Sunday, April 29, 2007

D-Day minus 1

Ni Sa Bula,

Tomorrow is the day we are heard.

Now this is something new to our nation...the idea that we the people can peacefully,
passively and yet cohesively state that we are the ones who decide what happens in our
lives, our country and our future.

We can decide what happens in these islands.

The junta is worried. That's why they are all over the news yelling that we are dissenting,
that we are a threat to national security.

How can expressing ones opinion be a threat to national security?

This could only be true if the threat was to the security of Bainimarama, Chaudry, Leweni,
Khaiyum and the rest of the people who are worried that we, the public might actually catch
on to what they are doing to this country.

This is a decision that each of you must make.....alone. The choice whether to stay home is
yours and yours alone to make.I cannot make it for you, the military cannot make it for you,
in fact nobody can force this upon you. At the end of it all, you are the one God has given
this choice to, and you are also the one who will reap the fruits of the decision you will

There is not much else to say.

Decide what you will do, whether you will oppose this regime, by staying home, or accept the
fact that you are no longer in control of your destiny.

I have decided. I will oppose this regime. I will stay home.

God Bless Fiji,

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