Saturday, May 5, 2007

Why We Blog...

Ni Sa Bula,

Today's post is dedicated to the critics who are now appearing out of the woodwork, and our supporters who have been after us to answer them.

After the May 1st protest, the IG has taken a new direction, and has sent it's apologists after us, in the media, to try and attack the public perception of us. Now our aim (mine anyway) was never to become popular, but to voice my concerns at the evil that is now gradually and insidiously worming it's way into the very heart of our nation.

Now these apologists, are saying that we bloggers are forces against democracy, that we (to use the "aahh" spokesperson's favourite turn of phrase) "don't want to give them credibility...", that we do not know what we are talking about, and generally that we are fighting a lost cause.

Let's take that one at a time....

  1. Forces against democracy
The problem is that our soldiers are used to a target they can pin down with their superior firepower. The fact is that for all their superior firepower, their's is the inferior brain-power that is hindering them....this from a force that was stupid enough to threaten the official representative of the world's only superpower. I think toting their guns for too long must have really gotten to their heads.

The fact is that we are not under democracy of any sort. Stop peddalling that rubbish...we are now living in a military dictatorship, and an appallingly bad one at that. If anyone's the force against democracy, it's the same force that overthrew the democratically elected government, the very group you are now falling over yourself to make excuses for.

2. Don't want to give them credibility...

This is the favourite refrain of a certain Leweni..... The only thing worth pointing out to you sir, is that despite the lies that flow freely out of your mouth, your actions are saying something have searched for us, which any IT literate person could have actually told you from the beginning was a herculean task, and one you just didn't have the marbles to do. You have threatened us, which ranks with your search for us as an endevour in idiocrisy, you have said you are ignoring us, which you uttered in the same breath as you are tracking us....oxymoron anyone? To top this all off, you are now saying you don't want to give us credibility when by your actions of search for us, threatening us, ignoring us and oh...let's not forgetting ...trying futilely to ban us from our readers and supporters in the Civil Service....all these actions are really an emphatic demonstration of the fact that you, and your masters, and their partners in crime see us as a very credible threat. If you're going to lie to us, which I now see is second nature to you, at least be honest to yourself. You can't stop us. We are leveraging the ubiquituos nature of the Web. Look that up in the dictionary, stop guessing and scratching your know you never saw that word before....

3.Do not know what we are talking about

This is the gist of what a Dr. Suresh Prasad had to say about us in a Fiji Times opinion piece. I must seriously ask the editor of said paper: Where on earth do you find these people? And how do you screen them?

This is actually what he said:

"It is ironical that the very vociferous pro- democracy advocates in Fiji, including the 'purists' within the legal fraternity and those shouting over the fence from our neighbouring nations, have yet not spouted their views on which model of democracy are they contemplating imposing on Fiji."

In this rant of his, he goes on to insinuate that we are NGO-employed people who are manipulating the "gullible overseas media". For one thing, the overseas media are not gullible. They have seen right through your lies and know that you are, in the words of a New Zealand journalist "an idiot".

Also the claim that we are "well endowed" NGOs is so way off the mark it's hilarious. I have a mortgage that just increased because the interest rates were raised by the banks in response to the decline in the economy caused by your coup. I pay my taxes, and don't have anything to do with the NGO scene. I'm your worst nightmare, a person who is speaking out because I believe in what I am saying and will do so, even if there is no reward in it other than the fact that I sleep peacefully at night, knowing that what I am tell you is the truth. I don't do this for anything other than the hope that maybe....just maybe, this will eventuate and a better Fiji for all will be the result.

In case nobody informed you, we are supporters of the democracy model enshrined in the 1997 Constitution. Stop lying and alleging that we are trying to restore Qarase-Democracy. You know that if your chumcha Mahendra Chaudry and his Labour party had won the 2001 or the 2006 elections, they would have governed under the same laws that the SDL led Fiji under. The fact of the matter is that you people contested the elections twice under this constitution and lost both times....and you can't stomach the idea that maybe the majority of Fiji does not want your masters in power. I will repeat that again so that you understand that this is very significant....THE MAJORITY OF FIJI DOES NOT WANT YOUR MASTERS IN POWER!!!!

