Wednesday, May 2, 2007

In Case of Victimisation....

Ni Sa Bula,

By now, some of you would start to be feeling the brunt of the decision you made to stay home on Tuesday, 1st May, in support of the call made for the rule of law, and democracy in our fair nation.

You might be thinking whether it was a good idea after all, especially if you have been hauled over the coals, about this, maybe penalised in some way, or asked to give an explanation why you stayed away from work. If you didn;t have a sick sheet, I really feel for you...the only thing worse I can think of is me getting caught by some eager-beaver aahhhh soldiers.....

In light of this sacrifice you have made, and the price you might be paying, we are looking for your stories....the things that happened to you because you stayed home. These stories will be highlighted in these blogs, and trust me, the readership we have, individually and collectively will ensure that tyrannical bosses like the PSC and others who think they can trample us underfoot with impunity, will think twice before taking action against you.

If you so wish, we will conceal your identity, your occupation and any other information that might place you in danger. Of course, there are those of you who are willing to come right out, and if you want to do so, we will be more than happy to oblige you. So start typing, and send in your stories, experiences, annecdotes etc. You can email them to or .

By exposing them, you can stop them dead in their tracks. By staying quiet, you are only asking for more of this sort of treatment. Remember, they can only subdue you if you cower. So don't!!! Speak out, and we will carry your message to the world. Trust me, they are watching and listening.

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