Monday, April 2, 2007


"A term coined by blogger mawdsomething to refer to the inept, incompetent, imbecilic travesty that is referred to as the Interim Government in Fiji. Headed by Frank Bainimarama."

How To Recognise:

This system of governance is recognizable by the following characteristics:
Lack of mandate from the masses.
• Lack of clearly defined pathway back to normalcy.
Lack of governing authority to which governments which adhere, either openly or covertly to this philosophy feel answerable to.
Lack of intelligence.
Lack of transparency.
Lack of honesty.
Lack of integrity.
Lack of humanity.
Lack of consistency.
Lack of originality.
Illegal destruction of Private property.
Killing of civilians
Intimidation of dissenters.
Conflicting decisions from various arms of governance.
Serial Human Rights Abuse.
Media censorship.
Widespread international condemnation.
Internal Strife.
Withdrawal of International recognition.
Senior members of Government unable to travel freely internationally.

Currently known system of Governance of Fiji. Widely unpopular with the Fiji public. Must be avoided at all costs. Must be resisted by all freedom-loving people.

If this type of governance appears in your country, for the sake of your future generations, it must be overthrown ASAP. We are working towards this. Find out how to join this effort by clicking here, and advising us of your intention to join the cause.


Captain Freedom said...

Geez, I'm beginning to think that maybe the SDL were better.Hell, I wouldnt mind seeing the SVT back in power..

news fiji said...

SDL, SVT or SCC, let's just have an election soonest and we must respect the winners.

Remember in the last elections i know of whole congregations who fasted and prayed that God's Will be done.

So it was done, SDL won with Labour tagging along.

A multi-party cabinet was formed which was in fact working well.

Ofcourse, Chaudhary refused an offer from Qarase to join and become Deputy PM.

On 5th December, FB decides he's God's gift to Fiji and should save us all (about 800,000 of us) from the corruption of the SDL government.

He announces that he has evidence - which ofcourse we are still waiting for. (Qai yaco ga mai ni sa se na balabala).

Anyways, God has allowed for this to happen and we'll just to wait andd see what happens next.

One thing is for sure though - you cannot run and hide from your wrong doings - and Frank and his cronies will pay, if not in this life, it will be in the next.

So to all our Fijian brothers and sisters (indo fijians, kailoma's, chinese etc, etc), rest assured, stay calm and relax, God is watching and FB's days are numbered.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Note: I hear FB is having sleepless nights and is going nuts!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather the SDL come back into power than the SVT.

Our economy is rapidly going down the drain, tourists are not coming, and overseas donors are not giving.

People are being laid off work, salary cuts for others, poor getting poorer and IG are getting fatter and fatter.

Is this the Fiji they envisioned?