Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Media Release.

The following media release is in response to the RFMF's decision to track down one black native...


Suva, Fiji Islands, April 25th, 2007.

FIJIAN BLACK is the blognym for the blogsite Good Men (and Women) Doing Something (goodmenandwomendoingsomething.blogspot.com) and is calling on the public of Fiji to passively resist the interim regime, by staying home on Tuesday, 1st of May, 2007.

FijianBlack is calling on all sons and daughters of Fiji, to stay home, as a sign of opposition to this regime and rejects the terror tactics being openly touted by Neumi Leweni's statement on Fiji Village .

"The coup culture is alive in Fiji, because we have not done anything about it" he says. "We need to be more pro-active in defending our democracy, our rights and the future of Fiji. If we don't, this is a forlorn legacy we are bequeathing to our children"

Intelligentsiya (intelligentsiya.blogspot.com) who is also a member of the Fiji Freedom Bloggers movement is also calling on the military, the Interim Government and the other arms of Government to focus on the more important issues, like the restoration of democracy, the investigation of the numerous Human Rights abuses, and the removal of the military from all levels of Government.

"The military, which was once a proud institution, loved in Fiji and respected around the world, has, in the past few months completely and utterly morphed into a dictatorial, ruthless regime, that is not motivated by a patriotic love of our country, but by greed, the self-serving interests of a few, fear and insecurity. It is a sad state of affairs when the army of a nation needs its guns to protect itself against it's own citizens. It is a sorry sight to see the once proud green uniforms that have brought glory to Fiji, causing fear, resentment and concern amongst the people of this nation" said Intelligentsiya.

The military has usurped power, it has assumed mantles of various institutions that it was and never will be, suited to exercise. It has taken a situation that was none of their concern, the state of our economy, and has made it infinitely worse."

Fijian Black calls on the Republic of Fiji Military Forces , and the Interim Regime, to respect Human Rights, the will of the people, and the opinions of the citizens of Fiji.

"If the military had not intervened, we would not have the $350 million in aid and our sugar reforms would have been under way. The Tourism industry would be booming, the job losses in the hotels would not have happened, the visitors would be flocking to our shores. We would not have a negative GDP, and an economy that seriously needs an infusion of aid. We would have new hotels opening this year, happier landowners, more exports, higher levels of foreign reserves and a nation on its way up in the world.

Mrs. Verebasaga would still have her husband, and the father of their children, and their breadwinner.

Sakiusa Rabaka would be studying, aiming for a job in the very industry that the travel advisories, based on the actions of this regime, have decimated.

We would still be abiding by the 1997 Constitution, in word and deed.

Now our nation is in shambles. At the time the investigative powers of our Forces should be pursuing the murderers of Messers Verebasaga and Rabaka, they are more concerned about stemming any opposition to their cause."

The Fiji Freedom bloggers movement is in itself tangible evidence that the right to freedom of expression has been unjustly curbed under the insidious guise of the Emergency Regulations."

Fijian Black said "Fiji Live has also reported our call wrongly. We are not calling on people to wear black as that would only cause them to be singled out by this junta but just to protest peacefully by staying at home".


Contact: fijianblack@gmail.com; mawdsomething@gmail.com; intelligentsiya@gmail.com

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ex Fiji Tourist said...

Great article! You have the nail right on the head!

You summarise what the NZ commissioner said yesterday; things have gone quickly backwards since these morons have held Fiji hostage.

The people of Fiji are the only ones who can really tell these fools that the entire world are sick of their bumbling antics.

Take the day off on 1st may. I hope that a cruise liner comes in and the passengers find that there are no tours or hotel lunches; you good people might be able to put some posters up around the wharf to explain why there are no services in Suva that day.

Fijians, YOU have to stand up and be counted; you can't sit back and complain and not do anything!