Oh...and when you have the time, please go and explain the meaning of "ubiquitous" to Leweni. Seeing that you claim to be a doctor in something....

4.Fighting a lost cause

I don't think so. We are fighting for our rights and as history has shown over and over again, in every age, every nation, under every tyrant(s), the truth always prevails. And the truth is Mr. Bainimarama, you have committed a wrong so vile that I hope the Lord can forgive you. You have killed, tortured, threatened, bullied the citizens of this nation in the misguided notion that you were doing the right thing. You might say that you did not do these things but as Commander, yours is the responsibility.

A wiser general than you, who lived centuries before you darkened this planet, said:
" If the soldiers make a mistake once, and it leads to defeat, kill the soldier who made the mistake.

If the soldiers make the same mistake twice, with the same results, kill the general."

So why do we blog?

We blog because this is now the only way we can speak out freely. We have no other avenue that we can safely use to express our mounting dissatisfaction with the way our nation is being raped. We speak for our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our sons and daughters, for all who are suffering under this regime, and have no way to voice their concerns.

We blog, because we cannot stand silently and watch our country descend into the abyss. We blog, because we must. We blog because we say the things the masses feel, and express the desires found in the hearts of the sons and daughters of Fiji, that we are heading in the wrong direction, and that if we don't turn around now, we might just be too late. God save your souls if that day dawns on this nation, because only He will be able to protect you from a populace that will be hunting for you. That day will come sooner if the deposed PM does decide to come back to the capital. While I didn't agree with his government, I must admit that I would welcome him in Government over these fools anyday!!!!

Sun Tzu wrote in his military treatise The Art of War 3000 years ago:

" Too frequent rewards signify that the enemy is
at the end of his resources; too many punishments betray
a condition of dire distress."


" To begin by bluster, but afterwards to take fright
at the enemy's numbers, shows a supreme lack of intelligence."

As heads are rolling left, right and centre, and all Bainimarama's cronies are now sharing and even fighting over the spoils, the condition our nation is in must be very dire....even worse than the "economic decline" this regime used as their excuse for taking over. If you doubt to the nearest Civil servant you can find. They will only be more than happy to tell you about the shelved projects, the lack of funding and the cut's this regime is implementing. The proposal to right-size the government is just the latest. Come on Chaudry, call it what it is - downsizing. Or are you afraid of giving the unions you were once a part of another excuse to go on strike and really light the fires under you? This is also another spoils-sharing, that of diplomatic mission heads overseas.

One final note...can somebody tell the media people like Ms. Foster and Inoke at Fiji TV that we are not blogspots? Please get your names right. These are blogs...short-form for weblogs. Blogspot is merely the name Google uses to host these sites. Google blog and see what I'm talking about...

God Bless Fiji,


Anonymous said...

Simply an awesome article.

I would love to think that it is being read by those that need to read it but unfortunately the status quo is thus that after two words against their ideology they would have dismissed it all as babble.

Blog on my friend that was really well thought out and very well put together.

Anonymous said...

To anon above: my sentiments exactly. Sa set va ca... if only it could be read and understood by the real targets...but nevermind, it will filter through to them if it has "touched" and inspired those who have read and understood it the way it has me.

Your gift for appealing to both the mind and the heart has to work somehow on "those" people. I would hate to think that they are completely devoid of wisdom and spirit/soul, even if they lack intelligence!

Anonymous said...

Dont be disheartened my friend - slow seepage into the brain cells is what your wonderful writing is doing. Keep it up - you are making a hell of a lot of sense. I pray daily for intellectual osmosis for our citizenry.

Anonymous said...

Great literary work. Expressive and a delight to follow the thread of thought. Unfortunate that Leweni and people of his ilk cannot follow/understand this. God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

You blog becos you are cowards and can not fight in the open. You guys must be dying many times before your death. ha. ha,

Anonymous said...

What democracy are you guys talking about? Can you please define? Is it democracy based on the principle of one person, one vote? Or does democracy also include law and order, equal rights for everybody, non discrinimnation against any ethnic community, prosperity for people, and so on. As Qarase said earlier "democracy is a foreign concept", how true.

Anonymous said...

Quite right! So.

Anonymous said...

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