Monday, July 30, 2007

How Low Can You Go?

Ni Sa Bula,

No..I'm not talking about that congo line..although I wish I was. Seriously!!!

I'm talking about the way this nation we all loave and live in is sinking into the depths of economic, civil and moral depravity. We are now seeing things that were unimaginable, foreign to us just a few short months ago. What a short period of time!!!!

Firstly, we have to put up with crap like this stinker from Jo Koroi, who has put the interests of her party before the welfare of her granddaughter. Shame on you! This is her take on the economy: "...exports were increasing and imports decreasing. Bank interest rates were falling and the sugar industry was on the rebound." How do you like them apples? Especially when the Interim PM is saying that the deteriorating economy is the reason why his government (yes his!!! because it is definitely nobody else's !!!) is the reason why they cannot meet the demands of the nurses. Talk about contradiction!!! CONTRADICTION!!!! The height of hypocrasy, I say.

Then there's the suspension of people like Inoke Devo and Misieli Naivalu. In case any of you forgot, Misieli Naivalu was the same person who put the funeral of his wife on hold to finish conducting the 2006 elections in the North. That is sacrifice, country before self. How someone of that calibre can be accused of being corrupt is beyond me. Imagine the sacrifice this man made, on behalf of the nation? I've said it once, and I'll say it again...the FLP is full of people who are all soured up because they couldn't win the last 2 elections fair and square.

Mr. Langman says ''Even if Naivalu and Devo are not directly involved in the allegations, they are the people at the top and ultimately the hammer will fall on them,'' Thus, by the same logic, wouldn't that make Bainimarama guilty of the deaths of Verebasaga, Rabaka and Malasebe? After all isn't he at the top? Shouldn't the hammer fall on him? After all, while he was not "directly involved" wasn't he at the top when these killings occured? hmmm.....this stinks more and more.

So the nurses are on strike....and it's been declared legal. So why the paycut? Doesn't the law state that if a strike is declared legal, then shouldn't the strikers get their pay? Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place eh??? Go to Calanchini, he just might rule in favour of the strikers...don't go and the strike continues. I'm sooooooglad that decision is not mine to make.

This IG has set the bar impossibly low for the country, and is now trying to force the nation to "congo" under it. The nurses are saying it can't be done. The bloggers are saying it can't be done. The lawyers (well the ones worth their salt anyway) are saying it cannot be done. Anyone with any sense can tell that it can't be done.

The IG is asking "How low can you go?"

How low can you really go?

God Bless Fiji,
Mawdsomething aka Fijiblack


Anonymous said...

Fijian Black....why don't you please come back and help lead the fight to freedom!

Tarotale said...

Don't FijiBlack. Stay there and continue to raise awareness overseas of the real depressing situation back here in Fiji.