Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Time To Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Ni Sa Bula,

To those of you that regularly visit my blog, I apologise that I haven't posted anything for the last few days. This is because the plethora of blogs on the situation in the country, one can see that almost all aspects of the "comedy of errors" that is now unfolding, is pretty well covered...except one.

This particular issue is why I had decided to take a couple days hiatus to sit, think and let these thoughts form a coherent, practical post. It's something that I feel needs to be done.The genesis of this, I owe to a very wise lady who told me that this is what is lacking in our fight for our freedom. For reasons of safety, I will not say more on this lady, except Vinaka Vakalevu.

The blogging phenomenon is now well and truly alive in Fiji. The number of blogs that have captured the attention of the nation, and those who follow Fiji's progress from afar. It has provided an outlet for the frustrations we now feel individually and collectively, when we think, read, hear or see the way our beloved country is being fleeced.

So we are all shouting. But let's take a step back and look at this again.

What have we really achieved?

Nothing of substance.

Sure..we rant and rave, but we have not, halted the progress this regime is making. The only body that actually did something is the Great Council of Chiefs. Now most of us may either agree or disagree with the course of action they took, but I think no one will dispute the fact that they have thrown a spanner in the works and halted the ambitions of the IG, and most certainly, elements within it, who were salivating at the thought of becoming a rent-free resident in the White House with a view.

What now?

We need to stand up. We are already speaking up. However, we, for various reasons are not the sort of citizens that will cause mayhem. That is not our style. However, something more substantive needs to be done, if we want to break this regime, and restore our collective, the will of the people to the leadership of this nation.

The last few days, I struggled with this, and I have come up with an idea. Something that can potentially paralyze the nation, for whatever period we decide. Something that is safe for us to will not result in our going for the now infamous "traing runs" at QEB and the other RFMF gyms.Something that we can do, but the IG and their enforcers cannot prevent.

Let's all call in sick. All workers who do not support this regime, who think we deserve better governance, should call in sick on the first working day of next month. THat would be Tuesday, the 1st of May. If we do so,and enough of us do so, we can stop this nation, just like how everything shut's down when we have a public holiday.If you are hassled by your "overeager" boss, your friends, colleagues, even the junta, you can always claim that you were sick for the day. After all, how can they prove otherwise.

So call in sick on Tuesday, 1st of May. Let's flex our muscles, and show these idiots where the real interests, beliefs and desires of the people of Fiji are.

I know that this idea will generate a lot of discussions, debates etc. Any of you who wish to do so,please drop me an email.

Mark this day on your calenders. Tell your friends. Fellow bloggers, please spread the word. We can stop the rot, the lies and the destruction. Only we can.

God Bless Fiji


newsfiji said...

Good on you, at least you've come up with something to do, rather than all talk!

Let's do it!

Stay away from work on 1st of May!

Go Fiji Go!

Anonymous said...

good idea, Sick of IG day, 1st of May.

ex Fiji Tourist said...

Great! I posted this idea on a blog many weeks ago. I'm glad someone has caught on to it.
To those who missed the original, here it is:-

The idea of a day of "inaction" sounds good to me from afar. If the workers of Fiji all rang in sick one morning then the country would slowly grind to a halt for the day.
This way nobody would be on strike and so the green gallahs would have nobody to confront.

May I suggest that you pick a day when the largest cruise ship is in Suva; what a great way to get the message of oppression through to a large group of tourists who will find that the shops are shut,tours are cancelled and hotels are closed.

Of course, all you "sick" people could look outside and let down the tyres of the green thugs' cars. Or maybe put sugar in the petrol tank. Or steal their rifles when they are not looking. The list is endless to frustrate these fools when they are in small groups. Maybe a few young ladies could flutter their eyes at these green goons while the real men of Fiji go about a bit of mayhem.

Best wishes for a day of "inaction".

Anonymous said...

Another thing we could do in addition to the national "inaction" day is to find the email adresses of all the Ministers in the IG and Senior Officers in the military and register our displeasure or anger with them. By the way make sure you use an anonymous email address.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you there but to send an email you need an email address so let's be innovative and register a hotmail or yahoo or what email provide that you can access and stick with a strong name, eg. Freedom4Fiji and whoever starts first goes Freedom4Fiji_1, second one gets Freedom4Fiji_2, Freedom4Fiji_3, etc, etc. That way we consistently send them with the one message... Ha... ha...

Anonymous said...

This is like the DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS in California. It works and I know that it will work in Fiji.
Ke sa rawa ni ra cakava na illegal i Mereke, e sega ni dua na kena dredre e Viti.

Anonymous said...

Driti's email -

Bai Ni Vore said...

Vinaka for your post.
1st Day of May it is.

I'll post it on my blog.

First machine got wasted, using a 'borrowed' one now so online access kinda sketchy for now.

Good post, Good reminder to all on where things stand, and where we go from here.

ramatau said...

You can do it!!!
I'm calling in sick on that day... 1st May! I agree with ex fiji tourist, why don't we email each other and get the ball rolling... let's do something funny... just like in the movies aye... cool! we won't be obvious, coz they don't know us!

newsfiji said...

This is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

You are about to be taught a lesson in how few people actually have access to the internet and pay attention to blogs in Fiji

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