Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Crap We Put With...

Ni Sa Bula,
After a brief halyconian period, which now, upon reflection seems like the lull before an impending storm, the illegal regime that has infected this nation has picked up the pace again, with a now a case of "once more into the breach, dear friends" for those of us who detest this governing parasite.
Governing parasite.
That is the only way one can really view this regime. Unlike the symbiotic relationships that abound in nature, and are found to be mutually beneficial the world over, this regime is a parasite, sucking the life out of our beloved nation.The unfolding "happenings" over the last few days are, if they were not the reality that is now Fiji, a comical farce. It's almost as if these things were scripted as Hollywood does in it's blockbuster thrillers, a plot that is intended to keep you on the edge of your seats. Literally on the edge of your seats.
The head "wanna-be-bean-counter" opened things with the allegations that the 2006 elections were rigged. No suprise that the sacked Elections supervisor, Mr. Semesa Karavaki, was quick and vigirous to defend the elections, and deny all accusations made. Let's step back and take a good, long, hard look at that.
The elections was contested by quite a few parties, of which the SDL and the FLP were the two top contenders. Now the claim being made is that around 1.9 million ballot papers were printed, while only 800,000 odd votes were cast. The conclusion being drawn by Mr. Chaudry is that as there were so many ballot papers printed, and there are over 650,000 "unaccounted" ballot papers, the missing papers must have been stuffed into ballot boxes to rig the elections.
Firstly, any lawyer worth his/her salt would realise that missing ballot papers a rigged election it does not make. While Mr. Karavaki should come up with an explanation for the papers, no one should jump to the conclusion that the missing ballot papers were stuffed into the ballot boxes. Incidently, Mr. Karavaki has answered that question, saying that all papers were at the Elections Office in Suva, when he was unceremoniously kicked out. He also asserts that if there was any destruction of the papers, this would have happened AFTER he was removed from office. Serve and volleyed.
Secondly, Mr. Chaudry claims that there was collusion on parties on a massive scale. If this is the case, to my feeble way of thinking, there must be people out there, who have first hand knowledge of what happened. I'm sure that if there really was, by now, there would have been a witness. And BTW...Peter Forster does not make a credible witness. Doesn't his resume say "international conman"? Also collusions on that scale would mean that the police, the Civil Servants, the International and Local Observer Groups (Commonwealth, UN, Forum, USP) and definitely the media were all duped on a massive scale. Sorry, Mahen, this allegations puts you in the league of the Area 51/Agent Mulder conspiracy theory lovers, who, now come to think of it, might have more going for them than you do.
The claims are given verbally, with no evidence being produced to back the allegations. The Elections Observers produced a report each, stating that the elections in Fij were free and fair. While there were problems picked up in the report, the overall assessment of the elections was that the results reflected the will of the people. I think Mahen, you overlooked that little fact when you overthrew the elected Government. Who knows...maybe you stuffed the ballot boxes back in 1999, and got into power, because you seem to know so much about...well...stuff.
Now this idiot posing as a Finance Minister is claiming in a letter to today's Fiji Times, that the issue here is the 650,00 missing ballot papers, that are still missing now. Why is that an issue Mahen? You planning to stuff some ballot boxes now? The elections are over, and now the matter of missing ballot papers are a non-issue.
When you look at the elections results on wikipedia (I don't trust the results maintained by the Elections Office website anymore) it shows that had the FLP, NAP, NFP really ganged up on the SDL, they would have beaten them. Also, how come the SDL didn't win any Indian communal seats? You'd think that they would have won a few, if they stuffed the ballot boxes. The clincher in this is that the investigations were conducted by Chaudry's appointees, on Chaudry's watch, with Chaudry overseeing the whole thing. What a total load of crap!!!! There is no way in the world that investigation is independant, and fair. Game,set and match Karavaki!!!!
Moving on....
The last few days have seen people like ASP Josaia Rasiga being held at QEB. You read, UN/EU. Hold the dosh...this regime is as likely to buy guns as they are to stuff their pockets with your cash if you send it over. The poor cane farmers will never see a cent of that money...I guarantee you that.
The last few days have also seen the economic doom voices grow louder and louder. Hey... I TOLD YOU SO!!! Then we have the fanatical coup supporters who are claiming that this is part of a cycle, and that in 2-3 years time, the economy will be booming. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!! This is not part of any cycle, unless you refer to the coup cycle. Then there is the camp that is claiming that the FLP was the best Government because they were the only Government who produced a surplus.
Thing about that one. If a Government produces a surplus, then it spent less than it received. If that was the can, WHY DID WE PAY THE EXTRA TAX DOLLARS? I pay my taxes and I expect it to be spend by whatever Government is in power to build roads, wharves, airports, hospitals, schools, give sholarships, and generally build up the economy. If they save money, then I expect to see lower tax rates the next year, because the Government proved that they don't need the extra money.
Then there's the matter of the military trying to shut us down. Us being the bloggers. How rude!!!! Guess you are not all for freedom of speech, especially if it impinges on your "freedom" with the ladies. I guess "Dr." Suresh never did get around to giving you the meaning of that word UBIQUITOUS Leweni? Seeing as that none of you grasp the implications of this step you intend to implement.
Well, seeing as you still don't understand the nature of the web...let me simplify it for you so that you can grasp the concept of this modern marvel of telecommunications technology.
The web is like the coconut wireless (you do know what that is don't you? If you don't...) on steriods...think virtual William Ryder. It's all over the place. Once this thing gets hold of anything ANYONE IN THE WORLD WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION can read it.
You might block one site. It will just move to another, or people will use free downloadable software to bypass your blocks that you force FINTEL to place. Yes, you can download such software FOC. If they move sites, you will have to keep track of this full time. It is an exercise in futility (go that dictionary!!!) because you don't have the resources to keep tracking these things full time. Also, people email these things to everyone they can. They are also printed and hard-copies are distrubuted and have been found in places like Lau, Kadavu and Rotuma. So if you think you can shut this down, by trying to attack this, you have just (again) increased the visibility of these blogs. Guess you still haven't figured it out, have you?
It always gets out. Your guns, your threats, your decrees are all useless. So stop. Go home. And give Fiji back to the real's people. We have had enough of you.
God Bless Fiji,mawdsomething


