Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Tip of the Iceberg...

This is the body of an email received from one of the many supporters in the Civil Service. While this regime is claiming that you all turned up to work, I bet you all know that that is a big fat lie. Why are they lying? Read this and decide for yourself....

Note to you Intern ational Observers:


Note that Shamima Ali is contradicting the lie also...take a bow Ms. Ali...

Anyway, on with the letter....
Hi, I'm a civil servant working in a central agency of Govt (please leave me nameless).
Decided to do the right thing and not attend work on May 1st. Lately morale has been really low in the office. Other civil servants are working slowly and have contempt for the unqualified illegal ministers. Anyways the staff that did come to work on May 1st took the afternoon off and remarked to me that a lot of other staff didn't turn up for work as well.
Evidently this has prompted the PSC illegal head to block Govnet access to RFC and others. They're worried about the threat of collective action which they can't contain. In any case we are entitled to several days sick leave without sick sheet. If this were to happen again on larger scale it would cripple Govt.
A lot of us have tendered resignation or are actively seeking alternative employment rather than serving under these wretches.
Well, thanks for the good work you've been doind. Trust me you guys make a big difference!!
God Bless,


raho said...

Another reason to push this further.

The Military is now officially taking over information dissemination regarding anything under it's power. Since it's illegaly in charge of this country, that means everything to do with our own welfare.

Anonymous said...

Their lies are so in our faces I am disgusted .

Anonymous said...

Fiji's freedom bloggers are winning every time they strike a blow for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Fiji.

You have friends everywhere! One of them is "Patriot Abroad".

Look what she has done at

Alternatively, go straight to and type FIJI CHILDREN in the search box.

If you like what you see....SPREAD THE WORD!!!

...And don't forget: give the video a five-star rating BEFORE you email the link to VB, Mahendra, Leweni etc will just annoy them all the more!!!

Anonymous said...

Maccabees! Thats good because your resignation dont matter. Civil servants strength is going to be reduced anyway!!!