Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tamani Kila Leca...Ooops....

Ni Sa Bula,

It's seems that I am, once again, popular with the eager-beavers at Nabua. So much so, that now innocent people are being interogated, tortured and detained, in their zeal to get me.

To Mr. Taoi and family, I apologise from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will accept this apology in the spirit that it is given, and that you will forgive me. I did not intend for anyone to get hurt, and I hope that you are the last. I admire your courage to come out in public, and hope that you will be the first and the last to go through this.

To the military, all I can say is that, you should get your facts right. Do any of you even read the posts I write, or do you work yourselves into a saliva-dribbling, mouth-frothing frenzy by gossiping about what you think you know about what I post? Do you even understand what I write? I'd really, really hate to think that my posts need to be toned down, so that you can comprehend (read understand) what I am saying about you, and your way of doing things.

I do not agree with how you do things. I think you have no respect for the sanctity of a human being, and that your minds are dulled and twisted and absolutely corrupted by the power you think you wield. If you would only, stop, and think and remember, the values I'm sure your own parents espoused, you would realise that the actions you have been taking ( some of you anyway) are wrong.

You accuse me of trying to make you look bad, of trying to "discredit" you. I do nothing of the sort!!!! Trust me, you are doing that all on your own, and you are doing it far, far better than any of us could. Flies congregate on whatever comes out of your mouth, and you should not be surprised that nobody in Fiji believes the lies that you spew daily. Even your most ardent supporters cannot defend your actions anymore, because what you have done, what you are doing, and what you are proposing to do, is not right, it is not fair, and it is only a matter of time before the nation itself rises up against you and deposes you. It will be "do unto others" for you, and God help you when that day dawns.

The power afforded to you via the Constitution, and the people of Fij has corrupted you. You are now the country's worst enemies, when you should be it's staunchest defenders.You act like you are the lords of this nation, when you are really the servants of the people. You take the lives of the nation's civilians, when you should be giving your own for the very lives you are prematurely terminating. You take people in, detain them and interogate them, because you cannot handle the criticism. If you can't take the complaints, you really should have left the governing of the nation to people chosen by the masses to govern us.

The blogs, the dissent, the complaints, the travel bans, the sanctions....these are all symptoms of the real problem. The reason these things are happening is because you think you know what is best for Fiji, and we don't. You are no respecter for the law, for due process, for the right and proper way of doing things. Because you have the guns, you think whatever you say is right.

If you return Fiji to it's people, and go back to what you were really called to do, and you stop meddling in places where you are not supposed to be, then maybe, just maybe, we can all move forward. Not the moving forward that you are fond of proclaiming, but a real moving forward, one where we all move forward hand in hand, for the betterment of this nation.

So think about it. Sleep on it. Pray about it. Because the ball is in your court, and has always been, and it is your decision, ultimately, what happens to Fiji in the future.

God Bless Fiji,


Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more. The military actions are their own nightmare and its sad to see the so called strategists cannot foresee their own downfall.

I must admit I was so blinded into thinking previously that the actions of Dec 06 were "ok" and am happy to say that this foolish opinion is now gone.

Our right to live in our country ought to be paramount with the govt of our choice. No one should ever be subjected to any form of fear.

Its a laughable matter that the military considers the views of the people as "threats to national security" as the only threat is themselves and the very actions they are potraying.

I challange the IG to give us one thing only...and that is the respect of basic human rights.

newsfiji said...

To Fijian Black: May God continue to bless and keep you safe!

To the Illegal Regime: May God show you some mercy when his wrath finally befalls you!

The government that you have illegally overthrown had the blessing of the majority of this country! It was also a government that God had allowed to be in place!

By doing what you have and continue to do, you are openly challenging God's Divine authority.

It's not too late for you to step back now!

But in the case that you do, remember that you are still answerable to your actions. Their is no immunity with God!

His wrath will plague you, your children's lives, your families and everything that you touch will turn to dust.

You will be a curse among people! Your family and friends will shun you! Your tokatoka, mataqali, yavusa, tikina and yasana will be ashamed of you - this is already happening i know.

I hope you can feel it - to the very core of your being!

Yesterday, whilst Fiji celebrated Mother's Day, you were all remembered in the prayers!

We prayed that God's Will will eventually prevail, we prayed that it will happen soon!

People are fasting 40 days and nights at a time in Fiji for this madness to end!

May God Avenge Us and May you not sleep until you give up!

God Bless you Fijian Black and Ulaisi Taoi for being a great man!

bainivore said...

Keep safe my fellow blogger. Your posts are way too intelligent for the thugs at Nabua to understand.

I do believe that they reason they're targeting you is because they realise that your influence in Fiji is growing daily. They don't understand that the reason it's growing is mostly due to the incompetent manner in which the military has operated in the last 5 months since December 5.

The military has always given people more evidence of their incompetence everytime they attempt to involve themselves in matters of the public - public safety, national security right up to governing a nation.

Their laughable attempts at "good governance" has unfortunate, unlaughable consequences, as we all observed happened to Mr Taoi.

The military are burning their bridges to sanity and fast loosing what little following they had in the general populace.

I do believe that they are holding on the Emergency Decree for their own safety, not because we the people pose a threat to national security, but we the people pose a threat to their continued rule of this country.

A rule that is tearing Fiji apart at the seams and could likely break out into something that even the guns won't contain.

I strongly urge the military - whoever is accountable - to consider the path they are going down. Should you continue on this path, the consequences are on your shoulders - EACH and EVERY SOLDIER in the military ,even those who turn a blind eye to the injustice your brothers in arms are committing against your own people!

Blog on Fijian Black.

The nation of Fiji is with you!

Anonymous said...

Amen and thank you FijianBlack.

You've put it very clearly for all to see.

The current situation in our country is heartbreaking and the military are drowning us all.

Unfortunately, I don't see them suddenly coming to their senses.

When is this insanity going to end? Is our well publicised 'tolerance' going to determine that we take this perverse violation of our country sitting down? Or are we going to rise up against the military? Or will there be a mutiny in the ranks?

The countdown has begun....

Anonymous said...

Well said Fijian Black.We'll be praying for your protection. Bro Taoi, we salute you and may God bless Fiji...

viti_lomani said...

Did you watch the 6pm news bulletin last night? Well the numbskulls from QEB decided to show the evidence about why Mr.Taoi was taken to QEB. And believe it or not; they showed an email. Not how they got the IP address and all but it was an email. And I think that the rest of the 20 bloggers; Driti was talking about are the recipients names on the CC of the email....Hahahahaha... Now thats the real joke.....

O kemuni na greenie goblins sa ulukau ga vaqori, dou fire mada laki vuli tale vakalailai.(VAKALEVU KEREKERE)

Anonymous said...

Isa, I'm panicky as I can't locate RFC, has FINTEL blocked them??? Would you know anything?

Anonymous said...

Just relax dont panic. God is in control whether RFC is blocked or not. The truth will prevail one way or another.

mawdsomething said...

I think RFC was doing some work on the site and accidently deleted some posts.

Bet the IG/RFMF must be so happy that that happened..... LOL. We'll give you that one Leweni....

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Fijian Black for this forum and for Mr Taoi for showing all and sundry that those vuli vakavo's at QEB need to go back and school some more...LOL...How dumb can they be ??
VB announced to the world that he had the mandate of the Nation to take over the elected govt....and the amount of bloggers who say 'NYET' has got them really flustered and threatened.
Keep up the great work Fijian Black!!