, eh.