Anonymous said...

YeeHa ! Go you good thing - vinaka vakalevu na tukuna mai as it is. Everyone knows that the conspiracy theories are starting to creep out of the woodwork and we all know the likes of Chaunda are just spouting HOT AIR as the Fiji Times said. Isa oilei why are we the people suffering so much. We are in SO much denipuaka!

nEws FiJi said...

Doing Something: Thanks for the great article, you've just nailed it!

You are right, all your writings and this march forward for freedom is being sent around to the far corners of the Fiji Group.

I can confirm that village's all over Vanua Balavu are updated on all this.

As an effect, the people have sidelined Ratu Josefa Basulu, Sau mai Mualevu aka Tui Mavana (please note not from Mavana but from Mualevu, whose title is known as Tui Mavana) and refuse to talk to him.

This is because of his connection to Roko Ului Mara.

Upon disembarking the plane last Sunday at Malaka Airport in Vanua Balavu, no one wanted to talk to him - big POTE!

And to make it worse, LQ was also at the airport! He walked to LQ and just said "au se rai mada na lori"!! - looking extremely guilty - of whatever, we don't know! Ha! ha! - eating them up!

All the people at the airport kept staring at the man (Josefa that is) until he left!

By the way, to you army moles reading this, no matter how hard you try and stop communication between Vanua Balavu and the mainland, it's not going to work. We know you guys are trying to force Aslam Khan into shutting down the Vodafone tower over thea!

You forget one big thing: Mel Gibson lives in Mago and his got loads of cash!!!!! If you didn't know Mago is an island 15 mins by speedboat from mainland Vanua Balavu!

Oh! and by the way - thanks Mel for sponsoring the Mago Sevens in Lomaloma a couple of weeks back - whose Chief Guest was LQ!


Qori...nomu your face!

No matter how hard you try and shut us down.... the harder we will fight to be heard!

Anonymous said...

Denivore is going around in circles like a headless chicken. so is his money man.

With no money coming from EU looks like, he is going off to his homeland India to beg for more, using the poor cane farmers (mostly indian population) as his excuse for more money. he will most probably tell them in India that it's a racial thing back home and that India needs to give more money to support the Indians in Fiji. the real destination of the money will go to support his son rajendra's succession of the FLP or the next generation FLP.

Denivore said...

Great read and summary. Something for the military to mull over.

How come your site wasn't mentioned on the news ? guess they went out of their way not to mention it aye :)
Share the fame mada eh :)
Fijian Black already famous now, so time for Intelly, RFC and Bubu to make headlines eh:) LOL.

Military seem to be loose whenever Chaudhry's back is turned!

last time we had this was when Chaudhry was away at EU.

my laughs for the evening...

Anonymous said...

Your writing is so good for my soul...I can't imagine what my days would be like if they shut you down too!

To Denivore: I think the site didn't make it to the Hitlist because the "censor board" from Na Keba got too exhauseted trying to understand all the references,inferences, the allusions and nuances etc, etc, all too much and a bit over their heads, I guess! They decided to call it a day after the first paragraph so sa 3 ga the list.

Pity...If they had continued reading gona, they would have learnt a thing or two

Bai Ni Vore said...

LOL @ yaca :).

Yeah I guess very few readers from Na Keba could keep up after first para.
Good aptitude for them though :)lol.

Great job writing this up.

Looking forward to taking them down with the next lot of articles about their attempts to shut down the blogs.

stay safe!

girl next door said...

You echo the sentiments of many. I look forward to the day when men and women of all races in Fiji shall be able to express ourselves freely once more. Hope that day will not be too long in coming, and the brave people who resisted this tyranny will be duly recognized. God bless...

Anonymous said...

Fijianblack - FYI...when they took Ulai Taoi in for questioning, they kept on asking if he was you and whether he knew who you were.

Your site didn't make that Hit List but not only do you rock, you are rocking the boat...big time, friend!

Keep safe

news fiji said...

Ha! Ha! this regime is about to crumble.

Be Strong, Stay Foccused, and Trust in God - He will be our Avenger!

God Bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Fijian black, did you study under affirmative action? No wonder you are a mediocre chap. The latest research shows that affirmative action promotes mediocracy.