Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Born Fijian, and Proud.

Bula kece,

Today is a day I'm bursting with pride at my heritage.

Things like the win in Adelaide makes me proud. Or stories of the bravery of Labalaba, or the friendliness of those of us that impress the tourist visitors so much!!!! It's when you hear stories of things like that, that you remember why we hold this land, it's people and it's culture and traditions so dear.

The latest thing to warm this heart, however is completely out of left field. So far out that it fell like a thunderbolt out of the stratosphere.

The Great Council of Chiefs rejected the Presidential nominee of Rt. Epeli Nailatikau for Vice President.

Say ahhh???

The Great Council of Chiefs rejected the Presidential nominee of Rt. Epeli Nailatikau for Vice President.

That came as a complete suprise to almost everyone. Even the IG Fijian Affairs Minister was dumbfound, and lost for words. And who wouldn't? It's like finding out that the old dog does bite!!! With a vengence!!!

In revenge, the other Epeli threatened to remove "selected" GCC members. Hey Rt. Epeli, why don't you try to make them run at QEB? That's right, you can't!!! As you are too scared of the repecussions that course of action would bring.

The Chiefs have spoken.

This was after the entry of Adi Samanunu Cakobau, Ro Teimumu Kepa and Rt. Naiqama Lalabalavu were denied entry into the meeting. Well, an attempt was made to deny them entry. In the case of Ro Teimumu, it failed as the Burebasaga member Ro Elenoa Gonelevu stepped aside to allow the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi to attend in her place.

The three highest ranking chiefs in Fiji, being shut out on a technicality. Bainimarama/Chaudry/Khaiyum etc...we Fijians will not forget this. And remember, where will you run to when this is all over? The end is coming very fast.

Two confederacies, Kubuna and Burebasaga rejected the nominee. With Rt. Joni Madraiwiwi as a High Chief of Kubuna, Adi Samanunu as the eldest of the Cakobau siblings ( the paramount chief's position is still up for grabs) and Ro Teimumu Kepa leading Burebasaga, all being part of the "clean-up" campaign, and the "wrong" part at that, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the nominee the IG/RFMF were trying to pass through would be met with resistance.

Tovata is a different story. While the media reports that they accepted the nominee, it must be remembered that their paramount chief the Tui Cakau was not allowed to attend the meeting, nor was he present. While the Mara family would wield some power in that matanitu, readers of this post would need to be reminded that in the traditional scheme of things, the Tui Nayau was the least of the 4 High Chiefs of Tovata. Rt. Mara was repected, not so much for his position as for his personal achievements and accomplishments, something his offspring seem to forget. This lesson will be learnt, with much shedding of tears in days to come. Already the respect once accorded to Rt. Mara is now slowly dissolving.

Looking at it from another angle, when the junta revoked the nominees of the GCC, the GCC stated that it recognised the deposed government as the legal government of Fiji. Bainimarama thought he could dictate terms to this group. Vosota Voreqe!!!! What were you thinking? Be glad that they have only rejected your nominee. They could have...oh....chosen Rt. Naiqama as the VP. How would you like them apples then????

One other point I must make here. The president Rt. Iloilo is no longer the GCC nominee. He was removed by Frank, who "became" President for just under a month. He then handed the presidency back to Rt. Iloilo. That makes, in my view Rt. Iloilo the IG nominee. I feel sad for him as I am certain that he is not in charge anymore, and is just being used by the IG to further their evil plans.

To the members of the GCC, you have made us proud. You have stood up, and defended those God gave you sway over. We will not forget this. We will not. I will not.

God Bless Fiji
Proud to be Fijian,


foreign observer said...

As a foreigner living in your beautiful land, I am amazed at the quite dignity of the Fijian people. Its a great credit to the Fijian people that they have kept your cool despite unprecedented insults hurled at the GCC by Frank. The coup makers and coup supporters should now realize that they cannot hold onto to power for much longer. I hope Frank has the courage to admit his mistakes because Fijians are a very forgiving people but they must not underestimated or taken for granted.

Tagi ni Vanua said...

The people have been crying out for some real leadership, and today the Chiefs have shown that they have heard the anguish and seen the tears. Today, the GCC has proved that it should not be taken for granted, and will come out of this testing times stronger and more respected. Leadership is about having a purpose that is greater than oneself. The GCC has made us all proud to be Fiji Citizens, and I am not a full ethnic Fijian. Suddenly, I find meaning again in the words of our national anthem .." a land of FREEDOM, hope and glory."

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Rt Bokini - go u good thing ! Thank you for standing up to the ones that tried to slur your name and to discredit you prior to the GCC meeting. Where previous GCC members showed great indecision before in times of crisis and were not showing ledership to its people, you are shining a brighter light for all of us. Our chiefs need to be better leaders for their people - hopefully this crisis has woken you all up. With a decisive chief at it's helm,, you can only drive forward together with one clear purpose - to rescue your citizens from this stupid coup culture ... and by the way, get rid of those stupid methodist talatala's in your midst - they are silly self-righteous, selfish, uncouth people and should not be there whispering in your ears - their business should be administering to the flock not dabbling in politics and nationalism - lets not forget the lessons of the previous coups when the likes of Lasaro and Caucau and Kanailagi were right up there encouraging violence and justifying acts of hooliganism. The Chiefs that listened to them then were foolish - PLEASE PLEASE do not repeat the same mistakes with these people again. Send them back to where they came from. God bless you Rt Bokini and those Chiefs that are listening to their consciences. We the people of Fiji need you all to think clearly about the issues that affect us all, and we need your guidance at this difficult time.

raho said...

Vinaka vakalevu to Ratu Ovini Bokini and the Great Council of Chiefs for their stand against dictatorship and their fight for justice, democracy and freedom.

Great articles. Keep it up.

TimBuk2 said...

A quote for your foot-in mouth sidebar: Driti (or as reporter and all round regular gal, Ms Owen of TV3-NZ chooses to pronounce it - INDEETREE) - she's dyslexic, Driti is just THICK:
"Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs may not meet for the next three years, says a senior military officer" - FijiLive referring to Missa In-the-Tree probably trying to shake a few coconuts loose.

Whatever. Whether you think the GCC is a bunch of geriatric has-beens past their used-by-date OR you think they are owed a degree of respect (probably more so than a jumped up Military with an average IQ not worth mentioning and an IG who are totally unconcerned with anyone's ability to rule), the GCC are an institution, and one with a better right to Constitutional rule under the Constitution than those currently n power

Anonymous said...

I think the leadership is fine. The economy is turning for the good. Lets be optimistic guys. SDL would have led us to bankruptcy. At least this leadership would bring us greater benefits in the long run. Weigh all the costs and benefits, this coup has net benefits.

Good Men (and women) Doing Something.... said...

Weighing all the results, this coup has taken us backwards. The previous coups also did that. THat is why this coup, like the others that preceeded it, must be resisted.

There is only a net benefit if you think job losses, negative GDP, drop in aid, loss of lives, and pending lawsuits are a gain.

kai gau said...

If there are a lot of people like anon 1,it is no wonder that FJB is still holding onto power

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