Monday, April 23, 2007

The Numbers Game

Ni Sa Bula,

The days to the May Day, May "Inaction" Day or the May "Stay-At-Home" Day are passing by.

As they do, the camps for and against this coup, it's "alleged" reasons and whether is was a good or bad thing, are coalesce. People who are now aware of this protest are wieghing out the pros and cons of such an action, and whether it is worth doing so or not.

As such, the swords are drawn, and people are starting to state their support or their opposition to such a move. There is one arguement that is surfacing, that this post is intended to refute.

This arguement is the one that a commenter to a previous post, the very first post that proposed this method of resistance, put on this very blog. The commenter, who chose to remain anonymous said:

"You are about to be taught a lesson in how few people actually have access to the internet and pay attention to blogs in Fiji"

This is the hope of those who support the coup and it's intentions and the fear of those of us who oppose this regime. The fear, whether we have the numbers on our side or not.

Let's take this "bull" by the horns. Is this really an issue that will be decided by the numbers? Is this something that should be decided by the majority? Should the fact that we might be few in number deter us from making this stand?


This is not an issue that is determined by the numbers that support one side or the other of the arguement. Whether we are few or many does not matter. Our numerical superiority is moot on this issue.

The only thing, the only question that you should ask yourself is this:


The numbers do not matter. All that matters is that we are doing the right thing. In fact, at the end of all things, doing the right thing is the only thing that will ever matter.

We might be few in number. We might not even make a ripple. We might not stop this tyranny. We might become the laughstock of those who oppose us.


All that matters is that we know what is right and we have done it. We have heard the voice of reason, of conscience, of the truth that speaks to everyone's heart in our quietest moments. And we have listened, and not ignored that quiet voice that is telling us that this is all wrong, that the way to a better nation is not in the deaths of our sons, in the killings of our fathers, in the raping and harrasement of our sisters, daughters and mothers, in the torture of our loved ones, friends and relatives. It is not in unilateral, dictatorial leadership, nor in the decrees issued unthinkingly on a vunerable nation. It is not in the guns, the checkpoints or even the bluster, the war of words.

The way to a better nation is in the hearts of its people. In the hearts of it's sons and daughters. It's when we say no to cruelty, when we shun the evil that is now hainging over these islands we call home.

Even if only one person says " I will not agree to this"...that is enough to keep the hope alive that one day, this Fiji will be the way the world should be.

So don't listen to the jibes of the dissenters who try to dissenchant you, to make you waver, to instill in you doubt. We can make a difference. We will make a difference. We must, because this task has fallen to us to shoulder.

And this can either be our darkest hour, or our turning point. We can either fade into the darkness, or we can rise with the light.

The choice is yours. It's mine. It's ours.

I will protest this illegal regime that has raped my country, by staying home on May Day.

Even if I am the only one who does so.


Keep The Faith said...

Ah yes the good ol "access and equity" debate on internet access.

That may be right BUT just as blogs have evolved as an alternative news medium so too has the communication process!

The good ol' coconut wireless is very much alive and kicking...and at EVERY function (even the grog sessions depending on who attends) you attend you are bound to hear tidbits of what the blogs are access and equity barriers there whatsoever!

newsfiji said...

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it's not going to work.

We will not go to work on May 1st because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Choosing what is right over everything else whether it be money, being famous, glory, whatever:

It is doing what is right always that will define who you are.

A man or woman of principle.

So, to all readers, tell everybody anybody, pull in a sicky on Tuesday May 1st!

God Bless You Greatly (to goodmenandwomendoingsomething)
and God Bless Fiji!

newsfiji said...

Hi, i hear they're out looking for you! That dickhead lewenski aaaaaaaaaaaah!

We're hia to support you and pray that God will protect you!

God Bless You and Fiji!

Bai Ni Vore said...

It is working. It's already getting the military mayjahhhh's attention with his threat to find you and your 'group'. It's made the news, and now people are noticing. I heard about this over the fijian radio station news! Good on you.

Sorry for not posting anything yet, been away from internet access for long time...way too long.

The military now have their minds working overtime to note down anyone who pulls in a sickie on Tuesday - lets see what these idiots will do and how they go about doing things.

This stand is to make the nation take notice that we the ordinary citizens will not stand for these people being in power - no matter how long! We want the people in power to know that too!

It's peaceful, legal and totally safe!