Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Reactions...positive and negative....AKA anecdotal evidence

Ni Sa Bula,

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo.

This post is dedicated to those of you who have heeded the call that is now ringing out around the nation and throughout the world, and have decided that you will protest this regime, by staying home on May 1st.

For reasons of security, both personal and for your families, the vast majority of you will be faceless, nameless and anonymous. While we wish that this was not the case, the situation in this nation dictates that we must employ methods that we would not normally use. Chief amongst these is anonmyity. The fact that they cannot identity us, makes it impossible for them to quash us. That there are those who will not bow to their tyranny is now evident, and your actions are giving hope, and instilling courage in the hearts of those who wish to act but are shackled by fear and doubt.

There are those who wish us ill. These are a few emails and comments that have been send to me since this idea was mooted:

you sound like a coward , if u want to stand up for democracy don't be such a sissy write your name. If people stay home like u say may we please have your name so that you will pay for day our pay gets dorked. imagine what will happen if we gather as a crowd you will know what to do, we will not have an escape plan.

You must think of us as willing pawns in this regime...... u know what we have shoved aside by people like you for so long that we are thankful for the military who are finally doing something for us.

If you think that maybe we should have said something earlier, WE HAVE, it is people like you who would not have listened.



You are about to be taught a lesson in how few people actually have access to the internet and pay attention to blogs in Fiji

and of course the military, whose actions in trying to track us down, are speaking louder than their feeble mutterings.

Now the point must be stressed that the decision to actually stay home on 01/05/07 is yours and yours alone. No one can force you, and make the choice for you. If you don't agree with this course of action, by all means, go to work. If you lack the courage of your convictions, then you must look deep within yourself and examine what you value. The decision is yours.

The disadvantage that the lack of internet access poses, is more than negated by the wide media coverage and the good old coconut wireless that is the fastest means of information dissemination in Fiji. So to those of you who are wishing we will fall flat on our faces, sorry....

For those who do decide to stand up against this dictatorship, I cannot thank you. Nobody will reward you. You will become the object of ridicule and scorn from those who do not, or cannot, grasp the gifts that democracy, true democracy brings us. You will become points of division, the"eye" of the political storm that is now tearing apart our nation. Your sacrifice, though silent, will ring out down the ages to our children that we did not run when Fiji needed us most.

Be brave. Be strong. Be calm. Those who condone this evil that now passes itself off as governance in Fiji, will accuse you of being cowards, of not having the spine to come out in the open.

Sun Tzu's The Art Of War states:

"You should not oblige your enemy by allowing him to choose the battleground."

It is not to our advantage to be known for now. We are like the wind that blows wherever it pleases, and nobody knows where it came from, or where it goes. All they can see is the evidence of its passing.

This is our battleground. This is where we hold the higher ground, the moral advantage, where the guns, the threats and the posturing of the oppressors mean nothing. This is where we are strong, and our enemy is weak. This is where we cannot be attacked, and we can, passively but convincingly can tell them unequivocally that we will not cower in the shadows any longer.

We can bring down this enemy. We can halt this regime, and make them realise that we are the ones who will stop them. So let us show them the real caliber of the sons and daughers of these islands. Let us make them see that Fiji will not suffer their delusions a moment longer.

I leave you with the following messages from those who will stand with you, if you stay home on May 1st.

ex Fiji Tourist said...

Great article! You have the nail right on the head!

You summarise what the NZ commissioner said yesterday; things have gone quickly backwards since these morons have held Fiji hostage.

The people of Fiji are the only ones who can really tell these fools that the entire world are sick of their bumbling antics.

Take the day off on 1st may. I hope that a cruise liner comes in and the passengers find that there are no tours or hotel lunches; you good people might be able to put some posters up around the wharf to explain why there are no services in Suva that day.

Fijians, YOU have to stand up and be counted; you can't sit back and complain and not do anything!

newsfiji said...

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it's not going to work.

We will not go to work on May 1st because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Choosing what is right over everything else whether it be money, being famous, glory, whatever:

It is doing what is right always that will define who you are.

A man or woman of principle.

So, to all readers, tell everybody anybody, pull in a sicky on Tuesday May 1st!

God Bless You Greatly (to goodmenandwomendoingsomething)
and God Bless Fiji!

newsfiji said...

Good on you, at least you've come up with something to do, rather than all talk!

Let's do it!

Stay away from work on 1st of May!

Go Fiji Go!

Anonymous said...

good idea, Sick of IG day, 1st of May.

Anonymous said...

This is like the DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS in California. It works and I know that it will work in Fiji.
Ke sa rawa ni ra cakava na illegal i Mereke, e sega ni dua na kena dredre e Viti.

Bai Ni Vore said...

Vinaka for your post.
1st Day of May it is.

I'll post it on my blog.

Good post, Good reminder to all on where things stand, and where we go from here.

ramatau said...

You can do it!!!
I'm calling in sick on that day... 1st May! I agree with ex fiji tourist, why don't we email each other and get the ball rolling... let's do something funny... just like in the movies aye... cool! we won't be obvious, coz they don't know us!

Anonymous said...
me nomuni na vakacegu kei na veivakalougatataki ni Kalou. may God Bless you and your works... TRUTH PREVAILS... vinaka vakalevu na nomuni tu taka tiko na dina kei na savasava e na
mororoi kemuni ka na taqomaki kemuni ko JIOVA na noda Kalou.

Your decision to join us brings this quote from Martin Luther King to mind:

"Here and there an individual or group dares to love, and rises to the majestic heights of moral maturity. So in a real sense this is a great time to be alive. Therefore, I am not yet discouraged about the future. Granted that the easygoing optimism of yesterday is impossible. Granted that those who pioneer in the struggle for peace and freedom will still face uncomfortable jail terms, painful threats of death; they will still be battered by the storms of persecution, leading them to the nagging feeling that they can no longer bear such a heavy burden, and the temptation of wanting to retreat to a more quiet and serene life. Granted that we face a world crisis which leaves us standing so often amid the surging murmur of life's restless sea. But every crisis has both its dangers and its opportunities. It can spell either salvation or doom. In a dark confused world the kingdom of God may yet reign in the hearts of men."

God Bless Fiji,


ex Fiji Tourist said...

I just looked at TV1 news on the net.

One story was about that some people had noticed a large number of cars outside Bananasinpyjamas' house this morning.

I was amused with the spin that the green goons told the reporters; it was Bananasinpyjamas birthday.

So all the senior military officers came to have a piece of cake at 6 in the morning and sing Happy Birthday.

Pull the other leg; it plays Jingle Bells.

A few blog sites have different reasons for the gathering.

Anonymous said...

You guys plus Disc Bubu just made the news. Lewenski at it again, saying they're following up on you guys, and then contradicting himself with "we won't give them credibility by following up..."
maybe i heard it wrong... :) too many ahhhhhsssss in the sentences.

Anonymous said...

Is Fiji heading towards facism? Check out this article at,,2064157,00.html to see some scary parallels with our own stupid little dictator...