Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Hairline Cracks....

Ni Sa Bula,

This post is directed at you soldiers who read the blogs. Don't deny it, the majority of you do, and you print it out and disseminate the material to others. You talk in private to your loved ones, your trusted ones that you are apprehensive about the way the RFMF is taking Fiji, and that you are starting to have misgivings about the decision you have taken, either actively or passively, to overthrow the democratically elected Government of Fiji.

It's starting to appear. The cracks. The signs that all is not well in the state of Bainimaramadom. It's a sign to those of you military personnel who really love this country, and are now doubting the path your institution is taking.

Firstly, the 3 officers from the RFMF Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa, who are now under military investigation for allegations of mutiny. That's right, it is now considered a mutinious act to tell fellow soldiers that the "Commander" is leading the flock to the slaughter. I applaud these brave men. I know that there are more of you in there. Come out, and stand with us, because if you don't, you will surely be destroyed along with the RFMF.

Now news that another officer has been sent on leave for opposing the Interim bushlawyer. You see, you think that Bainimarama has your back. He doesn't. He's too busy trying to protect his own. Why do you think he ran in 2000, and left you to fight while he got away? Why do you think he is fighting tooth-and-nail to see that this coup succeeds? Call it what you want. I call it self preservation.

How about this list of men, real men ( not the bullies who lead you now) who chose the higher road, and left or were forced out because they would not bow to Frank? Men who chose integrity over corruption, honesty over collusion, and principles over gain? Now we see the fruit your Commander is "bearing". The way he is leading you, I am sure the 3 officers in Labasa are just the tip of the iceberg, a whiff of the rumblings that is now stirring in the forces.

Do the right thing. Step down. We will not think less of you. In fact, we will hold you in higher esteem. They might ridicule you, but we will respect you. You will have the gratitude of a struggling nation. You will be able to hold your head high, to look your relatives, friends and family in the eye, with the knowledge that you chose the right thing warming your heart.

The feeling of unease, that all is not well, that something is amiss, that is God speaking to your conscience. In the depths of your heart, you know that this is wrong, and that you must not continue in this course of action any longer.

Be strong!!!!

Stand up for the truth!!!!

You will never regret it.

Fiji, and indeed history will remember the names of those who dragged us down this road with the kind of revulsion that we reserve for the dregs of humanity. Already we think of Bainimarama in this vein. We see Leweni through through these eyes. We think of Driti in this light.

This is the taint that clings to the once proud green of our soldiers. The proud reputation that our fathers fought for, that we respected, that the country boasted about, this has been brought low by a chain of morally deficit decisions, of a few morally defunct leaders amongst you.

You can restore all this, and re-elevate the RFMF to the pedestal it once held in Fiji. You can reclaim the lost honour that those who came before you shed their blood and gave their lives for.

Take the first step down this road.


We, the people of Fiji wil love you for it.

God Bless Fiji


Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartely with this article. The soldiers must start to wake up and realise they are being used. Bainimarama is only trying to save himself, this never was about anything else. He is backing Khaiyum now over the man who followed his orders as he now needs Khaiyum more than his soldiers because he thinks he has you all in his pocket. Its time to wake up, don't wait any longer, its not going to get any better, it will only get worse as we the people are starting to move.

Anonymous said...

I heard that some RFMF men + women are there because of their bread and butter. So, the delimma will be bread+butter against the consciousness and conviction of wrongful actions though following orders.

kai gau said...

Baini + Marama = Poofter

Just you wait...

Anonymous said...

I believe that many of the men and women in green would like to leave but are worried about their ' bread & butter'. If this is the case, then I wish to appeal to business owners to collectively work out a way to create jobs for these men& women. Give them the assurance that we as a nation would be more than happy to support them should they decide to come out. I am reminded of a posting in the RFC blog regarding some who have already left...and I was amazed at how bloggers worldwide were just more than happy to get their addresses so that they could send them things to help them for the interim. So this is something worth seriously thinkning about.

Anonymous said...

today's daily:
''I feel and my heart goes out to the families of those who have died in the shootings as well as those who were injured,'' said Commodore Bainimarama. regarding the USA shootings where 30 died, 24 injured.

all the while, he had nothing to say to Mrs Rabaka, or the late Verebasaga's family, or the families of the CRW soldiers who all died at the hands of the Fiji Military!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good article, right on the money. I have heard similar reports about disgruntlement in the armed forces. We civilians can understand that many of you soldiers are torn between your loyalty to your leaders (misguided that they are) and your own consciences. As for Commodore Bainimarama, be warned, those who come to power at th epoint of al gun can expect to relinquish power in the same way! You have been warnedd. Go back to the barracks and leave the running of the government to elected representatives.