Friday, July 20, 2007

The Things We do for Love....

Ni Sa Bula...

Corny..I know..I know!!!

But hey..think about this for a moment.

Bainimarama,Chaudary, Shaista, Bernie, the whole lot of them, what do they love? Apart from themselves of course!!! They love power!!!They love the fact that now they can tell people to do what they want, when they want and how they want? You want to argue? Driti the enforcer will see that their will becomes your way.

Serevi loves this nation. He has given more than half his life to the services of our country, and has brought glory, fame and honour to our shores in a way that none of us could emulate...and he does this for free.

Some people love their grog. You know the type..the ones that are go wandering off at 2am, looking for another house that is still drinking grog to go and vakatinitini. The kind whose skin is a dead giveaway. The kind whose congregating call is the sound of that "obo", the clanging of the tabili.

Then there's people like me. People who blog. People who are willing to debate this farce that we are now stuck in, and are willing to do so in public. People who speak out. This includes those who write in the Letters to the Editor, those who express their sentiments on air. People like Graham Leung, Shameema Ali. People who, in their own way love this country and are willing to do something to protect her. People who can say what is true and right and must be said, even if there is a risk to one's personal safety.

Now this one is the humdinger...the big kahuna..the million-dollar question.

What do you love?

Do you love Fiji enough to stand up with the rest of us to stand up with us and say "Enough!!!"

Are you willing to speak up and tell this regime that we will tolerate this no longer, that this has gone on long enough, and that we must right the wrongs that are now tearing our nation apart?

Can you?

Will you?

Why don't you?

What do you love? The potential that Fiji has? Or the present that you endure? It's a choice that we must make as individuals, but live out collectively.

Remember...alone you are a drop...but together we are the ocean.

God Bless Fiji,


Tuma said...

Damn straight.Great to have you back.

newsfiji said...

Yep, great piece of work! Good to have you back! Any news on the strike! It's so exciting huh and good thing that the nurses are striking peacefully!

Let's all support the nurses, people!

Qori, waraka, next week another load of civil servants strike!

Ha! Ha!

Let's do a bet - will the IG last even 1 year?? NOT!