Monday, July 16, 2007

Once Again Into the Breech....

Dear sa bula.

I apologise for being away from this forum for so long. I am no longer in Fiji, and I'm glad that my anonymity worked, or I might be another person stopped at our international airport like Graham , Laisa or Shamima. However, my family still resides there, I still carry the sky blue passport, and I am still proud to be a Fijian.

Now that I am not in Fiji anymore, one can see things more clearly. It's definitely a case of stepping back to look at the big picture...and it is not a pretty one. From outside, Fiji is now a definite member of the Melanesian "Arc of Instability" , the grouping of Melanesian nations that are in various stages of unrest. Mind you, our Polynesian next-door neighbour seems to have caught this virus..with a further extension to their current State of Emergency, the 8th since last year's crisis in Nuku'alofa.

But back to our backyard.

One could go on lamenting the problems that now besiege us. We could spend years around the tanoa talking about this problem, and how it is affecting our country. That is what we have been doing and what we are doing.

The reason we, the people of this nation are suffering is because we, the people allow it. Maybe we hate confrontation. Maybe, we like what this government is doing. Maybe, we fear the repurcussions if we stand up. Maybe, we want to do something, but we don't know how to do it.

We need solutions to our problem. We all know that there is a problem, and we need to solve it, and fast. If we don't, we will be stuck in this conumdrum for a lot longer than we need to be. So put your thinking hats on..and put in your ideas in the comments section. As we keep on harping about democracy, we might as well be democraticatic about the selection of the next course of action. So that means, people, that the most popular idea for resisting this regime wins.

So pound those keys....and let's make them remember.

God Bless Fiji
Mawdsomething AKA Fijianblack


Keep The Faith said...

YAHOOOOOO -- welcome back FB!

Anonymous said...

Long time - nice to see you back black - you have been missed

ex Fiji Tourist said...

Bananasinpyjamas has done it again!

This fool wants the unions to, "understand the difficulties and circumstances our country is in at the moment".

They do understand! They understand that all the problems have been caused by bananasinpyjamas and his bumbling band of babbling baboons.

Bai Ni Vore said...

Glad to know you're safe. Good to hear from you and hope your family stays safe.

we missed you, (so did lewenski :)).

The blogs are working in educating the population of Fiji about this illegal, arrogant, selfish military regime.

And the people are fed up with them and politicians around.

It's time for new faces to step in and clean these guys out. Once and for all.

People of Fiji, do not let Voreqe's threat to the unions go unanswered. The Unions are going on strike for a good reason - they should not have to suffer pay cuts for a coup that they did not want. A coup that this country did not want. A coup that only Voreqe and his bunch of criminal losers wanted.

Now everyone is suffering because of Voreqe's selfishness. Before it gets worse we need to act and act now as Fijian Black has just said.

Speak out people, Speak up. Tell you families about the atrocities of this regime! Tell them about the illegality of this regime! Tell them how this regime is wrong even if they have "christians" working for them!!

Do not give your children the wrong impression that this military regime is good for the country. you will be setting a precedence that will only hurt your family and future generations.

Lets stand together, and fight this fight against this tyranny. IF we do, we could be hurt, harmed, even killed. If we don't, this country dies a slow death with us along side it.

Kutusebeneivore said...

Welcome back

Anonymous said...

Good Men and Women of Fiji, never lose heart, never give up. Tabu Soro! It's easy to feel helpless, especially for those of us overseas, but blog sites like this one and HydenCeek mean that we do not feel alone. Blogging is not doing nothing.

I recommend to everyone to read Jean d'Ark's posting on HydenCeek "Rally at Suva Civic Centre last week (number 18 @ 1:39pm) I think JCIA is on to something. The buffoons wrecking Fiji at the moment need to be reminded all the time: they were not elected and they never will be elected. Letter box drops and lobbying which JCIA urges can help get that message out beyond the blogosphere. Translating documents for the villages is also a good idea. Once the crooks start to understand that the rule of law WILL return and they will be joining George and co at Naboro, we can expect to see some backing out and away.

Let's see some action but I don't mean Molotov cocktails or any other stupid ideas that someone posted a few months back. No doubt these came from the arniy. Even talk about such stupidity helps the coup by providing justification from the ER.

How about some democratic action. We haven't got democracy but we can have democratic action. Go for it Good Men and Women of Fiji and HnC!