Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Now that that's over...what next?

This is the question.

What next?

We have had our protest. Amongst the rest of you, I also called in sick. Now the military is saying that all the civil servants turned up to work. The IG is claiming that the protest is a flop. In the current circumstances, the fact that there are those of us who dare protest, is already a sign of victory, a sign that we are not going to fade quietly into the dark.

How many of you believe that all the Government workers turned up for work? More importantly if that is true, what are the chances of a 100% turnout for the peons of the Government? And while you are considering this, think about this.....the very source of this so-called "fact" is the same source that told us that because of corruption, the democratically elected government deserved to be overthrown.

I know of at least 25 people, both civil servants and private sector employees who stayed at home, to protest the coup. Even my neighbours, stayed home. These are people I know personally. And that is the point I am trying to make...IF YOU LOOK HARD ENOUGH, YOU ALSO KNOW PEOPLE WHO MISSED WORK YESTERDAY!!!! We all do...and that is the fact of the matter. We might deny this, but deep down we all know that there are people, and a sizable number too, who are opposing this regime. Even the junta know this. Why do you think they get their knickers in a twist trying to "look unconcerned". Oh and Leweni, not only technically, but practically as well, you won't find us. Take that as the gospel truth.

We all know that this regime is lying. Who of us really, in he or her honest opinion, agrees that the events that have transpired are for the good of Fiji. Are deaths good? Maybe job losses. Or paycuts are good. The removal and replacing of the top echelon in the corridors must be for the better.


We all know that this is wrong. You can feel it in your bones. It sticks to your craw. And do you know what the saddest part of all of this is?

You are swallowing all of this...and you are asking for more. How? Because you have not said enough.

That is what yesterday was about..saying "Enough"....saying " I don't agree with this and I want as many people as possible to know that." The numbers are's the message that is the focus.

That was the aim of yesterday, the first step, and it worked. A lot of you stood up and said "ENOUGH". I know there were a lot of you on the fence, your hearts with us but your fears holding you back. Rest assured...the protest was only the first of many that will be coming your way.

So, to those of you who are now looking over your shoulders, thinking that because you hold the guns, nobody will make you run for your lives...beware!!!! We are here....we are growing in number...and your day of reckoning is coming.

We will not kill you like you killed us, we will not torture you like you did us, but we will prevail. You cannot stop us. You cannot find us. You cannot see us. We are all around you, amongst you, with you, watching you. And now you fear us. Because we are coming....and we are no longer afraid, of you or your guns. That is why you are afraid. Because we now know that we have nothing to fear from you. You don't scare us anymore.


Anonymous said...

God bless the ones who stayed home and the ones who have to go because of the coward 'THREAT' made Taina to civil servants.

Fijilive also need to rewrite their headings..Civil Servants didn't 'defy' the protest called and went to work...they were 'THREATENED' by their superiors...a sign of human rights abuse in the verbal sense.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME stand and God bless you for suggesting it. There were 6 of us who had a mokosiga day away - so please add us to your list. Keep up the fight - there are many people behind you !

Anonymous said...

the mere fact that PSC went to great lengths to ensure that all civil servants were at work is victory indeed. The free mileage they gave to the protest was victory in itself.

Keep up the good work. the end is near. God Bless Fiji.

They can run but cant hide.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, we went to work BUT didnt do much. We just spent most of the time reading magazines, newspapers, talking, etc... anything but work.
We didnt file reports as expected, we didnt finish tasks that was given...

Captain Freedom said...

6 of my friends were at my place drinking grog that day. We all work at different places but all came up with the excuse of having 'running stomach'..

And we will do it again.

Anonymous said...

Apart from May 1, my every day now is a protest against what is happening and not a day goes by without me talking to people , like-minded or not, about issues that we need to consider seriously and not accept lying down. I'm continualy surprised (though I really shouldn't be) by the number of people who just abhor the current situation, the army, the IG etc...and even more pleasantly surprised that this is not just blind, bigotted , xenophobic hatred but a stand based on quite a good grasp and analysis of information that is available to them. Given that we're not getting much from the mainstream media, you and the other freedom bloggers will have to take the credit for providing us with good and reliable information.

Don't, even for a second, think that what you and other freedom bloggers are doing, are not having an effect. You provide us with a lifeline to our sanity, our conscience, our principles. Your blogs provide fuel that we need to endure another day of oppression, repression and just plain aridity of the spirit. Don't worry, it will all translate into action...even if it does not seem that way now.