Monday, August 23, 2010

The Rhetoric Shift

Bula all,

I haven't posted in this forum in a while, as I considered my job done (basically) as people who were "on fire" for the junta regime and the coup, and the illegal government that followed the events of 2006 have now deafened us with their...silence.

Reminds me of a phrase that I once heard in school "thunderous silence"........

What happened? If there was really corruption in the previous governments, how come it hasn't been exposed? Four years on, even with this farce they call a justice system, THEY STILL CANNOT CONVICT ANYONE!!!! now the farce is being turned on they initiators of this coup.... Teleni's on the out and Chaudry's under investigation. The only reservations I have about this is that they'll probably bungle the Chaudry case.

That is all smoke and mirrors however. What you need to think about now is, how come, after 4 years, with all the judges, decrees, guns, with their kolinivakata FICAC to gather evidence, with their prosecutor Ana Rokomokoti, with all they have, how come there is not one case that they can point to to justify the claims they made when they launched the coup? Lasulasu the lot of them.

They cannot do this, because there was never any corruption, well not on the scale they alleged. There never was any corruption on the scale the Military claimed, just the normal type of corruption that was with us pre-2006, and is still with us here in 2010. If they were interested in cleaning up anything, they should have started with the Regimental Fund, which would have shown the nation whether they could practice what they preached.

I pray that this farce will end soon.

God Bless Fiji,


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear your voice again - and amen to that !

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have read all articles in your blog. It gave me an idea of what's happening in Fidji which I was unaware of. It reminds me of of what's happening in Thailand, South American, Middle-East and African countries for example. It's all the same. I am French (living in Australia) and based on history French Revolution, independence of US, Scotland, WW2.. oppression can only be beaten by force and number. Unfortunately prayers and words won't change a thing, it is just a temporary release. Here is a quote you must have read already: "The only necessary thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" by Edmund Burke. I believe what is needed in Fidji now are mass demonstrations (by creating a sense of urgency)against the corrupt government, a leader of the "resistance" who is able gathers people, an organised guerilla to eliminate the military leaders in power and whoever else is assisting them, especially financially speaking. It is sad but history shows that you have to go to war if you want peace. And no other nation will get involved unless they have interest in it or the world public opinion decides some sort of intervention is needed. It can be useful knowing that you can draw the world's or nearby countries attention to Fiji's situation. The fight for democracy cannot take place without violence and blood. The foundation of dictatorship is fear meaning they will try to keep the status quo by intimidating any opponents. The thing is you have to create fear on their side and relentlessly fight for justice and freedom until victory. For the past victims and for the country's children. Your blog shows you can't stand this oppression anymore and really you have maybe 3 options: leave the country, bend over or fight with determination. The third option will involve a change of you are to become a true leader like Che Geuvara for example. It's a big choice but at least you keep your dignity and you give real meaning to your life by embracing a pure cause. Have faith in you, your people and freedom which maybe just around the corner. I know in my situation it sounds easy for me to say that but all I know is when things are wrong to a point you cannot bear it anymore you HAVE to do something. Even if it is just to show the path..
Strength and faith to you and your people.

Good Men (and women) Doing Something.... said...

Thank you for the comments. and Anon#2, that Edmund Burke quote is where I based the name of this blog from.

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